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N. Duhme Klair, A K., 19 Dec 2016Article in Inorganic ChemistryPublication detailsJournalInorganic ChemistryDatePublished 20 Feb 2012Issue number4Volume51Number of pages13Pages (from to)2509 2521Original languageEnglishAbstractTwo new macrocyclic ligands, 6,6 ((1,4,7,10 tetraazacyclododecane 1, 7 diyl)bis(methylene))dipicolinic acid (H 2DODPA)and 6,6 ((4,10 dimethyl 1,4,7,10 tetraazacyclododecane 1,7 diyl) bis(methylene))dipicolinic acid (H 2Me DODPA), designed for complexation of lanthanide ions in aqueous solution, have been synthesized and studied. The hydration numbers (q)obtained from luminescence lifetime measurements in aqueous solution of the EuIII and TbIII complexes indicate that the DODPA complexes contain one inner sphere water molecule, while those of the methylated analogue H 2Me DODPA are q = 0.

One symptom of the evolving climate is that nights are becoming disproportionately warmer. Increased humidity, combined with the urban heat island effect that keeps urban areas warmer than surrounding suburbs at night, can trap heat near the surface, raising nighttime temperatures. The growing concentrations of greenhouse gases in the atmosphere also are more efficient at increasing surface temperatures at night, when the atmosphere is more stable, than during the day..

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The price of machine guns plummeted Monday, and the broken dirt tracks leading out of this devastated capital were filled with dozens of “Mad Max” jeeps, bristling with antiaircraft weapons and armed teen agers in T shirts, as one of the globe’s most impoverished, anarchic spots prepared for the arrival of order. F 14 fighter jets buzzed here just before noon, dropping flares on the airport in a gesture seen by many as a herald of peace and others as a warning of what could become a new and very different war. Marines..

Baste the quilt. Basting is the process of layering your quilt and pinning it in place before sewing. There are two options for basting using safety pins to hold the pieces in place, or using a spray on basting adhesive. Apeer reviewed study out of Southern Methodist Universityhad already found that that was “most likely” the cause, adding that industry data would be vital in widening the scope of future studies. But at the hearing, agency examiners weighed that study against the evidence put on the record. XTO was the only party that offered direct evidence, and examiners found in favor of an XTO well located near Azle and Reno..

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