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Apply scratch remover to your lenses. There are a wide variety of products that can be used to remove scratches to your lenses. Begin by dabbing a non abrasive toothpaste on the lens.[1] Rub it on the scratch in a circular motion with a cotton ball and rinse it with cool water.

WHS now follows line management responsibility. That is, supervisors are now responsible for WHS issues within their labs and groups. Any WHS concern should be taken directly to your supervisor to resolve in the first instance.. I don’t consider myself a real peeper they go in for bedrooms, but it’s families in sitting rooms or kitchens that thrill me. I can imagine their entire lives from a glimpse of bookshelves, or desks, or lit candles, or bright sofa cushions. Excerpted by permission.

LoginThis is necessary to sign in to the HubPages Service. Google RecaptchaThis is used to prevent bots and spam. (Privacy Policy)AkismetThis is used to detect comment spam. Coming to these loans, with the funds being derived for a relatively short term period, the lenders have no problem in releasing the funds without any collateral. The absence of collateral does provide you the chance to acquire the funds, without having to undertake much of any risk. Besides, the lenders have absolutely no issue in releasing the funds, without looking much in to the credit history.

The statement, her first public comment on the situation, came as a surprise. The university’s trustees reportedly were in discussions with Coakley about taking the job. Kennedy III to decide soon on challenge to Senator Edward MarkeyThe blissful and bizarre world of ASMRA day at South Station: A gateway to Boston, an intersection of many different lives 7 foot 6 inch Celtic Tacko Fall’s unlikely journey to the brink of the NBAPatriots’ Chase Winovich gets his motor runningThe last days of Jeffrey EpsteinBoston lost a powerful, poetic work when artist pulled his ‘Auction Block’ slave memorialJerod Mayo proving a perfect fit on Patriots’ staff With two weeks left in NFL training camps, several teams still unsettled at quarterback.

Only 5 fonts?! I’d gouge my monitor out with an x acto knife.Naturally, there’s a ton of other useful fonts and would never stick to just the above. You shouldn’t have a “go to” font, except for personal projects.posted by Brandon Blatcher at 4:00 PM on November 1, 2012On preview, yes to what Brandon Blatcher said about: it being hard to choose only 5; and getting full sets (all weights, and preferably true small caps and old style numerals options); and that the content should drive your typeface choice. That said, my faves:.

Oakley Elmont Black Iridium

To effectively remove wax build up from a board, you will need a heat source the sun or a hair dryer. If you don’t have access to either, you can try pouring very hot water on sections at a time and do the best you can with the wax comb, and then use turpenoids to get the rest. Some people swear by a gadget called the Pickle Wax Remover.

Flat base to provide upright structure. Lined interior features back wall zip pocket and front wall slip pocket. Imported. At one point, as you walk along the trenches, there is a machine gun station: at another details of an attempt to go the top As any fans of Blackadder will know, this was the most horrifying moment of all in the trenches: a whistle, then a scramble up and out of the trench into withering enemy fire. Luck everyone, says Rowan Atkinson Captain Blackadder in the final episode of the series, before he and his comrades are shown charging into the smoke and fog of No Man Land, with gunfire and explosions all around. In a poignant final moment, the scene fades into footage of a sunny poppy field and birdsong..

If they don set up the time, default it to All Day. If they don specify a date, then that needs to be something you can filter out when you want to see only items with due/do dates, or only items to work on today. Just make sure people have a way to filter due/do or starting today, from no due/do date if they want.

The Smith Parallel Max Polarized Sunglasses Are Performance sunglasses for those looking for extra coverage in a minimalist feel. Protecting your eyes from cloudy and sunny days with the quick change of the lens type. Cushion at the nose pads and temple arms Are non slip so you can work up a sweat whether you’re racing the clock or the comPetition next to you.

There’s an Advert on TV where two guys are selling a car. One is American and the Other one is English. After a long conversation the American says ‘ Look at the Aluminium Sign, (pronounced Aloominum) And the English guy replys ‘ Its pronounced Alum in ium, there’s a U in it!’ I have been known to scream at the TV, You Stooopid Idiot! Its the I that you should be saying not that damn U!.

