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RiverKings’ forward Kevin Cooper scored two power play goals, including the game winner with just over ten seconds remaining in the game. Adam Smyth and Bobby Chaumont added goals for the RiverKings. Louis Dumont, fresh off a four goal night against Colorado on Friday, December 4th, provided three assists for the RiverKings.

At the end of the day the Man called the Horse and the Dog and the Ox together, and said, ‘Three, O Three, I’m very sorry for you (with the world so new and all); but that Humph thing in the Desert can’t work, or he would have been here by now, so I am going to leave him alone, and you must work double time to make up for it.’ That made the Three very angry (with the world so new and all), and they held a palaver, and an indaba, and a punchayet, and a pow wow on the edge of the Desert; and the Camel came chewing milkweed most ‘scruciating idle, and laughed at them. Then he said ‘Humph!’ and went away again. Presently there came along the Djinn in charge of All Deserts, rolling in a cloud of dust (Djinns always travel that way because it is Magic), and he stopped to palaver and pow pow with the Three.

According to a report released Tuesday by the nonprofit Environmental Working Group (EWG), most of the $8.4 billion given out so far in last year’s farm bailout went to wealthy farmers, exacerbating the economic disparity with smaller farmers.An EWG analysis found that the top one tenth of recipients received 54 percent of all payments. Eighty two farmers have so far received more than $500,000 in trade relief.One farm, DeLine Farm Partnership of Charleston, Mo., has so far received $2.8 million.The top 1 percent of recipients of trade relief received, on average, $183,331. The bottom 80 percent received, on average, less than $5,000, EWG said.

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Luckily, his addiction to butter tarts has not (yet) interferred with his crafting a fabulous HubNugget hub, nor with his choosing great Wannabe’s for the weekly contest. If I’m not mistaken, his friend, RMR helps out. Or RMR? Perhaps one of them will confess and let us know who it is that writes for freelance clients.

I have the same experience. The school has a great curriculum that doesn dumb down math and science while also emphasizing the arts. Arts and Sciences were equally interesting to me. You are apparently incapable of that sort of free will.The best defense is not being a weakling that thinks you are powerless to the will of others. If you think other people “baneful workings” can have a serious effect on you, it is because you see yourself as a weak victim to the stronger wills of people that have more right to exist in the universe than you. If you feel a need to desperately seek after the special technique or ritual that will help you, it is because you know (consciously or not) that you are a slave to the will of others due to your own personal weakness.I of course use “you” in a general sense, unless of course you don have the mental strength to understand that concept and choose to take it personally.

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