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16 hours agoNAPA (CBS13) Two Northern California dog trainers are facing multiple felony animal cruelty charges following the death of a beloved German Shepherd.The tale of Gunnar, a happy and healthy young German Shepherd, would come to a dark end before his fourth birthday.”I was so excited,” Denise Swank said.Denise and Jeff Swank enrolled Gunnar in a $6,000, multi week training course with NorCal K9 in Contra Costa County back in May to make him the perfect pup.”Some people go back to school to further their education, we were just furthering his training,” Denise said.Instead, it would be the worst possible outcome.”To send your baby off to school and then you get them in the mail, it’s hard,” Denise said.”There’s not a day that goes by that we don’t think of Gunnar,” Jeff said.A necropsy shows Gunnar had an increased body temperature.”It’s brought up a lot of anger,” Jeff said. “You know, we don’t know what happened it’s all hearsay until it all comes out, we might not never find out.”But new clues are painting a picture of what may have taken place.According to court documents filed by the Contra Costa District Attorney’s Office, dog trainers Garry Reynolds and Devon Ashby of NorCal K9 “did subject this animal to needless suffering, and did inflict unnecessary cruelty upon this animal.”Seven other dogs found in their care are listed in the complaint.The Napa Valley German Shepherd Rescue heard Gunnar’s story and got involved.”Very concerned for the community and for the dogs,” said Larry Parks from the rescue group. “I think there was an opportunity that somebody took advantage of,” said Larry Parks from the rescue.But trainer Garry Reynolds told CBS13 that’s just not true.”If in any way I thought I was responsible, why would I do everything that I did?” Reynolds said in a phone interview.

You do get genuine audience reactions, of course, mostly during the HUGE HIT THERE moments, but it a TV show. They have to keep the excitement level going, and if you ever seen a fight in person, or even just watched a video of a non BB event, you see that it pretty quiet most of the time. Most of the hits are beefed up in post production, too..

I personally dont think Oak did anything that crazy to warrant 6 10 security/police to approach him like he some murder suspect. The man is god damn legend in that building. It just continues to show how disfunctional this organazation is from top to bottom.Lets also not pretend like Oak is the only player to have beef with the Knicks/Dolan after leaving.Then the absolulte farce of a show during the spurs game of having Larry Johnson and Bernard King, both who work for the knicks and probably were forced to sit next to him to show that he cool with ex knicks.

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Sullivan was an outstanding inspector general, and the DiMasi investigation was easily his finest hour. Still, this anecdote allegation, really is curious, not least because it comes so long after the fact and right before the election. Sullivan, who was never exactly press shy in office, says he was not at liberty to discuss the matter while the case was active.

As to your comment about how Communism wouldn’t be so bad if it actually worked, I would say that it very much has. In every country it has been tried in it has greatly improved people’s standards of living. In the USSR for example, the literacy rate was brought up from something like 50% to around 75%, just in a 11 year period, from 1926 to 1937.

I come from New delhi where there is not enough space for people leave aside pools. Most of delhi houses are complex with only 1000 sq ft covered area in apartments. But i did love the pics u put and as Dzymslizzy said yes i m jealous of people who have access to so much water in their home..

Oxblood is a new emerging color that suddenly gained popularity this 2012 Fall Season. Oxblood color is rich burgundy baurdaux mix. It is dark, almost brown with a bit of red shade. Aqua Sphere offers a complete range of premium swim products including eye protection, swimwear, triathlon wetsuits, footwear and swim fitness and training accessories. Combining Aqua sphere’s global product design expertise and distribution with Phelps’ and coach Bob bowman’s experiences at the highest levels of swim performance, the MP brand features a new line of technical swim products featuring proprietary technologies and performance enhancing designs for competitive swimmers. Read more.