August 27 is the birthday of British tennis player John Lloyd. Lloyd had a middling career but is mostly remembered for being married to American tennis star Chris Evert. On ‘Mr Evert’s’ birthday, we have a quiz on spouses overshadowed by their partners.

I loved the way the sun would cast shadows through the cracks in the walls and the sound of rain on the tin roof. Such wonderful memories. Thank you again for the votes but more importantly, for your time and compliments. My girlfriend was amazed that my sweatpants have cargo pockets. She bemoans the fact that women’s sweatpants usually have zero or fewer pockets. She would love a pair like mine in a more feminine cut.

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Results The proportion of repeaters with deliberate self poisoning in the intervention group did not differ significantly from that in the control group (57/378, 15.1%, 95% confidence interval 11.5% to 18.7% v 68/394, 17.3%, 13.5% to 21.0%: difference between groups 2%, 7% to 3%). In unadjusted analysis the number of repetitions were significantly reduced (incidence risk ratio 0.55, 0.35 to 0.87). Repetition of deliberate self harm is also common, ranging from 6% to 30% in 12 months.2 Repetition is strongly associated with subsequent suicide and has important implications for healthcare resources.

Loewen observes, today smaller space homes, the huge trend is a move to narrow trees. There just not the space for traditional trees. At Loewen farm, he seen a significant growth in the sale of four to five foot (1.2 to 1.5m) trees, as well as in eight to ten foot (2.7 to 3m) trees for homes with vaulted and higher ceilings..

In this book, kids will be introduced to these powerful life skills. They will also be guided to learn more about their own morals and values by becoming the main character of the story. As they read, hear stories from kids their own age, and do the guided exercises they are opened to a new realm of self discovery and self confidence.

Aganas, C. Linger, P. Lawrence, B. A variety of foods and beverages can be blended, from fruit smoothies to frozen cocktails to soups, salsas and sauces. The bare motor speed is 45,000 RPM, which means this is quite a powerful piece of equipment. Despite being so heavy duty, this blender is very simple to use and is operated on two paddle switch controls that are located on the front of the unit’s base.

It had a pacing more similar to a Marvel movie with some solid pathos sprinkled in. But it was always in too much of a rush to move on to the next set piece for anything to sink in. Also (and I fully admit that this I feel silly nitpicking about this, but the toy’s were so much more BOLD in this film.

No. 5 Bishop Ireton is already close to matching last season’s loss total (three) after dropping two games in its Florida trip. But the Cardinals rebounded with two dominant wins against Washington Catholic Athletic Conference opponents McNamara and St.

Beginner Sewing HintsI like to cut the paper pattern pieces I’m going to use before laying them on the fabric. Simplicity patterns have good pictures and instructions for cutting out and sewing the fabric. They tell you how to lay your pattern on the straight of the fabric.

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New Delhi, April, 2013Summer is here again and what better way to set the tone for the season than a pair of stylish sunglasses. Titan Eye Plus offers a perfect chance to buy the best brands of sunglasses and get assured gifts on every purchase at the “Sunglass Carnival”. Choose from a wide range of International sunglass brands such as RAY BAN, VOGUE, OAKLEY AND POLAROID to name a few.Commenting on this, Mr.

Duck hunters will be encouraged to know big flights of feeding mallards have returned to the Potholes area. Gary Russell of Quackers Guide Service in Moses Lake said there was a huge influx of birds Tuesday. Potholes is open to the sand dunes, and the ice on Moses Lake is getting weak.

Next thing a black car appeared and that shot straight over. I hit the brakes, but we hit the car. Mr Oakley said: does considerably concern me as it has done in the past is these notorious crossroads. Music15. Baseball16. Water17. There is something raw and ruthless about the body camera images that chronicle this heartbreak: They catch homeowners with garden hoses refusing to leave. They show the exhaustion and frustration of police officers yelling at able bodied evacuees, like a man shooting a video with his phone as the fire closes in. “The fire is coming right here.

Iran begins uranium enrichment beyond limit set by 2015 nuclear deal in latest violationIran announced Sunday that it was moving forward with its threats to increase its uranium enrichment beyond the levels set by a 2015 multilateral agreement in its latest violation of the deal aimed at stopping the regime from developing nuclear weapons. Sanctions. Gov.

