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You may have problems you want to discuss or have issues that /r/Surfing might not understand (big boob problems, getting cat called whilst changing, whether to wear a swimsuit under a wetsuit, harassment just because you are a woman). Sometimes you might get tired of seeing comments or promotion about female surfers and how “hot” they are. You may even like to try surfing (go on)..

Waiters never settled into a comfortable role with Cleveland after being benched in favor of Shawn Marion as the starting shooting guard earlier this season. Before the season, Waiters stated that he and Irving formed the league’s best young backcourt. Waiters shadowed James closely during training camp but began to sour on his situation when the shots and minutes diminished..

He acting like he just walks on water. And I like the fact that LeBron called him out and told him about himself a little bit. Humble yourself. ‘Gangster’ shot dead by police sparking riots did NOT fire. ‘We don’t do water cannon, we rely on consent’: May rules. Now it’s Manchester and the Midlands’ turn as London braces.

7. Unironic support for US military intervention, praising Democratic Party (or equivalent) politicians uncritically (ie cheerleading), tweets from AOC, Peter Daou or whoever the leftist grifter du jour is, Unironic “We Live in a Society” posts, posts defending cops, the Queen of England, Elon Musk, Bill Gates, US Presidents, Johns, imperialist propaganda, apartheid states, landlords, etc. Are not allowed.

Comfortable to carry and it’s so ventilate, you will never feel hot by carrying this anti theft backpack. Install Guide The backpack does NOT bring a charger itself. It brings a usb cable (female in the outside and male in the inside), so you can plug into a portable batery charger.

The Broward Sheriff’s Office said last Sunday Obrian Oakley, 26, ran a red light and collided with another vehicle near the intersection of Sheridan Street and Hiatus Road. Investigators said his silver Infiniti spun out of control and crashed in to McConnell and Amelkin. Oakley is charged with two counts of first degree murder in the case..

Basically, that’s it, open the door, ” said Linda Oakley of Buffalo. “We’re just thinking that in case of an emergency we can at least get out the door. We can’t go any further.. The last tinder date I was on was an interesting guy, we did have sex and I stayed over his house the next day. His best friend showed up to hang and holy hell he was exactly my type. We talked and talked while the date was playing video games, and the three of us went to lunch.

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If you don’t have Medicare and don’t have insurance through your employer, how much the government helps you buy insurance depends on how much money you make in relation to the federal poverty level. Each state has its own Medicare program and some are more generous than others. Find out about your state at the Department of Health and Human Services Web site..

India needs to develop fast to make indigenous solar panels very cost effectively, rather than importing it and also focus on research in concentrated photovoltaics where with small solar panel but using solar concentrator and cooling arrangement (waste heat collection) that will produce electricity and hot water. Then every school can have electricity. If solar technology in India has to depend on importation it will be difficult to do that.

At one point, when young Annie visits her sister, her mother says sweetly, ”You can write. Saturday on WFLD Ch. 32, combines, according to host John Sebastian, ”the power of 60s music together with the excitement of 80s video.” Video, he might have added, for 80s attention spans..

Kyle Smith, 18, of no fixed address, admitted possession of cannabis (Class B) in Oxford on February 10; being carried in a conveyance taken without consent on February 11; theft of a pedal cycle in Oxford on February 16; theft in a dwelling of five Nintendo DS games valued at in Oxford on February 26, and failing to comply with the requirements of a community order by failing to work as instructed on December 31 and January 12. Original offences of theft, and two counts of possession of cannabis resentenced. Given six months supervision and told to do 180 hours unpaid work..

Craps A game of chance using dice. This American term, which dates from 1843, is thought by some to be a French variant of the 18th century English slang term crabs lowest throw at hazard [a dice game], two aces. Other less scholarly sources maintain that craps is short for Johnny Crapaud, the nickname given to the Creole Bernard Marigny, who is said to have first introduced dice playing to the largely French city of New Orleans about 1800..

N n nMr. Obama remarked Monday that the enduring image of the battle was of Carter picking up Mace and “carrying him through all those bullets. ” n n nMace later died from the wounds he incurred, which Carter told Martin left him “shattered. Dangerous PrecedenceThe danger is setting up a precedence for all future nominations. I don’t care if you are a republican or a democrat, you need to understand what is happening. Right now, the GOP is in control of all branches of government.

