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“I need to type for(something;something;something).” transitions to “I need a loop to go through this thing”. The syntax is secondary as anyone who knows more than 1 programming language will tell you. Hell, I build snippets into Sublime Text so I don have to waste time with syntax either!Some things just come from putting in the time and effort.

What that created was someone who wouldn’t speak up, even when she needed to. If I could go back in time and say to a certain doctor or two, “Take your hands off my child,” things might be different for us. As it is, I went against my gut feeling a few times on medical issues, and I ended up with one child who has a full blown medical phobia and one who is not far behind.

Where does s/he come from?It’s fun to place where others come from, whether nationally or internationally. Can you place a person from a specific country in Europe when they speak in English? French, Spanish and Italian accents are fairly easy to distinguish. The French have their distinctive throaty ‘r’ and difficulty with ‘th’, the Spanish a ‘c’ pronounced like a voiceless ‘th’ and difficulty with ‘s’, using a short ‘e’ in front of it (I come from eSpain), the Italians tend to put a short ‘ah’ sound at the end of many English words..

Back at the clubhouse, a few surprises await like a play kitchen complete with stove, sink, utensils, and shelf. A mailbox with a working flag and door. A play phone and clock with moveable hands. Portland was often frustrated late in seasons. There was no exciting, long series this time around as the Blazers were swept by the eventual champs in three blow out losses. Oh, and they fired head coach Mike Dunleavy after the season.

Peterson to Jhenelyn D. Basa, both of BurtBradley W. Thompson of Frankenmuth to Erin N. She also taught in the Philadelphia area at the Agnes Irwin School, The Museum School of Industrial Arts, and at Chestnut Hill College. Became Oakley’s devoted assistant and partner, living and working out of Oakley’s famed studio, Cogslea, in the Mount Airy section of Philadelphia, on a number of projects, including Oakley’s Harrisburg murals project. They traveled abroad and exhibited together, and their partnership endured for over forty years.

Ahotly contested village board meeting had a vote on whether to disband the Oakley Police Department on April 8, 2014, citing the controversies and the court battles which led to the village’s insurer dropping their coverage. It narrowly escaped with its life with a 4 3 vote. Reznick did not attend, having a new occupation as Waterloo Township Police Chiefa couple of counties away.

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