Ruth W. Brinkley, President and CEO United Enertech Corporation Memorial Health Care System Curtis Smith, Owner Dr. Roger G. John’s coach Chris Mullin attended the game. The Hall of Famer grew up in Brooklyn . Nets host Orlando on Wednesday.. That experience was as real as flesh and I would be happy to tell it to all who ask. Through historical research(the 8th or 9th love of my life)I find the bible to be poetic even in the most missunderstood situations. I don’t know if Shakespeare coined the phrase “the world is but a stage and we are mere actors upon it” in the light that I see it, but the inhabitants of the heavens are watching and waiting as the origional love story involving good and bad, ying and yang.

9:04pm: Jason Gordon:And the latest from NEWCASTLE: Michael Osborne (Greens): 5950 Milton Caine (Christian Democrats): 485 Jasmin Addison (No Land Tax): 437 Karen Howard (Liberal): 10,773 Sam Reich (Aust Cyclists Party): 501 Steve O’Brien (Socialist Alliance): 410 Tim Crakanthorp (Labor): 12,859 Votes counted: 31,415 / 55,337 9:01pm: Jason Gordon:With more than half the vote counted in SWANSEA, Labor is well home. Luke Cubis (Christian Democrats): 816 Johanna Uidam (Liberal): 7793 Joshua Agland (Animal Justice Party): 818 Chris Osborne (Ind): 849 Paul Doughty (No Land Tax): 358 Garry Edwards (Ind): 3940 Yasmin Catley (Labor): 13,283 Phillipa Parsons (Greens): 1716 VOTE COUNTED: 29,573 / 54,432 8:55pm: Jason Gordon:I hearing the sound of champagne corks hitting the ceiling of Carrington Seven Seas Hotel. There, Labor Tim Crakanthorp is expected to shortly claim victory in the seat of Newcastle.

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LornE1982 Lauren, 26, married just over 3 years. First time mom to Rose, born April 23rd. We use pocket fitteds (stuffed with microfiber towels) with Thirsties covers, and occasionally a wool cover but I mainly stick to the Thirsties. BILT’s 10 year average sales growth has been rather low at just 13.6% and quite volatile too. Net profits grew by 11.8% on an average during the last decade. In terms of profit margins, operating profit averaged around 21.8% and been very stable while net profits have been close to 7%.

I wish too that I could belay everyone’s fears for the fate of this website but that is impossible as I have had no communication from the top. I believe they may only be waiting to see how well Bubblews holds up on its own before making any further decisions as to its fate. As to whether or not I will return in my position that remains to be seen..

Think he in the process of taking ownership of the here and now which is actually coming out, she suggested. Can be very I assume overwhelming. The clip, and listen to the interview, as Moos goes on to explain how she had to the script of her own life, after realizing she and Jason Collins would not become husband and wife..

This compartment opens a full 180 degrees and allows the bag to pass quickly and easily through the airport x ray scanner without having to remove the laptop, minimizing hassle and making boarding a breeze. The Flight’s laptop compartment also features an iPad/Kindle/tablet pocket lined with the same soft felt as the computer slot, as well as a smaller pocket perfect for media players or other compact electronics. A second large compartment features a key ring buckle, a zippered see through pocket, two large slots for cables, external devices, or travel accessories, and an array of slots for pens, business cards, and items.

17, 2016, On Oilers Now, two Sportsnet analysts, Drew Remenda and Louie DeBrusk, said that Draisaitl has it in him to be one of the 25 best players in the NHL: Draisaitl is the kind of guy who likes to prove people wrong, Remenda said. Guys are so easy to coach and so great to be around, because all you got to do is say something negative to him and he going to go, yeah, OK. And then go out and stick it to you.

N n n nWearing handcuffs and an orange jail uniform, Colton Harris Moore spoke softly in court while entering his pleas and sat next to his attorneys with his eyes downcast, looking even younger than his 20 years. N n n nIn a statement provided to Judge Vickie Churchill, he said his childhood was one he wouldn’t wish on his “darkest enemies. ” n n n nStill, he said he takes responsibility for the crime spree that brought him international notoriety.