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“My only issue with that whole thing is that if you sign a contract, and someone has the right to go out and, behind your back, fire you, why don’t [as a coach) you have the right to do that, too?” he said. “But I don’t want to revisit that whole thing. That was a long time ago, and I’m very happy where I am.”.

They were considered for their longevity, relevance in Wisconsin’s climate, ease of completion and cost. Further organization highlighted repairs based on specific substructure element relevance, in an attempt to address unique deterioration by substructure member. After the repairs were analyzed, three separate decision matrices were created in order to compare differing repair methods.

To “counter” that, you think that we are taking in so much more in Social Security payments (of course, not taking into account that most payments to illegal aliens are “under the table” in cash). So, let’s look at that. The New York Times estimates that illegal aliens pay approximately $7 billion into Social Security per year (assuming that they never get any of that back).

It wasn’t a walk off win, exactly. Interscholastic Athletic Association mercy rule meant that the game was over and Wilson was league champion once again. Gage Scribner’s inside the park home run gave the Tigers a 14 3 win over Dunbar in six innings, an emphatic finish to another dominant year in the DCIAA..

He is praised profusely and given hugs and kisses by the attendants and his owner, Maureen Bennicoff of Northampton.Bailey was one of five dogs participating in a blood drive at Veterinarian Centers of America (VCA) Northside Animal Hospital in Lower Nazareth Township on a recent rainy night. Jennifer Smith, a certified animal technician from Valley Central Veterinary Emergency Care’s blood bank on Fullerton Avenue in Whitehall Township, performed the procedure.Valley Central has held blood drives for three years, but this fall, Smith began taking her show on the road to veterinary clinics in the Lehigh Valley, including Country Doctor in Orefield, Wright Veterinary Medical Center in Bethlehem and Saucon Valley Animal Hospital in Hellertown. She will soon add an Emmaus clinic to her list.Smith received her certification at the University of Pennsylvania, and at the encouragement of Donna Oakley, who runs the university’s blood bank, she decided to take canine blood donations.Once donated, the blood is broken down into units of packed cells and fresh frozen plasma.

And I started when we were both finishing our doctorates, and found that immersion in summer festivals advanced our playing more than the rest of the year put together. Residential programs, like Quebec Mount Orford, have the additional appeal of a summer getaway. But who needs to get away from Vancouver in the summer?.

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Taste as you go along. I would not suggest that you make it too sweet since the crust will be sweet from the pitted dates. You want a good balance of the final product, crust, filling, and whipped cream.. Charles Cook determined drugs were being moved out of the apartment on a daily basis.Also taking part in the raid were officers Mark Templeman, Thomas Nehmer, Jaime Bruno, Thomas Kakley, Christopher Bates, Donald Brown, Martin Germain, Timothy Sheehan and Hector Santiago.After the raid, the city ordinance squad also inspected the property and found several ordinance violations. The landlord was contacted to begin eviction proceedings on residents, Delaney said.According to city records, the property at 60 62 Windsor is owned by Mary Beth Oakley and Wanda Pierce of Athens, Georgia.Delaney said the arrests are the latest in the city’s “full court press” against the drug trade in the city. Police Commissioner John Barbieri has vowed to make drug dealers uncomfortable in the city, he said..

Drug addiction doesn’t know race, gender, or socioeconomic status. It effects successful professionals as well as the poverty stricken. The fact is, you can’t always recognize a drug addict by looking at him. Hamilton then lost midfielder Ronan Hughes to a serious looking injury. Hughes flew into a tackle that looked innocuous enough, but clearly landed badly and physios and medics were concentrating on his neck and head before he was stretchered off after about 10 minutes treatment. He was replaced by captain Darian MacKinnon in 34 minutes..

This team however was not built on the quick. Former GM Colangelo called it a rebuild after Bosh left in free agency. Youngsters were drafted and the team began a slow climb up the standings. Turn the heat up on the pavement, and not in your shoes, when you gear up for your next run with this Smartwool running sock! Sold. As a three pair pack. Micro sock sits below the ankle.

Discounts average $22 off with a Playhouse Square Center promo code or coupon. 19 Playhouse Square Center coupons now on RetailMeNot. To order tickets for a show, just log into your online account and enter the promotion code provided by your group leader, organizer or administrator and follow the.

Walk south on Michigan Avenue past Buckingham Fountain to view what seems to be tall brown figures in assorted groupings or ambling aimlessly in Grant Park at Roosevelt Drive (west of Michigan Avenue the street is Roosevelt Road). The figures are an art installation of more than a hundred nine foot high, cast iron, headless people by Polish sculptor Magdalena Abakanowicz called Agora. If familiar with Greek terms you know Agora signifies a meeting place and that the famed Ancient Agora was in Athens.

