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East Ayrshire traveller site granted permission despite numerous objectionsA total of six MEPs will be elected in Scotland.The UK elects 73 MEPs from Britain 60 from England, four from Wales and three from Northern Ireland.Candidates Change UK The Independent Group: David MacDonald, Peter Griffiths, Kate Forman, Heather Astbury, Colin McFadyen, Cathy Edgeworth. Conservative and Unionist Party: Nosheena Mobarik, Iain McGill, Shona Ruth Haslam, Iain Whyte, Andrea Gee, Michael James Douglas Kusznir. Labour Party: David Weir Martin, Jayne Baxter, Craig Miller, Amy Lee Fraioli, Callum O’Dwyer, Angela Bretherton.

When Tarpon Springs residents built the high school in 1927 on Pine Street, they included an auditorium, a place for both student assemblies as well as physical education class. Little did the students know the place they learned to shoot hoops and serve volleyballs would one day double as both the city’s council chamber and its performing arts center, but for almost 25 years, it has.Since 1992, the historic, Beaux arts style building has served as Tarpon Springs’ main municipal building with the performing arts center in the former auditorium space on the first floor, and earlier this year, the city completed $600,000 in upgrades.Tonight, the community has a chance to check out all the new bells and whistles with the opening of the Gilbert and Sullivan Players production of Annie Get Your Gun, the first musical presented at the center since the renovations were completed.Highlights include new lighting and sound boards, additional wireless connections and new curtains including a “cyclorama,” an up and down curtain that serves as a video screen connected to two projectors on stage.”We had a wish list, and we finally got it done. This all helps bring the audience into the action,” said Marc Jump, assistant theater manager.

Reddy to Star (Abraaj Hit a Star) is the younger brother of Emerald Downs stakes winners Daytona Beach and Hit the Beach (third in the BudweiserGovernor Matias recorded his third straight riding double to gain sole possession of second place with 27 wins. Gary Wales rode one winner his 19th straight day with at least one win and tops the riders standings with 43 wins. Juan Gutierrez also had a two win day Sunday and is tied for fourth with 24 wins.

But civilized society gave birth to a new phenomenon: the serial killer. Completely contrary to the way the rest of us live our lives, serial killers exist far outside the norm. They fascinate us, committing acts that most of us cannot even conceive of and existing in a place beyond everything we can imagine.

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