We’ve rounded up a list of page turners by age group to entertain your kiddos and make them want to pick up a book and not put it down during the lazy days of summer. Help Save the Children reach 100 million minutes by logging your reading time together with the kids. Made especially for small to medium faces, these polarized sunglasses were designed to fit comfortably while wearing a hat, while the no slip Unobtainium nosepiece keeps them securely in place.

I don think they have guys who can handle pressure. You got a lot of front runners, not knocking them because they lost the series but my attitude has always been the same about those guys. It ain the same type of Knick guys. Rakic, Aleksandar D., Lim, Yah Leng, Taimre, Thomas, Agnew, Gary, Qi, Xiaoqiong, Bertling, Karl, Han, She, Wilson, Stephen J., Kundu, Iman, Grier, Andrew, Ikoni, Zoran, Valavanis, Alexander, Demi, Aleksandar, Keeley, James, Li, Lianhe H., Linfield, Edmund H., Davies, A. Giles, Harrison, Paul, Ferguson, Blake, Walker, Graeme, Prow, Tarl, Indjin, Dragan and Soyer, H. Peter (2016).

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Patients with severe PHT and RV failure are frequently too unwell or too unstable to undergo definitive investigations. Where feasible, spiral CT angiography is the investigation of choice for the diagnosis of acute central pulmonary embolism. This examination will identify large central clots with positive and negative predictive values of over 90% compared with pulmonary angiography.17 Radiological signs of severe PHT such as enlargement of the pulmonary arteries and right sided chambers are also evident.

Results supported this hypothesis with experimental subjects failing to show significantly improved cognitive ability evidencing far transfer in comparison to the other groups and no significant group differences on near transfer measures. The possibility that low observed statistical power from small sample size may partially account for observed results cannot be dismissed. Future research is warranted to address the limitations of this study; including a long term trial with a larger sample.

I think it is economic and educational and the norms shifting. Their circumstances are increasingly implausible and things are pretty decomputerized. Even married people who are well off tend towards dual income households these days for one. The Bruins, who finished second in the Western Collegiate Athletic Assn., travel to the University of Washington Friday night to take on the Huskies in the first round of the NCAA women’s basketball tournament. This past weekend was a memorable one for Foothill, one that ended with two Southern Section championships. The Knights stunned Brea Olinda, 63 34, to win the 3 A girls’ basketball title Friday.

The Bandy bandy is a smooth, glossy, striped snake that lives in Australia. Although it has venom, it’s a relatively harmless snake because of it’s temperament and it’s small size. It is found in a large span of vegetation types, from the coastal bushes to the drier outback scrubland.

Japan goalkeeper Eiji Kawashima made back to back saves late in the second half that prevented Belgium from taking the lead. In the first, he deflected a header to the side of the goal, diving to his right. He then hopped up just in time to deflect another, this time pushing it up and over the net..

On the camera front, the V20 does an impressive job, capturing plenty of detail from the rear sensors, though images can appear a little soft on occasion. However, full manual mode is available, so getting that right shot is usually not an issue. The front camera is par for the course, though LG’s inclusion of a feature to capture a shot as soon as a face is detected can be annoying.

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“I’m humbled, and I’m honored, to have this opportunity to serve the Church and our mission to the least of our brothers and sisters around the world,” Archbishop Coakley told CNA Nov. 19. Bishop’s conference president, Archbishop Joseph Kurtz of Louisville, Ky., approached him as the annual meeting concluded in Baltimore last week “and asked if I would be willing to serve.”.

It doesn’t matter if your a Republican or Democrat. There is absolutly nothing there to vote for. “. Most of my friends were really supportive of what I done, even the ones still living in Steubenville. But others weren An anonymous message from someone telling me they hoped I died a slow death turned out to be from someone I vaguely knew. Even now, people are angry at me.

