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The first step is to save the reference to the controller in each class. Interestingly, you’re already doing this in PageOne, but you should do it in all the pages. Add the following function to SampleApp:Now, from within any “page” you can get access to the object for any other “page”.

1. Bristles: The bristles are of course the soft hairs that you use to spread paint. The bristles can also be further divided into the heel, which is the part where the bristles are connected to the ferrule. And Richardson, A. J.(2010). Effects of climate driven primary production change on marine food webs: implications for fisheries and conservation.

Andrew Wiggins was selected Tuesday for the World Select Team at the annual Nike Hoop Summit game on April 20 in Portland, Ore. Fellow Canadian Trey Lyles of Saskatoon, who attends high school in Indianapolis, was named as well, but withdrew due to a knee injury. The World Team will once again be coached by Canadian Roy Rana, the bench boss at Ryerson University who also heads the national junior team..

I hope this helps you remember how to keep this useful phrase useful in your written work because, frankly, I know how it goes when we aren’t sure how to use something or spell something right. We either do it wrong or we leave it out altogether, which I think is worse. Language is fun, but sometimes it takes a little extra work to give us the certainty we need to say what we really mean and to use the familiar phrases we really want to use to make our message clear.

AFP said the woman was arrested and charged with one count of importing a commercial quantity of border controlled drugs. It noted that the maximum penalty for the offence is life in prison.The force did not say where in Canada the woman was from.The woman was to appear before a Sydney court on Monday, police said.The AFP also said it was working with the Canadian consulate and New South Wales Family and Community Services to determine how to best take care of the woman son until he could return to Canada. John Babcock said further information could not be provided due to privacy reasons.A report from the Australian Institute of Criminology, a national research centre on crime and criminal justice, said that in 2016 17, Canada ranked as the third highest embarkation point for cocaine detections, behind the United States and South Africa, but ahead of Mexico and the United Kingdom..

Adjustable ear pads permit a custom fit for optimized comfort and performance. Direct Fit lenses can incorporate most single vision prescriptions into the entire lens, resulting in distortion free vision without visible lines or use of adapters. Fits small to medium.

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I think that it is entirely plausible and even likely that there were horses in north America in the pre columbian period. This piece shows how imprtant it is to recognise you own bias. People would look at rock paintings petroglyphs and sculptures and they dated them to the post columbian era because they had horses on them so there might be a lot more evidence to pre columbian horses than we think..

Really want to make sure that we aware that there are fads in media and the Crazy Rich Asians bump is happening now but there is a sustained appetite for different voices. It was a very broad audience that went to see Crazy Rich Asians. And just as there a broad audience for Kim Convenience, she says..

Create your own fabulous jewelry for fun or profit. These beads are proudly made in the USA. Made of plastic. It also is in talks with Chinese officials to deploy its machines and is considering making units for home use. “We could scale up the technology to produce millions of gallons a day, ” Sher told CBS News. “Our source is everywhere on the planet.

Jackson is no kid, but he’s wise and knows his limitations. However, Christie was the stopper on nights when Stephon Marbury or Iverson just could not be stopped. Jackson can’t do that, and neither can Curry or Muggsy Bogues, assuming he even comes back.

Just like Syracuse, though, their remaining schedule is challenging. They still have matchups with Virginia, Duke and Florida State ahead in the regular season. A 3 record the rest of the way should be good for an at large bid.. That wonderful fellow is always trying to encourage you and help you in any way possible even if he/she has to take the highest risk ever. He/she plans and wants you to become a better person. When he or she fulfill every need and without him/her you are incomplete.

Danny PhantomDescription: Fourteen year old Danny Fenton finds himself trapped in his parents malfunctioning ghost portal, the result of which is superhuman, or ghost human, powers. In the process of getting these powers, the ghost portal has been opened and the bridge between the living and the dead is now open. As the only living being capable of stopping them, Danny must now adopt the superhero’s cause and stop the ghosts coming through..

“They met for five hours without our being around,” the official said. Envoy Robert B. Oakley addressed the meeting Saturday and urged the two warlords to cooperate. The reason for the pain in the ureter is that the kidney stone basically looks like a really small sand spur, and it digs into the wall of the ureter as it moves the urine downward to the bladder. This causes scratches and tears in the inner lining of the ureter. Once the stone has damaged the ureter, the walls begin to spasm, causing much worse damage.

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Work group members Rep. Lynn Luker (R Boise) and the Idaho Freedom Foundation’s Wayne Hoffman disagreed. Hoffman encouraged the committee to “keep the federal government from implementing this unconscionable law.” Luker wanted to put off the decision for a year..