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Sequential Screen. This is similar to integrated screening, but your doctor reviews the results with you right after the first phase at 11 14 weeks. It’s not as accurate as the longer test, but it lets you know your baby’s risk earlier. We need more entrepreunerial spirits who have the creative minds to help make changes because our government is too slow to do it. Perhaps then they will be more aggressive in helping the country, instead of waiting til something happens to solve it. Preventative measures.

Integrated hinges create a seamless fit. Optically centered lenses work to eliminate distortion and unneeded magnification. Scratch resistant lenses provide 100% UV protection. Regardless, either reverting or re reworking will require scheduling of people which they weren necessarily planning for. There would need to be a team that could roll onto it that isn on other projects, so some other champ update will get pushed out. I wouldn be surprised if they already got a team working on what the re rework would look like, but it will take time to get that done..

Alexander emphasized that the legislation would not allow states to change the essential benefits insurers are now required to offer individuals and small businesses under the ACA, or let insurers discriminate against consumers with preexisting conditions. “This takes care of the next two years,” the senator said, standing off to the side as other GOP leaders stood before television cameras talking primarily about tax legislation. “After that we can have a full fledged debate on where we go long term on health care.”.

Imported. Measurements: Heel Height: 2 12 in Weight: 9 oz Product measurements were taken using size 8, width B Medium. Please note that measurements may vary by size. As far as vacations go, getting in touch with one of America most eco conscious destinations is more than just a once in a lifetime experience, it a bright light to the future of sustainable tourism. This chain of island commitment to reducing plastic use, enforcing non toxic sunscreen, and commitment to sustainably caught seafood is the lifeline needed to aid a seemingly sinking ship. As the world works towards educating future generations on sustainable practices, the Florida Keys is no doubt a pioneer in leading the way in which sustainability can work hand in hand to educate locals and visitors alike on the importance of preserving our planet making this destination an absolute must for your next vacation..

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Knights CARNGHAM LINTON v SMYTHESDALE Carngham Linton B: T. Currie, T. Clarke, A. However, if I ever learned that they had remotely thwarted my biological father, I would have some serious issues with it. I also feel that it was not right for the agency (it was government) to not investigate and obtain the consent of the father (if they were able to do so which they were). I all for women rights but this seems to go too far..

All that aside, a lot of parents have a way of lecturing too much, rather than listening; dismissing kids’ concerns as “silly” too much, rather than taking them seriously; worrying too much (whether they have to or don’t really have to); and not knowing when its time to respect kids’ boundaries. As a result, some teens have to cut off some parents more than other kids do. (Of course, the other side to them are parents who are content to let their kids stay isolated for years, only to one day discover the kid is a big anti social mental case at twenty.).

To provide the exposition of the issues uncovered by McGraw’s journalism, Johnson created the two fictional jail guards to discuss the case, making arguments for both guilt and innocence. Johnson also created an unnamed firefighter, who discusses the perils of the profession as well as the lasting psychic scars that marked Kansas City after the explosion. “My natural inclination,” Johnson said, “is to be fair, to write in a way that allows folks to be invited into what I’m trying to express.

Baran, Jerome J. Barron, Kris Leighton Beidelman, Kathleen E. Beltz, Jennifer L. Anthony Park Home, and Our Lady of Peace Home who guided us through Betsey’s final days in Minnesota. Willwerscheid Funeral Home, 1167 Grand Ave., St. Paul, MN. Mr. J. Paul McNamara is an Independent Director of United Bankshares, Inc.

As for the scheduling comment by rob, sorry, but the AFL didn’t have any choice the date of the first footy game was decided 150 years ago, and the Olympics is out of their control. They’ve done nothing but destroy the game since they came on board. The board should take advantage of this and use it to sack the pair of them.

A scratch resistant sapphire coated dial window protects a pink dial that features cut out, white Arabic numeral hour indicators as well as small, square, white hour indicators and an outer dial ring of black stick minute markers. Luminescent hands and a subdial at the six o’clock complete this sporty, sexy timepiece. This watch is water resistant to 330 feet (100 m).

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The Right Clothes The Right AttitudeThe right clothes spell power. Simple as that. You must impress the world and show how important you are to be a success. Clearly publicly making fun of them isn’t working. It will never work. This is some bullshit neoliberal fantasy everyone seems to have.