It is so super easy! You take a glue gun or your super glue and start gluing on the stones. Cover the left lens completely. When you are done with that lens partially cover the left side of the right lens. Anthony High School basketball team; Plainfield’s Milt Campbell, the first African American to win gold in the decathlon at the summer Olympics; and actor and disability rights activist Christopher Reeve, a Princeton native.New Jersey, which provided the Giants the first stadium it could call its own, “meant the world” to Mara, said his son, Giants CEO John Mara, who recalls that the tie his father wore most often was navy with the outline of the Garden State in yellow.And, John Mara said, his father “had a certain mental toughness about him that people in New Jersey are known for. We went through a lot of rough years where we could not do particularly well. Back in the ’70s, people in the upper decks of Giants Stadium were hanging him in effigy.

My brother is about to head off to college and has all his ducks in a row and we talked in depth about finances. My other siblings are doing well also and they almost out of college with minimal to no debt. I think if more parents started teaching their kids stuff instead expecting the public school system to do it for them, then maybe the kids would be prepared..

Are you ready to decorate the tree? each festive kit comes with 20 ornaments and hanging ribbons. Attach the included satin ribbon to complete each keepsake ornament perfect little handmade gifts for kids to share with family and friends! welcome to the magical world of Gibby Libby. A colorful world of products and brands that encourages creativity, learning and skill development, all while having fun! welcome to the magical world of Gibby Libby.

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The IceRays continued to send shots past netminder Mike Brown in the third, as Jereme Tendler struck twice and Chad Woollard notched his hat trick goal with less than six minutes left. Final score 6 2. The game broadcast will start at 7:20pm CST and can be followed on 1440 AM ESPN Radio and CHL TV.

“I’m in it kissing someone. Whether I was gay or straight, I’m not that comfortable with people seeing that, but I felt it was important because that’s what I needed to see when I was a kid. I needed to see that it was normal and that it was ok, and that someone could be successful and still be themselves,” said Mae..

The most important thing is to wear clothes that fit. A plain t shirt can look frumpy if it’s too large, slutty if it’s too tight/short, and really cute if it fits properly. You should also try layering (when it gets cooler outside) with jackets or sweaters that fit your form and accent the boob waist hip curve..

Bluff City: Carson Danielle Arnold, Bachelor of Arts; William Curtis Baird, Master of Science; Chynna Barnett, Bachelor of Business Administration; Jonna Leigh Berry, Bachelor of Science in Dental Hygiene; Mitzi Morton Breuninger, Master of Social Work; Sadie Raven Brumfield, Bachelor of Business Administration; Casie Ann Brummett, Bachelor of Business Administration; Abby E. Cameron, Bachelor of Science in Nursing; Lucas Lee Carr, Master of Arts in Teaching; Macy Elizabeth Carrier, Bachelor of Science; Anisha Sue Cross, Bachelor of Business Administration; Emily Reanne Davis, Bachelor of Science; Tamara A. Day, Bachelor of Social Work; Hannah Rachel Dyer, Bachelor of Science; Emma E.

All about encouraging people and motivating people and uplifting them in a positive light. Spreading joy and peace and happiness. I hear music that doesn necessarily do that, and I see artists that carry themselves in a way I wouldn like my future children to look up to.

Comeuppance: He was the consensus collegiate player of the year, though he didn’t exactly fit into any NBA position. This season turned out to be a struggle for Antawn Jamison, which might raise some concerns about Duke’s Elton Brand, also an undersized power forward. The Bulls appear most interested in Brand if they keep the No.

The Knicks were always a tense team because they lacked a lightning rod to handle all the expectations and outside pressures. They didn have a Michael Jordan or Karl Malone or Reggie Miller or Charles Barkley or even a Jayson Williams, who stepped to the forefront and said what had to be said. More often than not, the Knicks ran and hid..

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After all, these helmets aren’t eliminating head trauma (though they may help players see oncoming tackles more clearly). All the same, the new helmet could be a hit among players. The helmets will be distributed beginning in September 2017.. The beaches are remarkably stunning and offer refreshment for your soul. The capital city, Kuala Lumpur is a hotspot for a wide array of activities that include a vibrant and exciting night life to being a preferred destination for ardent golfers from around the world. One can experience the best in shopping, eating, arts and culture during their stay here.

