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Women’s college soccer: Morgan Dankanich scored the winning goal in the 81st minute to lead host Navy (3 2 2) to a 2 1 win over Marist (1 3). Kelsey Targarona scored her first career goal to lift Loyola Maryland (3 4) to a 1 0 win over Towson (2 4 1) in the Battle of Baltimore at Ridley Athletic Complex.

I gross around 32k per year in a relatively low COL area, and my monthly expenses are around $1100 per month. On a good month, I pay around $620 towards debt. Thankfully, my car is a 0% interest loan so I shift all my financial weight into my highest interest credit card.

A, ce sont mes nouvelles lunettes. Michael Phelps nage avec les mmes. Elles sont coeurantes: elles tiennent vraiment bien. Both victims had scrapes with the law in their native Ohio. Lollar had twice been convicted of misdemeanor marijuana possession. Baker pleaded guilty in 1997 to improperly handling a firearm.

Here how it works: So you missing a few shingles? That “storm damage”. Can the roofing company repair it and make it look good? Well, no, because new shingles don look like old shingles. The insurance company says to do a full replacement, and make it right.

He started unraveling soon after knee problems forced him to retire from the NBA in 2006 at age 33. His world stopped, and he drifted into a deep, unforgiving darkness he couldn’t explain or didn’t want to. His wife, Gina, would come home from a day’s work as a Latin dance instructor only to find her husband right where she’d left him that morning in the bedroom, eating cereal and watching TV with the blinds drawn..

After a couple of mint juleps in the wood panelled Engine Room Bar, I repair to my cabin, where Lester has arranged my towels in a fan shape and scattered chocolates on plump, white pillows. Tomorrow I’ll depart the boat at Natchez, leaving my fellow river goers to another four days of age old glamour, endless jambalaya and cheesecake. For now, I’m lulled to sleep by the susurrating rhythms of riverboat on water, head full of the strains of Ol’ Man River.

In Monday night’s smackdown of a good Grizzlies team in Memphis, Paul sat out with a bruised kneecap but was surely content to watch Bledsoe start at the point to the tune of 14 points. Off that bench, Barnes and Crawford led scorers with 16 while the Clippers harassed Memphis into 30 per cent shooting. Are they better than the Thunder? No, probably not.

Influenced by everything from the spice markets of Marrakesh to the wild surf of Tangier’s coast the Moroccan Collection is for people with a cosmopolitan sophisticated aesthetic seeking something chic and unconventional. The oversized frames suits a variety of face shapes and the soft brown tortoiseshell acetate is versatile to go with a variety of looks. Subtle gold accents at each temple add understated intrigue and spring hinges ensure a comfortable fit for a variety of face shapes and sizes.

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