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>”There is a great deal of money to be made by those who diagnose and treat our fears of inadequacy; Cederstrm and Spicer estimate that the self improvement industry takes in ten billion dollars a year.”That seemed a strange sentence, so I read the article; still seemed as strange. Not sure what you have to believe to be able to write that. If I write “There is a great deal of money to be made by those who diagnose and treat our fears of inadequacy; the medical industry takes in ten billion dollars a year.” hopefully the incoherence is more obvious.

I went in to my next appointment to have the remainder of the original tooth removed, and the temporary denture fitted. This proved to not be any consolation at all, as once my dentist put the temporary denture in my mouth, (and I went home and looked at it properly in the mirror), I realised the temporary tooth looked awful, it was way too long and did not look like it belonged in my mouth at all. This stressed me out completely, and I refused to wear it or to go out in it.

In the second half, the Wildcats sparked a flurry of chances early on. Five minutes in, an NMU corner kick was defended well by BSU. One minute later, a shot from Abby Cook sailed wide of the goal, and seconds after that, Halonen had another opportunity that was saved by BSU goalkeeper Anna Fobbe..

Considering Social Elves is rather mandatory, when ever you might be figuring out on receiving the Social Marketing Services. The platform of social media has advanced and also enhanced over the last ten years or so and we all will be the witnesses on the hefty upsurge of internet surfers to the different social networks. Digg, LinkedIn, Twitter, YouTube and Facebook are all platforms which will enable you to industry your self.

The Company also announced the appointments of Mr. Michael Vint (mining engineer) and Dr. Roger Morton (geologist) to its growing Advisory Board.. Having vacated their Atlantic deal in 2016 and overcoming the romantic split between lead singer/guitarist Ritzy Bryan and bassist Rhydian Dafydd, the Joy Formidable are an indie rock band once again. They’re currently touring in support of their fourth studio album AAARTH, which dropped last September. Live, the Welsh band really rips.

Washington Post Rieger in the Newskey takeaways from Trump Fox News interview key takeaways from Trump Fox News interview Trump sit down interview with Tucker Carlson aired July 1 on Fox News. Trump sit down interview with Tucker Carlson aired July 1 on Fox News. The Washington Post’s Robert Costa breaks it all down.

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Those who are opting for a younger appearance can wear frames which would uplift their feature. Men can opt for a rectangular shape and women can wear soft cat eye shaped ones. There are certain colors which reduce the age on a particular face type.

He made $60 a month as the professional in charge of revolutionising Oakley’s bland layout which he did and earned 55 cents a lesson from the members. As the game began to catch fire in the States, business proved brisk. “He gained so many followers,” wrote another biographer, “that he laboured frequently to the point of exhaustion.”.

It also must be said that, whether through the influence of electronic media or not, overall attentiveness to detail has diminished in recent years. While people were able to follow much of the considerable detail involved in the Watergate scandal, 40 years later public patience and the willingness and ability to process such detail has waned. Part of the problem with dealing with the widespread fiscal corruption that led us into the 2008 Great Recession was the fact that it had a complexity difficult for the public to deal with.

Slim . Marketing for hospitality and tourism / Philip Kotler, John T. Bowen, James C. Scare The Pilgrims,,,saying common in Ohio in the late 1970 when the state was caught up inthe grip of long gas lines and rationing of gasoline via President Jimmy Carter and the Shortage Brought To Us By Some Rich Texas Oil Men Who Were Out To Get Richer did. Firearms Instructor. The words were said by Sarah Brady of Handgun Control Inc.

Radar EV silhouette with a larger lens for extended coverage. No fog Advancer technology is designed to combat fogging and overheating with increased airflow. PRIZM lenses are designed to enhance color, contrast, and detail during any activity. Women are the ones that bear most of the burdens in the family, their kids are the ones that are going to suffer, Baughman said. In many families, women are responsible for working outside the home and also for child care, they can face dire circumstances with their children when they are forced to serve even a couple of nights in jail. Clayton, executive director of the American Bail Coalition, said some of these Mother Day bailouts are publicity stunts that don tackle the larger issue of affordability of bail.

FEDERAL ELECTION: The seat of Shortland SHORTLAND: Seat profile history JILL HALL, ALP IN Shortland, Labor has delivered a number of positive outcomes for families, pensioners, seniors, school communities, businesses and workers. Australia has a AAA credit rating and one of the lowest debt levels in the developed world. In government, we will continue this good work by delivering a strong economy, more jobs, and greater investment in the education of our youth.