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Let the Bombers have Shaun Burgoyne talented for sure, but he’s not a patch on most of our midfielders. I’d take Hodge, Sewell, Mitchell and Lewis any day over a player who really hasn’t lived up to the hype that seems to always surround him. We Swannies supporters stood by him for as long as we could but in the end he basically sabotaged two seasons for us and never recovered from playing a shocker in the 06 Grand Final.

Pickup the maintenance manual for your vehicle. Learn about the repair being done first, so that you can communicate on a technical level with the service dept regarding what’s being fixed and what’s recommended, and just generally flipping through to get more acquainted with the parts. Maybe next time you can fix it yourself..

Intervertebral Disc Protrusion in DogsThis condition causes pain to your dog’s neck and back. Intervertebral Discs a thick jelly like substance found between the bones in the back and neck are considered the shock absorbers for the spinal cord. When this substance gets squeezed or protrudes into the area where the spinal cord or spinal nerves reside, the dog will hesitate to move and may hold its head stiffly in one position.

Attach the lead rope and let the horse graze for a while, and offer him some feed or some treats. Just let him enjoy his time away from the barn. Before long, he’ll realize that leaving the barn isn’t so bad, after all.. The Episcopal Church of the Good Shepherd, 211 Franklin Road, Lookout Mountain, will have a Halloween Bingo Night Sunday, Oct. 27, in Talbird Hall to benefit the youth program. Come in costume, all ages, for fun, fellowship, dinner, Bingo and prizes.

Desert Hills broke through against Jensen with an unearned run in the sixth. Abi Farrer led off with a single to center and Giacoletto tapped to the Warriors third baseman, who went for the force at second but overthrew the base. Farrer scored when the ball rolled nearly to the right field fence.

Impact: A former lottery pick by the Thunder in 2015, Payne has bounced around the league, seeing action for Oklahoma City, Chicago and Cleveland. The former Murray State product joined the Mavericks for 2019 summer league, averaging 20.0 points, 5.0 rebounds, 4.0 assists and 2.7 steals across 28.9 minutes in three games. His performances were enough for the Raptors to take notice.

Call the DR. Make sure s/he okay’s treatment and have someone help you pick through your hair. I have a lot and mine is thick. Some may buy them as souvenirs while some are avid collectors of indigenous art. Their artwork usually has motifs of ancient designs that are reminiscent of the times when they were worshippers of the spirit of nature. You may want to bear in mind that although these handicrafts are part of their cultural heritage, they are also considered as one of their economic ventures.

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Gosselin was also named WCHA Defensive Player of the Week after picking up a hat trick in a win over Ferris last weekend. His was the first this year by an NCAA Division I defenseman and was Huntsville first since 2008. Gosselin and Knight are also fourth in the country in points per game for defensemen..

X MEN: DAYS OF FUTURE PAST (Fox) Former mutant rivals Professor X and Magneto send Wolverine back in time all the way back to the 1970s to convince their younger selves to put their differences aside and stop the events that lead to an impending apocalypse. Blending together both “X Men” narratives, with Hugh Jackman as Wolverine, Patrick Stewart and James McAvoy as the older and younger Professor X, Ian McKellen and Michael Fassbender as Magneto, and Jennifer Lawrence as Mystique. (PG 13; violence, some nudity and language).

Yeah I think you got it spot on, it would been massively unpopular. Having a “state budget” wasn really a fleshed out concept yet, so soldiers would been paid less, taxes would have been raised, and there would been less benefit to being a general. So even though it might been beneficial for the republic, since no individual would directly benefit from this policy, change does not occur.

He has also achieved numerous laboratory breakthroughs in the programming of automated liquid handling robots for sample preparation and external standards prep. Patent office has awarded Mike Adams patent NO. Adams has pledged to donate full patent licensing rights to any state or national government that needs to manufacture the product to save human lives in the aftermath of a nuclear accident, disaster, act of war or act of terrorism.

You may be able to get away with a grainy video, but one thing your viewers will not tolerate is poor sound quality. It is important to ensure that you’re filming with the best sound equipment that you can afford. If you want to be a vlogger, to get crisp sound, it’s important to not to rely on the in built default microphone..

