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Donald Trump Jr and Eric Trump are delighted to have killed a big catGet the biggest daily stories by emailSubscribeSee our privacy noticeMore newslettersThank you for subscribingWe have more newslettersShow meSee our privacy noticeCould not subscribe, try again laterInvalid EmailSICK photographs have emerged of two of Donald Trump’s sons showing off animals they murdered on kill safaris in Africa.X Factor judge Sharon Osbourne posted a picture on Instagram of Donald Jnr, 38, and Eric, 32, proudly posing with a dead leopard after a hunting trip in Zimbabwe.Sharon who is a critic of the Republican US presidential candidate added a message forher 2.4million followers, saying: “Really? A great example of humanity, killing animals in Africa?! Disgusting.”Eric Trump proudly poses with a dead antelopeOther pictures emerged in 2012 of the Trump brothers standing next to animals they gunned down on two trips in 2010 and 2011 including antelope, waterbuck, two buffalos, a great warthog and a civet cat.Trump Snr defended his sons’ hobby of hunting on African kill safaris, saying: “My sons love to hunt. Eric is a hunter and I’d say he puts it on a par with golf, if not ahead of golf. They’re great marksman, great shots and love it.

Groening populated his panels with Binky and Sheba, a pair of rabbits equipped with human like dread and alienation; Bongo, Binky’s illegitimate offspring; and, among other characters, Akbar and Jeff, gay gents and businessmen who sometimes danced their way across the strip just as naked as the day they were drawn. In a Playboy interview, Groening described his inauspicious arrival there: ” . It was about 102 degrees; my car broke down in the fast lane of the Hollywood Freeway while I was listening to a drunken deejay who was giving his last program on a local rock station and bitterly denouncing the station’s management.

The New York Knicks figure to benefit most. With Mourning out, the Knicks should be able to easily pick up the 1 1/2 games by which they trail the Heat going into tonight and win the Atlantic Division. That would mean New York would avoid a showdown with the Bulls until the conference finals..

Also at Hawaii Theatre, Moore co starred with Gary Burghoff in The Buck Stops Where? (1997) which Moore wrote, with James MacArthur in Dirty Laundry (2003) which Moore wrote, with Richard Dreyfuss in Prophecy and Honor (2007) which Moore wrote, with Patty Duke in Heaven Forbid! (2013), and with Linda Purl in It’s Only a Play (2016). Moore has also written and starred in plays about Will Rogers and John Wayne. In 2017 Moore co starred with F.

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But along the way he has also donned hats at projects designed to drive social change. In the UK, he helped found the CSJ, which has been used by Iain Duncan Smith and the Coalition to address addiction, debt and family breakdown. He teamed up with Bob Geldof and Tony Blair to set up 8 Miles, a private equity company that funds charities in Africa.

And slowly, but surely, I got better at it. I did this every day for probably about 3 years or so, and by the end of it, I was very accomplished. But it was a constant effort that took years. The American Red Cross First Aid and Safety HandbookThere are lots of great first aid books out there; this one happens to be my current favorite. The American Red Cross sets the standard in first aid and safety. As a former First Aid instructor, I have seen many editions of these books, and they have always been easy to follow and understand and loaded with step by step words and illustrations to guide you through any emergency.

Poem 57 is ostensibly about the moon, but is in fact a message to a childhood friend the poet had not seen for a long time who had suddenly called for a short visit. The headnote (kotobagaki) to the poem in the Shin kokinshu (no. 1497) reads: the tenth night of the seventh month, after the briefest of visits, a childhood friend she had not seen for years was about to leave as the moon shone brightly.

Now you know what kind of video cards your MB supports. Rinse and repeat. I recently did this when building my new PC, and it went swimmingly.. The anti fog coating provides the crystal clear view that you’ve come to expect from Giro goggles. FEATURES:Designed for skiing, snowboarding, freeridingMid size frameCombines classic style with top notch performanceExpansion View Technology (EXV) for a better, wider field of view LENS by ZEISS Toric Spherical lens with injection molded construction Triple layer face foam with micro fleece facingAnti fog coatingSeamless compatibility with all Giro helmetsUse spec chart to determine VLT (Visible Light Transmission) Range and Recommended Conditions for lens color Age Group: adult. The EXV technology allows a better, wider field of.