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History is bunk. Any lie becomes conventional wisdom when it repeated enough by the ones who say they fear what they fear. They want to identify with others like themselves and no one else. The women’s top three Graf, Monica Seles (No. 2), and Arantxa Sanchez Vicario (No. 3) have had fairly easy matches so far.

Fields was 20 when he attended the August 2017 demonstrations in Charlottesville and joined white nationalists, neo Nazis and other groups opposed to the city decision to remove a statue of Confederate Gen. Robert E. Lee. Starting with Tamasik.”Tamasik ” is a quality which in our modern lifestyle is prevalent in most of us. Tamasik quality is identified as ignorance, lethargy, rigidity in behaviour, unwillingness to do anything, dependency, depression, illusion and many like these. A good example of this is, most of the studying or working generation is getting 5 to 6 hours of sleep at an average.

MANCHESTER: New Zealand will need a flying start and early wickets of dangerous Indian duo of Rohit Sharma and Virat Kohli if they are to have a chance of reaching the World Cup final, believes former Black Caps star Daniel Vettori. Three match losing streak can evaporate pretty quickly with a great ten overs at the start, commented Vettori referring to New Zealand recent run of form going into Tuesday semi final against hot favourites India here at Old Trafford. Look at South Africa against Australia this past weekend.

For beginners, you should search for dependable and trusted manufacturers which have been around for a long time. Electrical appliances are supposed to be highly efficient and practical which is why it is constantly best to purchase quality units. There are a number of manufacturers that have been making fantastic cookers for many years and they continue to produce units that are not only fast but simple to use..

Billington, C. Ried Out: R. Cummins, H. We don’t sell a lot of high end stuff, though.” Mr Voutier said the new businesses were great for Camperdown and would bring more money and people to the town. “They’re all different types of shops but in a similar vein,” he said. “It’s a fabulous looking town.

Pricey, sure, but this is guilt free shopping at its finest. 8064 Melrose Ave., Los Angeles. (323) 653 2188. Polarisers are fun, and display quantum mechanics effects that can confuse people. Light, and all electromagnetic waves, can be considered to have two parts, with one that is a quarter wave behind the other. If the two parts have their electric fields aligned then we have a linear polarisation (and there are many directions of alignment).

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To cite an example, if the total value of a property is Rs 1 crore, the amount would have to paid in five equal installments of Rs 20 lakh each. The demand letter issued by the builder for Rs 20 lakh comprises categories such as BSP, EDC, IDC, parking fee etc. While the BSP is marked at Rs 18 lakh, Rs 2 lakh are for other charges..

Signature moment: Bibby getting elbowed in the face by Kobe . And Kobe getting free throws to seal Game 6 of the 2002 Western Conference finals. Then after a big Game 7 performance that was not enough, Bibby immediately had to answer Jim Gray questions while standing on the court next toKobe, who praised him in defeat..

Sallie Mae was a government affiliated corporation whose board was made up in part of public officials. When it first came into existence, it was supposed to help create a market for the student debt that the feds were issuing. But after privatization, it became a full service, for profit corporation that really “verticalized” its involvement in the student debt industry, everything from issuing loans to running collection bureaus.

Attached is a Masonic snuff box owned by Robert Craig in the 19th century. Just look at the scroll art that is Guild taught in origins back to Scotland with the 1st Grand Masters of Masonry! What does it mean? Is it Masonic? Look at this art on Craig box and look at Annies identical style of Masonic Scroll Art that speaks for itself are Ulter Scottish Mason from Boston area, who are married with Ben Franklins family. Please read about the Craig in my document the Webb Horn on this site! Craig is also a father of the US Marine Corps.

Hauser, S. Hautier, Yann Havil, N. Haward, M. Korbin (1966) expresses that obstetricians believe pregnancy is a pathological process, and for this reason used surgical interventions; these were used routinely and sometimes unnecessarily. Their political activity combined with changing demographic trends resulted in the demise of midwifery. Throughout the early twentieth century the three common practices including: artificial rupture of membranes, drug therapy and mechanical dilation of the cervix.

Edging into “scary story” kind of stuff, gore doesn’t unsettle me. When it comes to horror genre things, I need weird paranormal stuff going on to feel freaked out, not blood. I don’t care if blood/violence is present as long as there’s weird stuff going on, but it needs to be more inspired than something like the Jason movies.