Google Street View BodyEvery day thousands of people click onto Google Earth and browse in Google Street View. What is it? It is a great Google toy that allows you to see anywhere you want to in the world. And Google Street View is fantastic. Electric Eyewear takes your style to new heights with the Swingarm S. Six base melanin infused polycarbonate lens. Six base mold injected grilamid frame.

Too many beginners just do a painting with one layer and that is one thing that makes it look amateur. So, start off with a watered down version of the painting you are trying to create and then build on this. Also in this way you can see if the colors you have chosen work for your composition..

Richardson, 32 Flemington Park, Balbriggan, Co. Dublin, for dwelling, storage shed and biocycle unit at Tubbertown, The Naul, Co. Dublin.Fran and Barbara McGuinness, 7 The Green, Seatown Park, Swords, Co. In astatementreleased Tuesday, the group expressed frustration with the permit, saying it not in the location we requested within line of sight of the Lincoln Memorial where President Trump will be speaking. To the statement, the group had requested to fly the balloon the large, empty expanse at the base of the Washington Monument that would not have obstructed anyone view but would have allowed the president to see the baby. Is ironic that it is right here, in the of the free, the balloon is being grounded, Code Pink co founder Medea Benjamin said in the statement..

A self consistent, multi variate method for the determination of gas phase rate coefficients, applied to reactions of atmospheric VOCs and the hydroxyl radicalShaw, J. T., Lidster, R. T., Cryer, D. The biggest change to the car is the engine, the car borrows the Tata Manza’s Quadrajet unit that puts out 90PS of max power at 4000rpm and a healthy 200Nm of max torque. This makes it one of the most powerful diesel hatchbacks available in the country today. The raise in power is thanks to the use of a VGT (Variable Geometry Turbocharger).

“Cecilia Munoz: We have a broken immigration system. I’ve been working on this in this policy area for 30 years; I’ll be the first to say we have a broken immigration system. The question is what we do about that. Maui HT High Transmission Lens is suitable for variable and low light conditions. HT boosts colors, contrast, and depth perception, and delivers the most visible light of all Maui Jim lenses. Maui Rose is a high contrast lens with a subtle rose tint.

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Someone who wont kill civilians and is defined by it would be a straight up hero in this setting. Only they don exist; you find the occasional instance of people resisting genocidal orders (Space Wolvea during the Months of Shame) but those are all specific sets of circumstances. Everyone in the setting kills civilians sometimes.

(and vociferous Israel) did not really want negotiations to take place with Iran (need we say to “engage” Iran?), the objective was therefore to first ensure no such negotiations would take place. For anybody to make it sound publicly, today, as though negotiations with Iran have become near to impossible or would prove a waste of time is, one will readily admit, a significant first step in that direction.Witness: “What does this turmoil mean for Washington and the world’s (?) dealings with Iran? Obviously it makes negotiating with Tehran close to impossible right now. Any talks with Ahmadinejad would confer legitimacy on a regime that has lost it at home.

Bharti Walmart had on Monday denied allegations that it spent money in India to gain market access here. “These allegations are entirely false. In accordance with US law, US companies are required to disclose the issues and expenditures associated with lobbying on a quarterly basis,” a Bharti Walmart spokesperson said in a statement..

AV: The meal plan guide is based on whole natural foods. People really over complicate healthy eating. You shouldn cut out food groups! You need carbs, and protein, and fats. As you can see, the XFX card is quite a departure from the normal green PCB, DVI and VGA output 7600GS. The PCB is coated in black and features dual green DVI ports. In this reviewers opinion the appearance of the card is quite striking, I really like what they done with the coloring on this video card.

We envied John F. Kennedy style and modernism. Lyndon Johnson social progressivism was influential here. At a Reno house party in October 1980, four teenaged girls attacked their musical instruments, playing the down and dirty, loud and fast version of punk rock that was only just then becoming known as hardcore. Vocalist Hell Keller shouted into the mic as bassist Bessie Wrecks, guitarist Jone Jetson and drummer Lynn Lust played quickly and loudly. The rhythms sometimes seemed to stutter.

In the early 1990s, Colson joined with his close friend, Father Richard John Neuhaus, to begin the project known as Evangelicals and Catholics Together (ECT). Catholics and evangelicals were, and remain, the two largest faith communities in North America. Increasingly, they found themselves drawn together in what I described at the time as “an ecumenism of the trenches,” especially in defense of the sanctity of life from conception to natural death..

