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How to beginAbout 10 years ago my Dad decided to sell his Double Wide Mobile home on the other side of the state and retire in his current home ( a mobile home on property) at the Lake, it was a nice home with a nice view. He had put it up for sale, after 6 months could find no buyers. I came up with a great idea and said, “Why don’t you buy some property and put in on there and sell it like that?” My Dad has always been one to keep busy and by this time my husband was laid off from his job so he could help.

Visual Merchandisers are the more creative professionals in the retail chain. For instance, they are often recruited as Brand Managers. The visual merchandising niche is highly demanding wherein the visual merchandiser needs to have an eye for gauging the market trend, expect changes, consumer behaviour, suggest alternative marketing strategies and ensure a progressive layout for the store presentation both in terms of actual, physical display and its marketing methods.

Use of the two story building, which was originally built as a church and later used as a gymnasium, has grown fivefold since 1991, to more than 71,000 patron visits in 2012, the last year such statistics are available for.”More space and flexibility are required now, more than ever, so we can fulfill 21st century needs and leave behind the inherent restrictions and limitations of a 19th century building,” said Donna Nowak, vice president of the library board. Voters in the cities of Saugatuck and Douglas, as well as Saugatuck Township, will vote in the election. Together, the two levies would cost the owner of a home with a taxable value of $100,000 an additional $97 a year.The library board is proposing a 12,500 square foot building on a single floor that would include multi purpose event space, larger space for children’s programs, and dedicated spaces for teen and adult reading.

A family that evacuated Thursday by driving along flame lined roads posted a startling video to Facebook. The recording shows fire claiming houses and trees, and sparks blowing across the road in front of them. Suddenly the vehicle breaks through a wall of smoke and emerges into the safety of a clear road..

Stu Cruden is the general manager of AACo subsidiary Northern Australian Beef Limited and controls the project. He wants more government support for the project which began with an $85 million investment and will employ 350 full time staff. This will increase to 800 jobs when follow on and support positions are included, according to Cruden..

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