You can follow the Long Island HubMeet forum to keep informed.Let me know if you have any questions about it.Look forward to meeting you and other Hubbers from your area who might want to come along too. Should be fun. And lots of info to share.HubPages meetup in Long Island, NYby Stok 6 years agoWho is up for meeting fellow Hubbers?Anyone near Southern California want to get together and chat about writing? A fellow Hubber suggested we have a meetup with like minds rather than go online and sift through the riff raff.

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“He has to dance,” George’s mother Lisa Jolley says about her son. With a laugh, she remembers a time when he stopped to jam out with a group of buskers on the New York subway. Despite his enthusiastic dance moves, nobody took notice “very New York” her mom recalls with a laugh..

Ed Yardeni, a longtime stock market analyst, points out that the current bull market has been going since March 2009. In all these years, we’ve had four official corrections, so not many, but we have also had 60 “panic attacks,” as Yardeni likes to call them. Those are periods where the market dipped and people predicted the worst, but we didn’t even end up in a true correction..

If the news for Parker proves to be bad, it will be interesting to see how his teammates react on the court. He continued his recent hot shooting streak making 2 4 three point attempts, and played aggressive, engaged defense for most of the game. A big part of that is that I not really sure I understand what Jason Kidd thought process is at the moment.

Service. Following the pageant, a “Birthday Party for Jesus” will be held in the fellowship hall. Information: 255 4353.Children’s Christmas Pageant. A great step forward but we not done yet, Gov. Bobby Jindal said in a news conference at the New Orleans Arena on Monday, shortly before the Hornets hosted the Oklahoma City Thunder. Cannot become complacent.

But the difficulty is that any compromise would almost certainly have to involve Khamenei moving against Ahmadinejad, initiating a process within the political system that would involve the incumbent either being ousted or having his power considerably diluted. The leaders of the opposition risk losing the backing of their supporters in the streets if they are too willing to reconcile themselves with Ahmadinejad, given all the blood that has been spilled over the past six months. (See TIME’s Pictures of the Week.).

Comment number 1. At 09:07 7th Jan 2012, rmacmhor wrote: I remember my grandfather telling me about the Bentlass Ferry disaster Phil. He was only a young boy at the time but could remember the gloom that descended on the waterside communities around that part of the Haven when it happened with the grown ups talking about it in hushed voices.

In June 2010, Ted Leonsis became the majority owner of Capital One Arena and formed Monumental Sports Entertainment (MSE). MSE includes ownership of the NBA’s Washington Wizards, the NHL’s Washington Capitals, the WNBA’s Washington Mystics, AFL’s Washington Valor and Baltimore Brigade and Capital One Arena. Monumental Sports Entertainment also manages Kettler Capitals Iceplex, the training facility for the Washington Capitals, and EagleBank Arena at George Mason University.

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Kerfeld, C. Kerr, D. Kerrigan, B. When you’re speaking in your second language, commit to it fully! It will be hard, but try not to speak a word of your first language while you’re practicing. Ask your partner to help you out by sticking to Spanish and finding ways to explain words that you don’t know, rather than reverting to English. Now, all 80 episodes are available online for you to explore at your own pace.

Investors imposed an all time high risk premium on Belgian bonds relative to German ones on Monday amid political chaos. Belgium parties have for the past 212 days been unable to agree a government, forcing King Albert II to step in and ask for a cost cutting budget for 2011. Gross government debt is very high, hovering around 100 percent of GDP, leaving Belgium very vulnerable to a loss of market confidence..

It also settled once and for all the question of whether Jeb will run for president, in 2012, 2016 or ever. A Republican primary opponent need only replay clips from this appearance to cast Jeb’s hypothetical presidential run into outer darkness. As for Obama, liberal angst over the man neither begins nor ends at education.

Huh, I actually just ran a search in Ahrefs for terms like “dentist brooklyn” and they actually don seem to be that bad. 1,000 search volume at a 20 difficulty. Now a brand new site is going to have trouble ranking even for KW with a 2 difficulty, but a 20 still not the end of the world.