The song is a notable contrast from his earlier work, with Pitchfork commenting on his “assured” vocals and NPR describing it as “an infectious celebration of sexual desire”. NPR also notes the significance of the song and music video displaying confidence in Sivan’s sexuality, writing “[i]t’s not every day you see a young, skinny, queer kid get to be completely himself in a music video, and Sivan makes us want to dance along with him.” Sivan’s first live performance of the song was on 20 January as the musical guest on Saturday Night Live in an episode hosted by Jessica Chastain. Sivan later confirmed that his new album would feature a collaboration with long time friend Ariana Grande, titled “Dance to This”.

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Whether you listen to AM, FM, digitally enhanced “HD” radio, satellite radio, Internet web based stations or participate in amateur “ham” radio transmissions, you are using radio. Even your cell phone or pager uses radio waves and frequencies to operate. Yes, radio is definitely a part of our lives.

New York City, United States. September 3, 1911. P. This helmet is available with a built in helmet audio system from Brain Teaser. The system has speakers in both ears and is completely integrated. This system then can be plugged directly in to your audio device.

Along with Cory Bookerand Sen. Sanders, I’m cosponsoring a bill to legalize and decriminalize marijuana. Raise your voices and join us in this fight,” she tweeted.ADrug Policy Alliancereport showed that arrests for offenses such as possession under the age of 21, public consumption and other still illegal actions related to marijuana are higher for black people.

But all the attention has generated little evidence of what happened to Madeleine. The dearth of information has fueled charges that Portuguese police botched the investigation. It also has bred wild theories about the child’s fate, cast an increasingly uncomfortable spotlight on her parents and underscored the grim reality that Madeleine McCann seems to have disappeared without a trace..

T. Berry] Brazelton and took parent effectiveness training classes. Rather than saying, ‘No,’ I would rephrase things. District Judge James L. Robart granted the states of Washington and Minnesota a temporary restraining order on the ban. The appeals court judges noted their ruling was a “preliminary one,” and they were deciding only whether the government had “made a strong showing of its likely success” in getting the restraining order thrown out..

/ Haslett) andTanner Parrett(Muskegon, Mich. / Mona Shores) contributed with two goals and one goal respectively. Sophomore midfielderNick Stander(Macomb Twp, Mich. Solid lenses. Polarized lens option reduces all light and sun glare. Packaged in a protective Coach case with microfiber cleaning cloth.

You don’t go into it thinking: ‘Oh my God’ you know. I took over QI from Stephen Fry.”Seriously, you just have to be yourself and enjoy what we do. The four of us have a wonderful time together, we love being in the tent and we love the bakers.”I don’t think I had a moment of thinking: ‘Oh my God, it’s terrifying.’ I only had a moment of thinking ‘Lucky me! How great!.”Love IslandLove Island’s Amy Hart QUITS show and leaves villa after Curtis agonyLove Island’s Amy was left heartbroken after being dumped by half boyfriend Curtis and can’t watch him crack on with MauraLove IslandLove Island Amy Hart ‘in hiding’ in Spain after quitting showLove Island’s Amy walked out of the villa after being left heartbroken and humiliated by ex half boyfriendLove IslandLove Island fans shocked to discover Anna Vakili’s real ageLove Island fans were in disbelief as Anna’s birthday scenes aired and they learnt how old she isLove IslandLove Island’s Danny and Jourdan dumped before massive twist which enrages fansLove Island viewers are furious after discovering which couples were being sent homeGood Morning BritainPiers Morgan brands Love Island Maura a ‘sexual predator’ in extraordinary rant against show’s ‘double standards’ Piers Morgan had Irish stunner Maura firmly in his sights as he took aim at the ITV show’s double standardsLove IslandLove Island Amy Hart ‘in hiding’ in Spain after quitting showLove Island’s Amy walked out of the villa after being left heartbroken and humiliated by ex half boyfriendLove IslandLove Island fans say Anton is ‘fed’ if he upsets Belle or her ‘hard man’ dadBelle’s dad is movie hard man Tamer Hassan and viewers are now fearing for Anton in case he upsets his Love Island partner.