You may be a great photographer and the best in the market who can meet all the requirements. But let’s be honest. The packaging and marketing of your business is important when it comes to attracting people. A mutinating Spanish Army sacked Antwerp, not only the biggest city, but also the cultural, economic and financial centre of the Seventeen Provinces. It remains the biggest massacre in ‘Belgian’ history. After the fall of Antwerp in 1585, the Seventeen Provinces fell apart.

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Any antagonism came after the fact stoked as much by the way Durant left as it was by his leaving. It seemed they were close, once. Per the characterization of the reporting on the subject and Durant own comments, they weren by the end. Quand je suis seule, j’oublie parfois de manger. Authentique! Mais quand c’est social. J’ai un jour, en France, en Ard par un repas qui a dur six heures.

He was briefly married in one episode (“Days of Wrath”) only to see his new wife murdered with a bullet intended for him. An enraged Jarrod lost his calm and genteel mannerisms, then relentlessly tracked down the killer. He was in the midst of killing him with his bare hands before he was stopped by Nick and Heath.

Henry Schafer, exec VP of Marketing Evaluations, which measures celebrity Q scores, said Mr. Armstrong’s positive Q scores have dropped by two thirds since he won his last Tour de France in 2005. His negative Q scores have more than doubled since then and for the first time they outweigh his positive scores..

The public corruption, fraud, and conspiracy charges against Cahill grow out of the Lottery’s decision to spend upwards of $1.6 million on an advertising blitz at the height of the 2010 gubernatorial campaign. At the time, Cahill was challenging Democratic incumbent Deval Patrick as an independent, and he was under heavy attack by Republicans who viewed his candidacy as a potential spoiler. And in August of that year, the Lottery shifted its marketing strategy away from pitching individual games to players and toward touting the agency as a well managed source of revenues for cities and towns..

Hi! I am a convert to Christianity.When I first became curious about Jesus and interested in Christianity, I read the Gospels and when I felt comfortable, started praying, even though it felt silly at first. I took those first two steps without knowing whether or not I believed any of it. After a little while I started looking for a church.

Ganem said what Semper Fi offered him wasn’t just new ways to compete or enjoy life. It was a way to find purpose and goals in his life. Now the senior manager of Community Outreach for the Semper Fi Fund, he said civilians could help veterans adjust to life after service if they were willing to understand there is no one size fits all cure for the trauma most veterans experience..

There are others pointing out that this move is long winded, absurd or self indulgent and lacking plot depth. That could be so, I didnt notice it. The cinematography, visual and auditory experience were, with out a doubt, on par with some of the best cinema I have ever seen from Nolan to Kubric..

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9 Read in the Bathtub Day Today is a great day to grab a good book (non electronic) and your rubber ducky and hop in the tub for a nice long soak. Sound like fun? (On one of the calendars, this date was National Develop Alternative Vices Day. Now that sounds like an interesting day to try on for size; however, I was not able to locate any information about it other than it was celebrated on this date.

UK ambassador called Trump administration and inept /react text >Britain ambassador to the United States described the Trump administration as “diplomatically clumsy and inept” and said he doubted it would become “substantially more normal,” according to a leaked diplomatic cable published Sunday. The memo was one of several leaked documents published by the Mail on Sunday in which Ambassador Kim Darroch made highly negative statements about the government of Britain closest ally. The “conservative” estimate represents the total amount of cocaine, cannabis and heroin a jury found Joaquin Guzman to have trafficked into the US, multiplied by the average prices of the drugs, according to a filing by prosecutors in federal court.

Fast, recent cargospace etc. As long as the MLCC docks and the source dock (HQ in my case) are in the same sector I going to use similar setup from now on. Only downside is, that when you assign homebase to MLCC dock, even if the duty is freghter, these ships will show as Security ships.

Iridium lens coating tunes light transmission. Meets or exceeds ANSI Z80.3 optical and impact standards. Made in the USA. Knocking on doors in your area may reveal a seasonal side job that will earn you a few bucks during the holidays. This is how I took my art to the streets. I packed up a paint box, a window cleaning bucket, and started pounding the sidewalk.