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As a youth Mr. Hartman attended the Latrobe Presbyterian Church with his family and in later years, was a member of Charter Oak United Methodist Church in Greensburg. He is survived by his wife, Carole Blair Hartman; two daughters, Kelly Keenan and her husband, Gardner, of Greensburg, and Jocelyn Petrosky and her husband, David, of St Louis; four grandchildren, Mason, Carter, Reese and Clayton Petrosky; and two brothers, Dr.

I been trying to seriously build a butt for about two years now, ever since we bought our house and a weight bench and set of weights. I tried a couple of different programs to no avail, ended up doing a ton of research (even though I knew that eating was important), figuring out my macros, and jacked up my protein intake. I don really track much except protein (because I know I eat enough fat and carbs), and did start to see some progress with a new program, but I got really bored of it and designed my own.

Images from work by Thomas W. Scientists recently looked to the retina to explain this vulnerability. Found in both the macula and periphery, M cells help maintain a stable and functional environment for retinal neurons. Unpopular opinion coming here. Studies show having an abortion is detrimental to the babies health. I’m not even a republican and I used to be all about abortions being legal but my wife miscarried and we struggled to get pregnant.

I’m expecting a girl (and we have a name picked out already), so this is a non issue right now. I told a friend that I want to start thinking of boys names in case our next baby is a boy. We already have 3 boys and I’ve used all the names I love. Guys inspire me and motivate me. The crop is special. We have a bunch of names for a foundation for the Blue Jays.

We look forward to serving you in the future. Whether you are exercising to lose weight, build endurance or just stay healthy, wearing this watch can help you achieve your goals. By monitoring your heart rate, you can be sure that you reach the heart rate elevation that is most beneficial for your workout.

You’ll appreciate the one hand, self standing fold and the included carry strap. It is 3 stylish strollers in 1, provides 10 versatile riding options, and accepts all Greco Click Connect infant car seats, connecting with a secure one step attachment. The reversible stroller seat allows your baby to face you, reclines to create an infant carriage, and then converts to a forward facing toddler seat.

Does this mean the Gutenberg Parenthesis types have a point? Is the Christmas market just mums buying for dads, with the younger generation deserting books entirely? Well, no. It’s not just that the children’s market is thriving, with some 80 titles out in a single day. It’s that the biggest seller of all, judging by the pre order charts, isn’t Bill Bryson, or even Nigella.

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Certes, ce n’est ni la premire ni la dernire fois que T. Affronte mains nues un grand carnassier. Une de ces panthres d’Afrique dont la dpouille pouvait servir de bonnet tel ou tel roitelet du temps o le chef FOULAH s’criait : Quel nez long, trop long ! les blancs europens ont ! ..

Any rainbow foods like skittles or fruit kabobs make great snacks that perfectly match the theme. For games, you can have a rainbow silly string fight. For an awesome party favor, have your guests decorate their own pillow cases with fabric paint or tie dye them instead.

A door slams shut. Somewhere a pane of glass shatters, I hear the big fragments laugh, the small splinters titter. Then, suddenly, a muffled, confined noise from the other side, within the building. The Division of Ratepayer Advocates, an independent body under the California Public Utilities Commission (CPUC), said the public had been denied due process when the CPUC approved the project in December. The CPUC initially rejected PG proposal in July 2010 on the grounds that the project represented an unnecessary burden for ratepayers. But the utility pushed its proposed online date for the plant from 2014 to 2016, and resubmitted the plan.

There are many websites where this branded sunglass is available. But to get the best quality and faith on not being cheated one must surely try the Ray Ban Sunglasses online. It the one of the famous websites that provides you the best products you are searching for with 100% originality products and no fake promises regarding them are made here.

From the Manufacturer Four wheelin’ fun. Mixit up with the Mudslinger collection. The checkered flags are flying for thiswinning party theme. The crowd even booed the judges for giving their boys an 87.69 on their fifth dive. Mexico took the silver and the American team of Nicholas McCrory and David Boudia finished with the bronze. Britain finished fourth..

7. Earlier this summer, the people of India participated in the 17th general election, the largest democratic exercise in human history. For this I must congratulate our voters. The attorney general’s office initially concealed the names of ordinary citizens, including a few doctors who oppose the mergers, but kept public the names of people it considered public figures. They include Susan Kay, the mayor of Weymouth; Robert Kraft, the owner of the New England Patriots; the Rev. Burns Stanfield, president of the Greater Boston Interfaith Organization; and many others..