Over the next seven years Courtney continued her daily blood sugar testing and had to administer four injections of insulin a day. ‘From the age of 17 20 I felt like I lived at QA hospital and was deeply unhappy. Hours felt like weeks and weeks felt like years.

Comprises: (1) 1 box containing 2 vols and 1 other separate volume of copies of letters by Katharine D. Gosse hand, made in 1903, held in 1 envelope (5) This Were Faith and the Uneven Beach rough manuscript drafts for two poems in Stevenson hand. The Uneven Beach has a rough sketch of groundplans for a house on the reverse..

Well, he also asks that I remind readers that he loves stories. You will have a very interested Legba if you tell him one or two. If you are lucky he will tell you one himself. Adjustable shoulder straps. Removable soft cups for a comfortable and customized fit. Strappy open back.

What made the Russians pick that specific location? Maybe there is something to where these locations are. Back to the MONTAUK project they would have this chair and basically beam this energy into a wall and people could time travel or cross dimensions. Apparently it was based on recovery tech from Russia..

GottaGo is an app that may save you from an awkward conversation, a bad date, or even get you out of work. If you are the type that has ever pretended to text in awkward situations, the GottaGo iPhone app may be the next best thing. GottaGo works by allowing your iPhone to receive false calls and text messages.

More ducklings dumped too youngThese Pekin ducklings, though a little older than the three in the two modules above, are still too young to be off on their own. I estimate their age to be about five weeks old. Though they were very observant of the adult ducks in terms of finding something to eat, they were way too young to integrate into the wild flock and often stayed on their own, which made them more vulnerable to predators.

After several runs around the track with instructors from Porsche’s Birmingham, Alabama based driving school, we were all much cockier, riding high on the concept of purpose beyond reason (not even questioning its meaning). Shuttling down to the stylish basement bar at the trendspotter studded Hotel Americano in Chelsea, we were ready to try the juice. And it is good indeed.

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In an interview with “The Atlantic” published over the weekend, Clinton argued the decision not to arm Syrian rebels early on had led to Islamic militants taking over swaths of territory in the region. The former secretary of state also took a swipe at an oft repeated phrase Obama uses to sum up his foreign policy choices “Don’t do stupid stuff.” “Great nations need organizing principles, and ‘Don’t do stupid stuff’ is not an organizing principle,” Clinton said. Senator in favor of the Iraq War..

Madison Park: Edmilson Batista, Affion Philip, Hennrickson Soares. O’Bryant: Bryan Guerrero, Jorge Mejia, Mauricio Reyes. Snowden: Ramsey Jean Juste, Jozef Pineda, Boubacar Seck. “We kept arguing over campaign expenses, over very, very lavish travel expenses,” said one former Gingrich adviser, who spoke on the condition of anonymity to talk candidly. “I don’t know how you can blame staff for travel costs when you’re choosing what jets you’re flying on.”Gingrich and his aides say he has cut back on spending dramatically since the campaign’s near collapse in June, always flying commercial and sometimes driving himself to appearances. He often stayed with friends, such as former Iowa congressman Greg Ganske, though he has recently gone back to lodging in name brand hotels..

In keeping with Gene’s wishes, cremation has taken place. Funeral Mass was held at ST. Entombment followed at St. Weather Bug is better than the stock weather program that comes on your phone, and is still free. It will find detailed information about the weather in your area and even give you links to daily photos from local weather locations. This is a simple program that can give you useful information very quickly and easily.

Grilamid TR 90 frame construction for optimal durability and resistance to chemical and UV damage. Shatterproof, decentered polycarbonate lenses help to minimize distortion and sharpen peripheral vision. Glare Guard reflective lens coating helps reduce eye fatigue, while allowing for the wearer to see breaks in the terrain.

The idea, of course, is that you dust first so that when you knock dust to the floor, you can vacuum it up later, but what I did was create some sort of sand storm of dust. The stereo was on, and I think it might have electro magnified the particles of dust. Electrons, as you know, follow the path of least resistance.

This performance black Vangoddy Workout Armband safely carries your smart phone or MP3 device while you’re on the run. It features. A large storage pocket with a smooth translucent protective cover that is sensitive to the touch, for easy accessibility to features on your phone or device.