Imported. Color: Blackout/Gray Silver Mirror. Gender: unisex. COMFORTABLE FUNCTIONAL An essential in smooth swimming, Aqua Sphere has been evolving and perfecting their highly functional swim goggles for many years. Tried and trusted with comfort and performance, this kids swim goggle design fits young swimmers from ages 3+ of all experience levels. ALL IN THE DETAILS There’s nothing simple about the Kameleon Swim Goggles. Every little detail offers the highest quality and maximum comfort from the wide view lens visibility to the 100% UVA/UVB protection detail and latex free hypoallergenic material. REVOLUTION IN HIGH STANDARDSThrough continued research and testing, Aqua Sphere products have evolved into industry leading swimming gear for the safety and enjoyment of people worldwide. COMMITTED TO OUR OCEANSAqua Sphere and Aqua Lung’s commitment lies not only in fun, but we are forever loyal to our planet.

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Regina carried a 28 12 record into Sunday afternoon home game against the Fort McMurray Giants after rallying to defeat Fort McMurray 6 4 on Saturday at Currie Field. Regina scored four runs in the bottom of the eighth inning.Red Sox starter Michael Batten went 6 2/3 innings, allowing four runs while striking out 10. Heibert Romero earned the victory in relief.

ANATOMICAL RELATIONS OF THE BORDERS OF THE GROIN TRIANGLESuperior border of the groin triangleThe line between the pubic tubercle and the ASIS forms the superior border of the triangle. This corresponds to the anatomical position of the inguinal ligament, a thickening of the aponeurosis of the external oblique muscle. Superior to this line, working from the pubic tubercle medially to the ASIS laterally the following structures will be encountered: the rectus abdominis and rectus abdominis sheath insertions; internal oblique, external oblique and transversus abdominis insertions and aponeuroses; inguinal canal, medially the superficial inguinal ring and conjoint tendon, more laterally the canal and further laterally the deep inguinal ring; the ilioinguinal, iliohypogastric and genital branch of the genitofemoral nerve; the conjoint tendon of ilio psoas as it passes under the lateral third of the inguinal ligament; the visceral contents of the abdomen and pelvis..

Soon she was married with two daughters, then divorced, and the girls’ father died in a hunting accident. Remarried, she had a son and daughter and helped raise her second husband’s three children from a previous marriage. Then her 18 year old son committed suicide, and her husband died of cancer.

COPPIN STATE Anders 5 11 8 8 18, Martin 1 4 0 0 2, Cunningham 7 10 1 4 15, Oakley 4 12 6 8 14, Suber 8 16 0 0 19, Downing 2 3 0 0 4, Johnson 0 1 0 0 0. Totals 27 57 15 20 72. NORTH CAROLINA A 8 16 2 3 18, Taylor James 2 7 5 6 9, Rembert 2 7 1 2 5, Cook 3 8 3 4 10, Bland 4 10 0 0 10, Alford 3 4 2 4 9, Williams 0 0 0 0 0, Neely 0 0 0 0 0, Sams 3 12 3 4 9.

Lightner of MADD says elimination of such offers is “one of our main concerns as an organization.” In its stead, some establishments are finding that promotions for unusual non alcoholic beverages can be very profitable. “Mocktails,” as some restaurants are calling them, can sell for $2 and up. Still, some local bar managers feel that discouraging alcohol promotions doesn’t attack the problem.

Garlics health benefitsBuy your Garlic in a vitamin gel capsule form. You can get these from most local stores. Although I hate condoning Wal Mart, you can get them there for $5. So get out your gift wrap and tape up a game, perhaps even a Scrabble game, then write “Because I want to to get to know you better!” on the gift tag. It could be the beginning of something beautiful or an opportunity to have something revealed that you need to know, and if it is returned to you next year just google in all the letter tile crafts that are available online. You’ll be hooked on Scrabble one way or another!.

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Six base OHM polycarbonate lenses. 100% UV protection with 98% blue light protection. 99% premium glare reduction, relaxed/soothing eye feeling, true color perception, and scratch resisting performance. Considera diferentes materiales. Despus de determinar el estilo y la forma ms apropiados para tus anteojos de sol, puedes pasar a considerar de qu materiales te gustara que estn hechos. Por ejemplo, los anteojos de sol ms baratos son los que estn hechos de plstico, metales livianos y otros materiales bsicos, mientras que los anteojos de madera o de carey suelen ser ms costosos.

Haslam, a GOP candidate for governor, will spend today and Tuesday in hearings on the proposed 2010 11 city budget, which will be in Room 453 of the City County Building. Haslam will have two Knoxville fundraisers this week. Wednesday at the Square Room on Market Square.