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Americans did not see pictures of the Somali casualties, though. What they did see were ghastly photos of a white body, naked except for green underwear apparently the corpse of a downed helicopter crewman being dragged through the street while Somalis kicked and stamped at him, plus TV footage of a terrified helicopter pilot, Michael Durant, being questioned by Somali captors. Late in the week the Somalis allowed a Red Cross worker and two journalists to visit Durant as he lay, naked except for a piece of cloth stretched across his hips, on a wooden bed in a darkened room.

Two main zippered compartments are perfect for keeping your school or business paperwork separate from gym clothes or an extra sweater. Top zippered pocket conveniently hold an MP3 player and includes a headphone port so you can listen to your music while on the go. Made from durable mini hexagon ripstop, waffle weave, and 600 denier Duralite for year after year use.

Saddle bridge sits comfortably on the face. 5 barrel hinges for an easy open and close. SuperThin glass offers optimum clarity and scratch resistance while being 20% lighter than other glass lenses. Conventional wisdom is that those providing services for presidential campaigns can often expect to wait longer that 30 days to get paid: Hillary Clinton 2008 presidential committee still has $245,000 in the red. Some of Gingrich creditors are giving him more lenient timetables up front and seem happy enough with the lapse. Roy Oakley, president of Moby Dick Airways, has worked with Gingrich for at least 10 years.

Meanwhile, Karen warns Aoife not to contact her and tells Carol that Aoife only came back for Robbie. Robbie compares Carol to Trigger as she uses Jack to hurt him. Carol works to get Karen onside by confirming Robbie and Aoife relationship. The four talented juniors Bauer, Melissa Bragg, Sarah Zaleski and Ashley Schroeder are forwards. In addition to experience, the Bruins have speed and aggressiveness to challenge the top teams in the county. And they do have one big emotional edge in their favor they are the only public school in the county to beat Severna Park in the last nine years (1 0 in 1989)..

Il ne nous apprend rien aujourd’hui. Il a ni si longtemps, a forc tant de monde accepter ses mensonges, il a mme russi faire paratre les autorits comme des incomptents qui s’acharnent sans raison, sans test positif. Je crois bien que tout le monde au dbut prenait pour Armstrong, au moins jusqu’au 6e Tour de France; avec le 7e tour gagn, la victoire commenait perdre de son lustre, et de sa crdibilit.

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The Confirmation of Beef WormsOn the way down to breakfast, I stop into the hospital, to double check the prognosis. The nurse tells me the same thing that Carpio’s has told me. I’ve got 5 bites that are the infested with the Beef Worm. Could been the last bull I got on, said the 5 foot 6, 150 lb. Outlaw. Never know what you have until you almost lose it, and I just glad I didn lose it.

Federal prosecutors say for years, this dealer of death bought more oxycodone than any doctor nationwide. They say he prescribed millions of dosages not for pain but pure profit. Courthouse in Cincinnati, said Volkman created a lethal health epidemic in southern Ohio.

Right now every time Rant talks, he sinks in the polls. Scott Brown was a person I was prepared to hate, the Tea Party Senator from MA. But he insists on representing the people of Massachusettes, and that means he frequently votes a sane (and moderate) position.

2. The doctor will do a comprehensive physical examination. For someone with lower back pain, it is necessary to not only examine the lower back, but to also examine the legs, the mid back, the abdomen, the pelvis, the neck, the feet, and even the arms.

I know that sounds weird but it basically mitigates withdrawal completely and curbs cravings pretty damn good. You only get one injection a month too. No, I’m not a rep or anything, just someone who wants to pass on good recovery information. 3 middleweight Luke Rockhold beat David Branch with a flurry of strikes in the second round of a showdown between ranked fighters Saturday night, re establishing himself as a contender in the division. The information below will be used to optimize the content and make ads across the network more relevant to you. You can always change the information you share with us by editing your profile..

Be it spring, summer, autumn or winter, a national holiday or a statement of belief, we have flags for every occasion. There are many uses for Toland flags; as a pretty present to give to a loved one, a funny joke hanging from your porch to make your neighbors laugh, or a unique tapestry to hang in your home. Material: recycled white matte paper Measurement: 4.5×4.5 inches Color: black gold white glitter sparkles Every ornament has a wire loop, all ready to attach, hang, dangle, fasten, pin or decorate.

But after the 2012 13 season, Kidd retired. And Chandler missed 27 games the next season, before being traded to the Dallas Mavericks in 2014. For the Knicks to keep winning, the production of Kidd and Chandler had to be replaced. Lire la suite. C’est l’Inattendu en personne qui lui a rendu visite ! Des gnrations plus tard, on en parle encore . RV aux ateliers Animation biblique , le jeudi 11 avril et/ou le samedi 13.

