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Bell says she worked with smart, influential women during her tenure at the Capitol. Rep. Bell included Celia Gould, the current director of Idaho Agriculture Department and former legislator; Wendy Jaquet, a Ketchum Democrat who retired from her House seat this year; and Rep.

There are many mint varieties available: Mint Mint Mint and Mint My favourite is Mint perennial herbs recommended for northern gardens include: chives, lovage, thyme, chamomile, sorrel and meadowsweet. These herbs should all be started indoors and planted out in the garden approximately eight weeks after seeding. To ensure that perennial herbs are well established in the garden prior to freeze up in fall, plant them from spring to the beginning of August..

Democratic members of the House and, to a lesser extent, the Senate, who are already fretting about the possibility of losing their seats in 2010, would almost certainly take Coakley’s defeat as an indication of the toxicity of the national environment and head for the hills. Recruitment efforts would also grow far more complicated as convincing ambitious pols to take the risk of running in such an atmosphere would be tricky at best, impossible at worst. To date, Democrats have done an admirable job of keeping retirements in their ranks from spinning out of control.

Greg McKay took the full brunt of a horror collision in Hamilton when he was a passenger in a car.The 24 year old broke four bones in his neck, suffered three bleeds to the brain and was put into a coma after the crash last October.He said: “I cannot remember anything at all for roughly two weeks. I can remember ten minutes before the accident, but nothing afterwards.”I was taken in an ambulance to Wishaw General. I could not be treated there, so to protect me I was put in an induced coma and moved to the Queen Elizabeth in Glasgow.”The former Larkhall Academy pupil was put in intensive care and two of the broken bones in his neck were operated on with fittings that will remain there for the rest of his life.Rangers fans reveal how serial stalker who boasted about her sex life drove them out of Ibrox(Image: u)Greg added: “The other broken bones in my neck healed with a halo, which was bolted on to my skull to prevent me being able to turn my head, meaning the bones could heal.”The halo had to be worn for 13 weeks and then a neck brace was used for a further seven weeks.

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