Man onto his back, or when you learn a way to make the scariest sensei in the whole dojo scream mommy. There’s ten belts altogether, and I’m on my sixth, my blue belt. I’ve been a blue belt for a very long time. I tried desperately to just have a conversation with her, but she was done with me. It wasn til years later that I realized, she felt threatened and stalked. Reflection on that incident has completely changed the way I think about the opposite sex and how I interact with them.

Murphy, R. Monument, C. Bilney, M. But “Idol” has never seen anything quite like Matheus, who is four feet tall at most. But he has no diagnosis. He says he is just, plain short. San Francisco 49ers’ special teams player Steve Hendrickson has several nicknames. Some call him Brunswick. “Notice the head,” said fullback Harry Sydney.

Founded in 1889, the facility’s original buildings collapsed in the “San Francisco Earthquake” of 1906, killing 117 people. The new buildings, including the still standing auditorium, clock tower and superintendent’s residence, are good examples of early twentieth century Mediterranean Revival architecture, heavily influenced by the Arts and Crafts style. The new buildings represented a more modern attitude toward the mentally ill.

The course is due to finish Feb. 13th. A Friday! Also, at the moment only 13 Harvards are serviceable out of 31. One man’s ridiculous extravagance is another man’s absolute necessity. I wouldn’t pay $1250 for a bottle of Scotch, but if I was a “C level” executive at a major corporation pulling down 8 or 9 figures, I might think nothing of it. I’m sure there are plenty of people who think I’m crazy for buying Scotch, Irish and other brown spirits in the $50 100 range, even though I only buy one bottle a year and it lasts me for 5 years or more..

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Vikki unsuccessfully tries to talk these aliens out of their intention to kill David. When David arrives Vikki is killed in the process of warning David he is walking into an ambush. Then there is a rifle vs. Cutout temple tips. Grey lenses. 100% UVA and UVB protection.

Constructed of durable stainless steel, this stand features raised feet to keep the rolls off the floor. Measuring 5″ x 16.3″, the iDesign York Toilet Paper Holder will provide the organization you dream of in your bathroom. With iDesign by InterDesign, you can LiveSimply every day.

As for the creepiness, that sounds like a personal problem. Most women would be quite uncomfortable being seduced by a woman. And most guys just don know how to seduce a woman without it being creepy. What did she tell Berger? “I told him that I had no idea, but we had never discussed anything like that, ” says Hopkins. “And no, I thought, ‘Well, I could lie. Because no one would ever know.’ But I simply couldn’t do that.

Cammie, you bring up an excellent point I don think anyone has mentioned before. He absolutely could have stayed within the safe confines of his vehicle and drove around the complex to see where Trayvon was going if he was that concerned for his safety. If I thought I saw a character lurking around our neighborhood, the LAST thing I would do is follow him.

One was that personal laws had to go at once. The other was that we first need to give minority community a sense ofUniform civil code with minority backing will transform Indian societyThe Supreme Court judgment outlawing instant triple talaq was a landmark decision but it also highlights difficulties faced by judges in resolving thorny issues that overlap between civil matters andWhy India needs a Secular Civil CodeSecular Civil Code: Divided we standWhy India doesn have a uniform codeNow that Supreme Court has made instant triple talaq illegal, the debate on personal laws is gaining centre stage yet again. Should India allow each community its personal laws or should all IndiansWill govt move for a uniform civil code?.

Were excellent writing and producing partners. And we now the best of friends. My parents still view him as a son. You may have a quick serve restaurant, where the number of dishes is few per guest, but the table turn is high. OrGrossiste Air Max Pas Cher, you may own a fine dining restaurant, where the table turns are low in number, but the number of plates per guest is high. The role of dishwasher racks everywhere is undeniable..

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I do have a very high pain tolerance though so that wasn’t really bothering me. I met the doctor and had a pleasant chat with him while he told me all about how if they needed to, they’d put stents in to keep the arteries open and then proceeded to lull me into a false sense of security about how he was HOPING they would not migrate and go somewhere else like where, doctor? Into like my EAR or something? Good God it is a wonder people have any procedures whatsoever with all this information. I’m pretty much not left with a choice, so I said to him pretty much go ahead and do your thing hopinghe brought his A game!.

Being able to be what they were in the past seems like stretch, but they can still be viable, Mittendorf said. Natural that the fundraising declined. For years, royalties on the name were a big thing, but obviously that not around anymore. Prior to the development of HACCP, quality control consisted of testing batches of product for quality and safety. However, the problem with testing product samples is that the technique, if done properly, requires testing a great deal of product in order to establish a statistically relevant result. This approach proved not only costly, but in the final analysis unreliable, because a low level of contamination could still easily escape detection.[4] Bauman’s solution was to design safety into the processing stage of processed food production.