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Having worked in special education, I think it’s true that some medication helps some students some of the time. But I also think these medications are being over prescribed as a matter of expediency or convenience for both parents and teachers. Not only do these medications produce physical side effects, but the bigger problem is that these students will not learn how to cope with their issues or problems and will need to continue to take these medications as adults..

Furthermore, the development of consumer groups, often as a direct result of the perceived impact of the medicalization of birth, eroded the relationship between women and midwives by implying that they were working towards different goals. Evidence suggests that midwives attempted to neutralise, or even come alongside women in these debates. Ultimately, however, the voice of the urban consumer and the medical elite had a decisive impact not only on how midwives came to describe their work but also on the rhetoric and policy of government in the area of maternity services.In the late 1950s the maternal death rate in England was 3.2/10,000 (dropping to 0.81/1000 by 1990) births and although this was a much improved figure on that of the immediate pre war period, obstetricians increasingly used the rhetoric of danger when discussing birth (Macfarlane et al 2000).

The main difference between RT Player and RT Player International is the content that is available on each service. RT Player International has a massive catalogue of content that includes box sets and documentaries of popular Irish TV shows as well as gems from the archives. Subscriber content is only available on the RT Player International app and is not available for those with the RT Player App..

There is not a single study out there that proves steroids cause any of these diseases. Decade after Alzado death, the steroid fervor hit its crescendo with the raids on Bay Area Lab Co Operative (BALCO). Dozens of athletes including baseball all time home run champ Barry Bonds and elite sprinter Marion Jones were alleged to have received banned substances.

Celtic had little zip about them in the opening half. Their tempo was slow, their urgency and accuracy nowhere near what the crowd was looking for on this day of all days. You expected the emotion of the day to produce a powerhouse performance, but they haven’t been delivering that kind of excellence for quite a while now..

Spread collar. Three button placket. Short sleeves. It’s because they can’t control them. They keep trying, though. They say that when they actually get those kids to do something, that’s when they feel great. His shooting is where there is the most room for improvement. Many believe Jackson is destined for stardom. I see Jackson being a top three pick in the draft..

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As my dad said, you never know when you might need it. I have never been into guns, haven held one in decades, think assault rifles available to all and sundry is lunacy at best. Still, it is good to know how to handle a gun, especially for kids, to gain some respect and skill so they don hurt someone out of curiosity and ignorance.

In FindPerson(), returning NULL seems like a better fit. Regardless of whether or not NULL or an empty Person Object (new Person()) is returned the caller is going to have to check to see if the Person Object is NULL or empty before doing anything to it (like calling UpdateName()). So why not just return NULL here and then the caller only has to check for NULL..

Eight years earlier, the Detroit Pistons permanently banned season ticket holder John Green from home games due to his involvement in the so called at the Palace in 2004. Green, you may recall, was the Pistons fan who threw the cup of diet soda at Indiana Pacers forward Ron Artest while Artest lay on the scorer table. Artest then lost his temper and ran into the stands, swinging away, while the arena erupted into chaos.

However, he said, some people are members of both groups. Membership is free for staff of ESA member companies.The groups are designed for security company staff, including vice presidents, directors, managers and other leaders, ESA said.The organization announced the formation of the groups in the spring. It said then that the ISP group would tackle issues such as design and installation techniques; recommendations to the ESA standards committee; installation and service workforce recruitment; training and management techniques; field productivity and quality; IT tools for installation and service; and the interface of installation and sales.ESA said the SMP group would focus on such issues as effective sales and marketing strategies; sales and marketing law; regulation and ethics; sales force and marketing automation; application of other IT tools to sales and marketing efforts; and sales and marketing staff recruitment, retention and compensation.However, both chairman stressed that the members will decide at the inaugural meetings the direction they want the groups to go in.Brusse said, “The response has been tremendous.

It’s a warm evening in Kilauea, a small beach town on the north shore, and the sun is just starting to set. Hand painted signs along the road guide us to a grassy area behind a historic stone building, where a large crowd has gathered under pink streaked skies and twinkly string lights. It’s Art Night, a monthly festival featuring live music, local artisans and trendy food trucks.

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This will be Knights’ third trip to the NCAA championships, having gone her freshman and junior years, but this will be the first time she’ll run with her team. Oakley, on the other hand, will race in her first collegiate championship meet this Saturday. Running is no exception, and at the Pac 12 Championships, Cal cross country’s men’s and women’s teams respectively finished a respectable seventh and fifth in very difficult fields.