When you are raising boys, you think a lot about how to teach them to respect women, explain sex and puberty, and go over the basics of personal responsibility. When your boys are younger, you teach them how to walk, talk, write, read, play, and share. As boys get older, the focus is more on doing chores and doing their school work.

Early Intervention/School servicesMost children with congenital hearing loss will be enrolled in auditory rehabilitation therapy, obtain services from a teacher of the deaf (hearing itinerant), or speech therapy services. Often, there is a provision for “assistive technology” in the Individual Family Service Plan (IFSP). If you do not live in a state that requires health insurance coverage of hearing aids, you may be able to get some assistance from Early Intervention..

Freshman Rod Strickland, a starter at guard most of the season, said hell stay at De Paul despite rumors to the contrary. Reports had it that Strickland might transfer to St. Johns or Georgia. Since you are a complete beginner with no background, I would wait on buying anything yet. You can easily find an online resource to hold you over before you get some structure. Consider Duolingo Mandarin perhaps.

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The CEO rationale was ludicrously self serving on the carry on bag issue. That being said, we need to find a way to force people to check any bag over the 16X14X12 limit. I recently traveled internationally and my small computer bag (the only bag I carried on) was almost crushed by a man jamming his wife and his bag in next to mine.

The basketball part is easy. Ooops. That’s part of my instincts. Shikha Kumar has a B Tech degree in Computer Science from Bharati Vidyapeeth, Delhi. Professionally, she is a Manager with Tata Consultancy Services. She has travelled to, and worked in different countries.

DUBIOUS DISTINCTION We didn’t make it to the Ig Noble Prize Ceremony at Sanders Theatre last month, but luckily NPR is playing a tape of the bizarre gathering the day after Thanksgiving. Conceived by Marc Abrahams, editor of the Cambridge based science humor mag, Annals of Improbable Research, the Ig Nobles are awarded annually to scientists and others whose achievements make you laugh and think. “(Burrell) talks about how he personally took Diana’s clothes to the secondhand shop, and sold them,” Bacon said.

Listening to Stanwyck, it becomes clear she has with major stardom and barely a year off since the late ’20s an awful lot to tell. Though reclusive, she’s articulate about acting not at all non verbal. “I marvel at people who have theories about acting,” she said mock modestly.

The frame’s slim flexible arms are a good match for smaller to medium faces. Spring hinged arms a keyhole bridge and discreet nosepads offer a comfortable fit for medium to larger faces. The glossy translucent acetate finish and subtle metal rivet wingtip detail complements the distinctive Ray Ban logo at the temples.

All the injured were taken to a private hospital nearby. The private school is located not very from the site of the accident. “Sixteen children were injured in the accident. “There is no doubt as a nation we will feel proud if we can host an Olympics. We are positive and we will discuss with IOA and then we will formulate . These are big decisions and can’t be spoken out in the heat of the moment.

Movies that are just kind of ok or just fine are so hard to write about. You can’t really gush about how good the movie is, but you also can’t gleefully tear it to shreds. And, unfortunately, there are A LOT of meh movies movies that aren’t good enough to really engage you but not incompetent enough to be funny or memorable..

Journal of Clinical Pathology (JCP) is committed to the advancement of all disciplines within the broader remit of human pathology. This also encompasses molecular biology and its applications in the understanding of human biology and pathology. The journal is intended to have world wide readership and will publish articles that have a wide appeal even though they are regionally based..

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Bring wine for Christmas dinner. It is a request that can strike fear into the heart of even a seasoned wine buyer, let alone the casual tippler. Today we present our 2017 go to list that could well lead to you confidently striding into your local liquor store with the knowledge you are going to be walking out with exactly what you were looking for..

I never smoked pot to this day, and I link it to that very day. And they didn care. I had this image like I have to smoke pot. Long tailed tits can be encountered almost anywhere along the brook gleaning insects from the foliage or bare branches overhanging the brook. Fieldfares and redwing arrive in numbers over winter so listen out for them. They are attracted to the berries on the hedgerows and scrub along the top of the chalk bank..