I think developing software without source control is a terrible idea. But I don’t get to decide how your company works, and from their point of view, you don’t get to decide unless you can make a convincing case. Making that case starts by showing that you understand the current situation thoroughly..

Frances went into a depression, divorced her husband, and returned to the United States. Frances died in 1924 and is buried in Long Island. Read more. Secretary of State George Shultz; Elliott Abrams, the assistant secretary of state for inter American affairs; Alan D. Fiers, chief of the CIA’s Central America Task Force; William J. Casey, then the director of central intelligence, and Vice Adm.

So I originally went in for inkwell or ordinary but they don carry Ordinary in their stores, just online. I am almost never down town but happen to be today so quick Google found me the “Abnormal Beauty Company”. Super nice people! A whole room of The Ordinary stuff (are they the Ordinary brick and mortar?)..

This story should not sound far fetched. This sort of scenario plays out all the time, the direct result of our dysfunctional drug policies. And it isn’t just drug users who pay the price. The Leo child has to be the leader in everything. At home, in school, in any games he plays, he has to lead. If not, Leo will start sulking.

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The one thing he couldn’t do is take care of his daughter and he suffers great shame because of that. Now he can have his daughter back and tackle [his] last years head on. He’s desperate to get on with his life. M., Grawe, H. Maier, K. H., Jul 1994Article in Physical Review C.

Does wearing a matching family pajama set for the holidays just sound like something your home crew would so do? Whether it’s for the holiday card, the grandparents or Instagram, this is a Christmas trend the whole clan can get behind and then get into bed! While some families have been wearing their comfy group onesies since Halloween (think: superhero pajama sets or a family of dreamy dragons), others are just getting into the flannel pajamas mode now. We’ve scoured through all the family pajama set reviews out there on every site from Target to Amazon to Nordstrom and can say with confidence that these cozy Disney, Harry Potter, Rudolph and Christmas themed sets are, well, the cat’s pajamas. Shop this cozy sleepwear now.

When he spit on the guy in Cleveland, he got a break. I just don’t like when you preach one thing and do something else. That’s what the world is coming to. Activities at Miles include the Lu Huggins Wheelchair Walk, a USATF NJ sanctioned 5K Road Race, five different Cycling routes, a Kids Fun Run and The Friends of Matheny’s “Breakfast of Champions” along with luncheon refreshments in the park. All money raised at Miles will benefit the Matheny Center of Medicine and Dentistry, which provides medical, dental and therapy care to Matheny inpatients and to people with disabilities in communities throughout New Jersey. Matheny is a special hospital and educational facility for children and adults with medically complex developmental disabilities..

Monteiro, M. Moodie, E. Mooi, R. Rescued “I think the closer it got to be my turn to be pulled out, the more scared I got. By the time they got to me I can’t remember the feel of anyone helping me. I think about being pulled from the water, and its like I had no feeling in my body.

The arguments came first of all from the ancient Israelites, who revealed a God incompatible with the sacralization of a human ruler. The foundational story of the Israelites is, of course, that of a small, originally nomadic, then enslaved, people, escaping from and them inflicting a devastating defeat upon, the mightiest empire in the world. The exodus has nourished liberatory and egalitarian narratives ever since.