), is just what they needed. With Kevin’s syncopated, amplified scratching, Cat Nap is an indie sensation. Pitchfork goes mad. Now that you’re ready to ask your question, take a deep breath and read through it from start to finish. Pretend you’re seeing it for the first time: does it make sense? Try reproducing the problem yourself, in a fresh environment and make sure you can do so using only the information included in your question. Add any details you missed and read through it again.

This easy to assemble white twin over twin bunk bed is made with the user’s utmost safety in mind, providing full length guardrails and a ladder that attaches to the frame. Accommodating two mattresses, it is built to last through years of rough play, whether hosting twins, friends, family or siblings. The DHP Twin Over Futon Metal Bunk Bed is the perfect destination for sleep relaxing and hosting slumber parties.

Designed to fit most kids ages 0 2 years old. Imported. Measurements: Eye Size: 39 1 2 mm Bridge: 15 2 5 mm Temple Size: 121 4 5 mm Weight: 0.4 oz read more. Steps, the hallway, it not naturally a warm way to enter a restaurant, said Jacober, who opened the space in the summer of 2015 and closed it less than two years later. Beautiful inside, but there is something about it that doesn captivate anybody. Maybe it the layout.

When there is enough grey or black stuff on the piece of tempeh, remove it from the incubator and cut it into thin slices or very small chunks. Leave the chunks to air dry for a couple of days. Blend the dry chunks with double amount of rice flour until they are in powder form.

Back home now for family time.”34 year old Atkinson said: “And just like that, we a three!”Our beautiful baby daughter arrived on Thursday 4th July and myself and Gorks couldn be happier.”She incredible and she certainly made an entrance, giving us all quite a fright at times!Gemma Atkinson46″Little Miss independent already! Thank you SO much to the nurses doctors at The Royal Bolton Hospital who did the most incredible job taking care of myself and my baby.”You all so wonderful and I so grateful to have had you all with me and to have been under your care these past 4 days.”Back home now for family time and to introduce little lady to her big brothers Norman Ollie. You all so wonderful and I so grateful to have had you all with me and to have been under your care these past 4 days Back home now for family time and to introduce little lady to her big brothers Norman Ollie. HeavyweightWBC Deontay Wilder WBA (Super) Andy Ruiz Jr IBF Andy Ruiz Jr WBO Andy Ruiz Jr CruiserweightWBC Vacant WBA (Super) Denis Lebedev IBF Yuniel Dorticos WBO Mairis Briedis Light heavyweight WBC Oleksandr Gvozdyk WBA Dmitry Bivol IBF Artur Beterbiev WBO Sergey Kovalev Super middleweightWBC Anthony Dirrell WBA (Super) Callum Smith IBF Caleb Plant WBO Billy Joe Saunders MiddleweightWBC Jermall Charlo WBA (Super) Saul Alvarez IBF Saul Alvarez WBO Demetrius Andrade Super welterweightWBC Tony Harrison WBA Julian Williams IBF Julian Williams WBO Jaime Munguia WelterweightWBC Shawn Porter WBA (Super) Keith Thurman IBF Errol Spence Jr WBO Terence Crawford Super Lightweight WBC Jose Ramirez WBA Regis Prograis IBF Josh Taylor WBO Maurice Hooker LightweightWBC Vacant WBA Vasyl Lomachenko IBF Richard Commey WBO Vasyl Lomachenko Super featherweightWBC Miguel Berchelt WBA (Super) Gervonta Davis IBF Tevin Farmer WBO Jamel Herring FeatherweightWBC Gary Russell Jr WBA (Super) Leo Santa Cruz IBF Josh Warrington WBO Oscar Valdez Super bantamweightWBC Rey Vargas WBA (Super) Daniel Roman IBF Daniel Roman WBO Emanuel Navarrete Bantamweight WBC Nordine Oubaali WBA (Super) Nonito Donaire IBF Naoya Inoue WBO Zolani Tete Super flyweight WBC Juan Francisco Estrada WBA Kal Yafai IBF Moruti Mthalane WBO Kazuto Ioka FlyweightWBC Charlie Edwards WBA Artem Dalakian IBF Felix Alvarado WBO Elwin SotoIn drought hit Delhi, the haves get limitless water, the poor fight for every dropIn this teeming capital city of more than 20 million people, a worsening drought is amplifying the vast inequality between India rich and poor.