Kilo India Lima Lima. Yankee Oscar Uniform. India November. The two time Pro Bowler reached the apex of his career during Washington’s 14 2 1991 season and a 37 24 Super Bowl win over the Buffalo Bills in which Rypien completed 18 of 33 passes for 292 yards and two scores (plus one INT). The aftermath was a letdown; the next year, he tossed 13 scores against 17 interceptions, was injured the year after that, then began a five year tour of duty as a backup for five different teams. But his football legacy lived on as his daughter Angela became a quarterback in the LFL in 2011 2012 (the “Legacy and formerly “Lingerie” Football League)..

Ocean is a very fragile ecosystem, and we are really driving it to the brink of collapse, CEO Michael Selden said. Moving human consumption of seafood out of the ocean and onto land and creating it in this cleaner way, we can basically do something that better for everybody. Department of Agriculture and the Food and Drug Administration announced plans to jointly oversee the production and labeling of cell based meat..

Its unique combat and difficulty level is also worth pointing out. The seven tiered system determines how difficult or easy your fight is going to be. Depending on your level and health, a particular NPC may or may not be a threat to you. Integrated nose guards. One for One signature brand motto featured at the inside right temple. Most complementary face shapes: oval, rectangle, heart.

Understading facial geometry is both an art and a science. Aqua Sphere eye protection offers an optimized fit unequaled comfort and performance to the widest POSSIBLE range of facial shapes. Read more. ‘I’m just an insect. I’m just a parasite. I don’t exist.

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The six boats will be named after Texas state troopers killed in the line of duty. The first was named after Jerry Don Davis, who was shot and killed in 1980. Another, to be commissioned Thursday in Austin, will be named in honor of trooper David Irvine Rucker, who was killed in 1981, according to The Brownsville Herald..

Are no distractions. There is nowhere I fancy walking to and cyclists don walk anyway. There is no internet. I have just moved from twickenham where takeoff aircraft noise is normal (though utterly depressing). Now they appear to have diverted, perhaps I move backMrs Jane Cook said:I think many of you have missed the point of my post. If you look at the main page of Hampton online “Have you say on busier, noisier skies” it tells you all about the trial and the fact that LBRUT want your feedback on the increase in noise you may notice!.

Will County Sheriff’s officers executed a search warrant at the Joliet Outlaws Motorcycle Club in connection with her death Thursday. The motorcycle club is located about a mile away from Woody’s, and its members were known to frequent the tavern. The Will County Sheriff tells WGN Katie had told several people she was going to the club before she disappeared.

For those hot summer days and perfect spring weather, we offer fun water resistant sandals! All lifestyles can be accommodated when using our Western Chief boots. You will love our affordable, functional rain wear we provide. Read more. Buttler, T. Haintz, J. McClure HB: L.

However, after a trip to the library, each Jellybean finds a book that’s perfectly suited for her: Emily finds a book on ballet, Nicole finds a book on sports, and Bitsy finds a book on art. But with so many wonderful books to read, will Anna find the book that’s perfect just for her? Based on the New York Times bestselling picture book The Jellybeans and the Big Book Bonanza, this board book will win over a new generation of fans with four irresistible characters who are sweeter than candy. Read more.

Percy Fry Kendall was born in Clerkenwell, London, in 1856. He studied at the Royal School of Mines in the early 1880s, and Huxley probably encouraged his interest in the biological aspects of geology. He moved to Manchester in 1885 where he enjoyed a Bishop Berkeley fellowship at Owen College.

I know it’s not a penny pinching tip like “cut dryer sheets in half” or anything, but honestly, the mere fact that I didn’t have to consciously set that money aside to be saved the fact that I “set it and forget it” is what finally made it happen, because when it was something I had to do manually I either kept forgetting or found excuses not to. But when it happened every week whether I was thinking about it or not, it got done and honestly, I didn’t miss the money. I even upped the amount because i realized I’d managed to save a couple grand that way..