Lola. Lana. Lara. Cabre retook the lead once more but fell out of contention with rear end problems on his car ending his chance for the win.Dollar got back to the point where he remained until Garrett took the lead and eventually lost it with his door bagging battle with Gibbs allowing Kraus to the lead for the remainder of the race.The K Pro Series East will return to the track in early April when they visit Bristol Motor Speedway for the first of two races there this season on April 6th.Fin St Driver Sponsor / Owner Car Laps Status Led Pts 1 16 Derek Kraus NAPA Auto Parts / Curb Records (Mike Curb) Toyota 175 2 17 Ty Gibbs Joe Gibbs Racing / Arai Helmets (David Gilliland) Toyota 175 3 74 Brandon McReynolds The Reichert Group (Marie Benevento Visconti) Chevrolet 175 4 21 Sam Mayer Chevy Accessosries (Maury Gallagher) Chevrolet 175 5 20 Anthony Sergi MJS Concrete (Ben Kennedy) Toyota 175 6 18 Colin Garrett Emry’s (Sam Hunt) Toyota 175 7 82 Spencer Davis All Pro Tower Sealants Ford 175 8 6 Ruben Garcia UTI NTI / Max Siegel, Inc (Max Siegel) Toyota 175 9 54 Drew Dollar SRI Performance / Dollar Concrete (James LaMastus) Toyota 175 10 31 Connor Hall Viking Yachts (Ted Marsh) Chevrolet 175 11 1 Max McLaughlin Mohawk NE / Textron (Shigeaki Hattori) Toyota 175 12 15 Tanner Gray Gray Motorsport / Valvoine / Durst (David Gilliland) Toyota 175 13 22 Brandon Oakley Oakley Blacktop / Duncan Oil (Thomas Oakley) Chevrolet 175 14 24 Mason Diaz Friends of Jaclyn Foundation (Michael Diaz) Ford 170 15 99 Brittney Zamora NAPA Filtern / ENEOS (Bill McAnally) Toyota 156 16 19 Hailie Deegan Monster / NAPA Power Premium Plus (Bill McAnally) Toyota 127 17 4 Chase Cabre Honda Generators / E3 Spark Plugs (Max Siegel) Toyota 77 18 5 Juan Manuel Gonzales ToughBuilt / Illux (Carlos Crespo) Toyota 65 19 87 Charles Buchanan Spring Drug (Charles Buchanan) Chevrolet 20Pakistani TV Anchor Confuses Apple Inc with Fruit, Netizens Left in Splits income is larger than Pakistan budget the panelist had been saying.Ganga ghats in Kanpur, Bithoor get a makeoverKanpur (Uttar Pradesh) [India], July 7 (ANI): Holding immense faith in Ganga, a large number of people visit popular ghats to perform religious ceremonies and rituals. Sarsaiya Ghat in Kanpur is one such ancient ghat which is popular among pilgrims. Previously in a dilapidated condition, the ghat has recently been revamped under the Namami Gange program..

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“That’s one of the relocation sites we have considered in Berkeley,” Doldsberry said, declining to go into specifics. “We are flushing out the complaints. We want to do a lot of listening and find out what the concerns are. Most acts are immediately signed into law. However, if the governor does not like the law but he doesn’t want to go against the will of the general assembly (both houses of the legislature), he or she usually allows the act to become law without the governor’s signature. The governor can be absolved of any later repercussions by saying he didn’t like it either and didn’t sign it.

“So it was a well balanced game, but I’m happy with the start of the trip.”Gerald Wallace and Brook Lopez each scored 15 for the Nets, who have lost four of five.”This one hurts. We didn’t play our game. They beat us from the opening tip,” Wallace said.

A memorial mass will be celebrated at St. If desired memorial donations to the Heart Stroke Foundation or the Georgian Bay General Hospital would be appreciated by the family and will be received by the PENETANGUISHENE FUNERAL HOME. A special thank you to the nurses of 2 North, Dr.

To record transactions, there is a block chain. Each block is just a list of transactions plus a bit of verification information. That verification information includes a reference to the previous block (keeping the whole system a linear chain), a cryptographic “signature” confirming that the information in the block hasn’t been tampered with, and a Proof of Work.

These units are advanced versions of electronic cigarettes. Users are assured of ultimate vaping experience. Lots of customization is possible with these units. J. T. And N. Students from wealthier families have long had a big advantage when applying to the nation’s more selective schools. They can often hire tutors and consultants, access the best public magnet or private schools and maybe tap family and alumni connections. The rich simply have more tools when looking at college.

What an incredible night for Karl Anthony Towns, who scored 47 points and 18 rebounds. He also blocked three shots and had a steal. It is the third youngest player since the 1983 84 season to tally 45 points and 15 rebounds in a game. Elliott Smith, Emporia, exhibited the champion Southdown ewe. Cody Coen, Elkhart, showed the reserve. The champion and reserve Suffolk breeding ewes were shown by Taylor Coen of Elkhart.

First of three May plant sales today at Thumb Today, 9 am to 2:30 pm, the Portland Public Schools Green Thumb Community Transition Program presents the first of its three May fundraising plant sales. There a wide assortment of ornamental plants, flowers, flower baskets, and a few organic vegetable starts for sale, at bargain prices. If you can make it today, the remaining two dates in May are the 21st, 9 to 5, and the 22nd, 9 to 2:30 pm.