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3. Slacker SteveThis advertisement put Dell Computers on the map for me. I hadn’t even bothered reading or knowing anything about Dell before these commercials it was all about Gateway at the time. (Privacy Policy)AkismetThis is used to detect comment spam. (Privacy Policy)HubPages Google AnalyticsThis is used to provide data on traffic to our website, all personally identifyable data is anonymized. (Privacy Policy)HubPages Traffic PixelThis is used to collect data on traffic to articles and other pages on our site.

The Owens Cluster features Dell PowerEdge servers leveraging the newest Intel Xeon processors, storage components manufactured by DDN and interconnects provided by Mellanox. The new, liquid cooled system is expected to deliver a peak performance of 750 teraflops, tech speak for the ability to conduct about 750 trillion calculations per second. A recently installed complement of 160 NVIDIA Tesla P100 graphics cards have boosted the total peak performance of the system to 1.5 petaflops a performance level of nearly 10 times that of any previous OSC system..

Even after her album a month effort in 2018, Japanese pianist/composer/bandleader Fujii keeps up a staggering recording schedule. This project with drummer Ramon Lopez is a quiet recording, delivering a pensive mood right from the opening track Asatsuyu. One of the great things about pairing these instruments is that the percussive nature of piano can be highlighted against swinging drums as well as be able to carry the riff when the drummer wants to explore the music, too..

Tory knows that Toronto Police officers work hard every day to enforce the rules of the road for everyone and ensure that all people feel safe travelling in our city, said Tory press secretary Lawvin Hasidi. Mayor is focused on making the roads safer for both pedestrians and cyclists through the introduction and implementation of Vision Zero 2.0. Of Tory plan to reduce what he called on Toronto roads is lowering speed limits around the city, installing more red light cameras, changing road designs and mid block crosswalks..

Well, the best team for pokemon double battles without much strategies would ibe legendaries that are allowed to enter. Such as Regigigas, Latias, Latios, Suicune, Entei, Riku, Manaphy, Phione, Heatran, Moltres, Zapados, Arcticuno, and basically any other legendary that is not a game mascot. But using strategies, you should have at least one of the non legendary pokemon that are stronger than Dialga, Palkia, and Giratina.

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We grew up with a lot of idealism. Live Aid, the fall of the Berlin Wall, denuclearization, Cold War powers using advanced weapons technology to cooperate in space, the collapse of the Soviet Union, extreme levels of ecological awareness and shows like Captain Planet, continually more progressive views, etc. But at the end of the day, the majority went the same way as all generations and “grew out of it”, maximizing profits, exploiting systems, and hoping the next generation would solve the big problems.

Thirdly, personal information will also be posted online forwardly by the users, which is an ideal channel of surveillance. Facebook, Twitter, blog, Instagram etc., are the most popular social network for ordinary people. They share their daily activities, pictures, reflections on the network.

Jenny Taaffe is the chief executive and founder of iZest marketing, an expert in this area. Ms Taaffe says that “digital influencers” have actually been around for some time, including the likes of Arianna Huffington of the Huffington Post and celebrity blogger Perez Hilton. But what has happened this year is that these digital influencers have gotten a lot of traction with newer formats like Snapchat really accelerating the opportunities for individuals and brands to realise the power of these influencers and what they can add in terms of marketing power and marketing reach, she explains..

The market is awash with fancy rare whiskies and high end value added product. How to drive home the pricey package for journalists? Simple: Put us behind the wheel of the 2013 Porsche 911 Carrera 4S and throw us on a test track (no whisky consumed on the course). While the 911, celebrating its 50th anniversary this year, doesn’t directly relate to Oakley or Macallan, the goal was clear: Design and purpose beyond reason.

“natural appreciation” or increasing prices for the same exact asset with no increase in size, no improvements or more opulence, and no increase in income is not appreciation at all. It is asset inflation. Same asset with no change to the structure and financial condition, but one year older.

The newly appointed attorney related to the Superior Court that he was seeking permission (from Kagarise) to file separate notices of appeal, but according to the Superior Court panel, have ascertained that no such permission was requested of, or granted by (Judge Kagarise), and no amended notices of appeal have been filed and forwarded to this court. Opinion concluded, are constrained to quash the instant appeal. Who maintained his innocence concerning the drug sales, was seeking a new trial because his trial attorney did not call two witnesses who, he maintains, could provide him with alibis for the times of the alleged drug buys..