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Ships with 3 AAA batteries included, and backed by Ozeri’s 100% Hassle Free Satisfaction Guarantee. Featuring Auto Recognition Technology to track the progress of up to 5 unique users, the Ozeri WeightMaster weighs up to 440 lbs to the nearest 50 grams (0.1 lbs / 0.05 kg) a 100% improvement from the first generation’s 0.2 lbs / 0.1 kg graduation. The new WeightMaster now displays both your BMI (Body Mass Index) a measure of your body fat based on your height and weight, and your BMR (Basal Metabolic Rate) an insightful measurement that indicates the amount of calories you need while at rest, in order to maintain your current weight.

Secondly, Rasputin was mudered in St. Petersburg, not Moscow. Finaly the the police did hear a shot, but were told that a stray dog had been shot, and were shown the dead animal’s body. Med school isn guaranteed. $300k starting salaries are not easy. You can get through med school and still have to match, get a residency, and then get a job.

Sperber says the testing that is used today “provides a false sense of security that something useful is being done, while hindering our ability to develop and use regulations and procedures better suited to protect the food supply. Words have meaning: HACCP is not quality control. The HACCP system emerged precisely because product testing can not reliably detect low incidence contamination that is responsible for most, if not all, foodborne illness outbreaks.”[6].

After much pleading and arguing with over Betty, Dan moved out, filed for divorce, and had move in with him. Betty was hurt by what she thought to be a slap in the face. This pain was doubled when she discovered that the law actually sided with Dan in this case, not with her..

Feb 2, 4, 9, 16, 24 26, Longfellow Evangeline State Historic Site, St. Enjoy a special presentation of the classic silent movie. After the show, site historians will be on hand to discuss the impact of the movie on the culture of 20th century Louisiana.

Also, the “Chicago school” may not be a single monolith opinion. One of the first articles I found on a Google search for current Chicago school antitrust feeling was a Bloomberg article about this paper https: which is about the negative effect of corporate monopsony on the labor market. So.).

Flat base to provide upright structure. Lining made of polyester. Lining print may vary. For yet seven days, and I will cause it to rain upon the earth forty days and forty nights; and every living substance that I have made will I destroy from off the face of the earth. And Noah did according unto all that the LORD commanded him. And Noah was six hundred years old when the flood of waters was upon the earth.

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Mom died in 2008, in her room at the unit. She’d had bouts with congestive heart failure for several days, and had barely been out of bed. The day she died, she actually felt better. Honestly, when I found out I missed the title by one minute and 20 seconds, it was like I had swallowed a burning coal. I didn talk to anyone for hours. The next day I had lunch with my birthday twin, Rob, and was laughing and joking about it.

It is reverently curated by Bob Dylan for his own label, Egyptian. Dylan was first offered a shoebox full of Williams lyrics in 1967 but (for complicated reasons) didn acquire the rights until 2004. Norah Jones, Jack White, Lucinda Williams, Levon Helm, Sheryl Crow and Jakob Dylan are joined by such country stars as Alan Jackson, Patty Loveless and Merle Haggard..

Tap. He went. I was very angry, dropped my bubble and called for back up. Full zip closure with an internal draft flap and hook and loop close external draft flap. Dual entry hand pockets with a snap button close flap. Branding on left hem. Pol PotPol Pot, born Saloth Sar, was the leader of the Cambodian Communist movement known as the Khmer Rouge. During this time, from 1975 1979, he was responsible for the deaths of 2 million people; possibly more. He attempted to enforce agrarian socialism and forced his people from the cities into the country where they were put to work in agriculture.

FILE Phoenix Suns Charles Barkley chats with Chicago Bulls Michael Jordan during the closing moments of Game 5 in the NBA Finals at the Chicago Stadium in this June 18, 1993, file photo. If Michael Jordan returns to the NBA, he almost certainly have Charles Barkley with him. Working as a broadcaster on the NBA playoffs for Turner Sports, Barkley sounded excited Tuesday, April 24, 2001 by the prospect of a joint comeback with Jordan.

The Williamson brothers complement each other for teamwork and commitment. “Garrett gave me the motivation to compete at Nationals last year, which earned me a spot on Team USA with him,” Ivey Williamson said. “I still cannot believe we are going to compete in China together.

The book divides itself just about evenly between the longish reportage for which McPhee is most famous and smaller vignettes in which the first person voice takes a starring role. The title essay is a small piece of memoir in which McPhee fondly remembers growing up with his mother. We have McPhee’s mother to thank for encouraging his love of observation, indulging his childhood wish to stand at La Guardia Field in freezing weather and watch the planes.