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I was super stoked I went the 12B route, then I finished jump school and Ranger Batt was looking for volunteers for RIP, and I couldn’t go. Then getting to Bragg and not getting to do the cool shit like Scouts or LRSD. If I could go back in time I’d go 11B, but the recruiter sold me on demolitions which, to be fair, was pretty fuckin rad.

At the Coliseum. The Thunder is hosting a “Bad Gift Exchange”, and will have a postgame skate and autograph session with Thunder players following the contest. At the Coliseum.. And because Iran and the United States have not had diplomatic relations for nearly 25 years, there is little Iranian property still in the United States that might be seized. “There’s also the possibility of using this judgment to try to seize Iranian commercial assets in other countries. We intend to pursue every option until Iran is held accountable.”.

Not going to lie to you; the last two or three years, Derrick has been through a lot mentally, said his older brother, Reggie Rose. You losing more than you winning, it can get difficult. So with him going to be in a winning environment again now, able to see how LeBron prepares himself, the things LeBron does with his body, Derrick can incorporate that into his own game.

Wish you could have made it down to North Carolina to celebrate 20 years of Merge Records? Did you make it down there but had so much to drink that you can’t really remember too much? Well, the latter applies to me, but I’m going to give you the rundown anyway. Here’s everything you need to know about this past week’s indie rock fantasy camp. Because what’s a vacation without a 3,500 word recap? All photos (full sets here) courtesy of Brad Searles of the fantastic Boston based blog Bradley’s Almanac..

ROSE: Not in Florida. I mean, this is one thing where the Republicans in the state really are on the same page. They think that that kind of ban would be unconstitutional. Talk about a throwback! These classic toys truly stand the test of time while managing to still capture active minds and imaginations. Check out our roundup of retro toys that easily compete in today’s digital age without all of the bells and whistles. Parents, get ready to revisit your childhood and reminisce about fun games and activities that not only never grow old but make you want to be a kid again.

I moved out when I was 30. I actually glad I stayed that long as it helped me take some risks to try different businesses (one of them was doing really well, and then I sabotaged it due the fear of success, oh well I will try again someday in the future) which I probably would not have taken the risk on if I lived on my own. Plus many of my friends around my age whom did move out earlier, I have so much more money saved up then them and don live paycheck to paycheck at all.

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Thus the ark “was worshipped by the Israelites as the embodiment of God Himself,” writes Graham Hancock in The Sign and the Seal. To look upon the contents would bring forth a quick and swift death. Why? Because the Ark is thought to hold a powerful based electrical energy source.

Contents The job outlook From career options such Most common non clinical career paths Job opportunities are For licensed optometrists should Jan 15, 2013 An upcoming field in India, there will be a demand for qualified optometrists in the years to come. However, the field still has no regulator. Optometry prospects.

Thanks for the answers so far. I suppose I should’ve mentioned that I registered for two courses: “Algorithms I” and a survey of world history since the 1700s. Although both of these are mostly for “fun” (and I’ve taken “algos” in university) I’m very much interested in retaining the information that I learn..

The Allman Brothers Band first reached the Billboard 200 albums chart with its self titled debut in 1970. Over the next 34 years, the group charted 24 more albums, including four top 10 sets. It topped the list once, with Brothers and Sisters, which reached No.

Individuals with parkinsonian manifestations are denoted by solid grey symbols. Open symbols indicate unaffected family members and slashes indicate deceased individuals. Numbers beside the symbols correspond to the age of onset of parkinsonian symptoms..

“Lisa vs. Malibu Stacy” is the fourteenth episode of The Simpsons’ fifth season. It originally aired on the Fox network in the United States on February 17, 1994. Mr. Ford has said he has never missed a day of work and that he has the best attendance record of anyone on council. He told Fox News on Nov.

(I paid a lofty $50 for it.) Cassandre moved to the United States in 1936. His success waned with the passing of the art deco era, and he committed suicide in 1968. He is considered to have been one of the best 20th century illustrators.. There are certain preparations that really must be done before applying SP2, as described in the Stickie. Complete malware scan and chkdsk to find fix HD errors. If one wanted to REALLY be safe, I would suggest downloading installing the SP2 “standalone executable” for “networking professionals” (available at Microsoft’s site) and install it in Safe Mode, so there is a reduced chance of some other software (such as malware) interfering with it..

Abel Baker is a Surfman with the United States Life Saving Service. It’s Abel Baker’s job to alert his fellow Surfmen at the Toms River, New Jersey USLSS Station 13 anytime their assistance is required. Charlie is a good companion for these long beach patrols because, you see, Charlie is a very special dog.