MGA QUALIFIERS: Al Alminas of East Longmeadow tied for eighth place with a 79 at Willowbend (Bay/Bog) in Mashpee to advance from a qualifier for the MGA Senior Amateur. The championship is set for Sept. 18 19 at Oakley CC in Watertown . Playing on teams that were subjected to many beatings takes its toll and Carroll is the first to admit that his returns from the inter county game are modest. He hit 5 194 in league and championship hurling to become the county’s leading scorer of all time. That alone, you’d imagine, should have helped him grace many an honours ceremony..

“The Idaho Education network probably comes as close as Idaho ever has to fulfilling the Constitutional mandate of free, uniform and thorough and common (public schools), because it has leveled the mountains it has closed the distances because of technology,” Otter said. “Everybody in the Legislature by their reaction and their making some moves to make sure the (broadband network) continued this year is prescriptive of what is going to happen in the future. The Idaho Education Network is going to be, although it may come out under a different name”.

Womens PreCip Stretch Jacket XL Black. The dynamic combination of waterproof/breathable 2.5 layer Marmot NanoPro face fabric, the advanced durability of our microporous coating, and 100% seam taping will keep you dry without sacrificing movement on climbs and hikes. 3/4 side zipper vents pull double duty as sleek side pockets, and adjustable asymmetrical cuffs keep the rain out and the jacket looking modern.

Lightweight and heavy duty, the uncompromising fit and function of the Electric Swingarm XL shades will have you ready to take on the day! Scaled up for a larger fit and better coverage. Six base OHM polycarbonate lenses. 100% UV protection with 98% blue light protection.

There were so many they were hanging out of the top of the bowl! This plumbing catastrophe could have been avoided if someone was emptying out the little trash tins in the stalls but nooo. And toilet paper? Despite having enormous rolls most stalls were out. There were a few sparing drops of soap.

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I think I also want to comprehend these tragedies because I myself suffer from major depression and struggle with suicidal urges. And while I know those aren mental disorders that usually lead to mass shootings or cop killings, they are mental disorders just the same. Some people would call me I certainly think I am crazy sometimes.

Hendricks Berkadia pointed to economic indicators that are expected to strengthen in the Birmingham apartment market over the coming year. As many as 4,400 new jobs could be added this year, creating the demand for 280 units in 2014 and the potential for more than 600 units in 2015. Rents are projected to grow 2.7 percent to $860 per month by year end, the fastest rate in seven years, Hendricks Berkadia said..

Supplements were created to do exactly what the name describes supplement your diet if you aren getting enough of something. “Most people can absolutely meet their daily magnesium needs from diet alone,” says Palinski Wade. She also adds that magnesium supplements can often have laxative effects in high doses not exactly a side effect you want to deal with..

It was about the quality of my life.”The actress, who found fame aged 13 in 1960 movie Pollyanna, believes there are always choices.She says: “I always say a tremendous amount of healing is in your own hands.”What you can do to boost your immune system, and what you can do to keep your mind, body and soul healthy and positive is important.”As a starting point she changed her diet, cutting foods that might “feed cancer” including sugar, dairy and acid creating foods.Then she embarked on a serious course of exercise and meditation.But, as Sally Roberts found, the medical profession offers little support for alternatives.Hayley says: “It’s a big decision. Most other routes are not endorsed they offer surgery and chemo and radiotherapy and that’s it.”When you step off that, you’re on your own because all those other things, they’d just say were a waste of time.”So you have to decide what route you’re going to take and be prepared to find something you can believe in 100%.”If that’s chemotherapy, do it, and don’t be afraid. Be supportive mentally.

Please consult with your medical professionals.). The smart bracelet can track your heart rate in all daily activities. It can display steps taken, distance traveled, calorie burned, etc. ” Reggie Miller scored 21 points and Mark Jackson added 17 for Indiana, which also had a four game road winning streak broken. But the Knicks defense held Miller scoreless in the fourth quarter. “It’s good to shut the whole team down, ” Oakley said.

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This is a Canadian lake located near the Arctic Circle. It is the largest lake that exists entirely within Canada since the other large lakes associated with this country are the Great Lakes that Canada shares with the United States. This is another big lake in Canada that is about 1000 square miles smaller than Great Bear Lake.

“This person started rubbing my stomach and trying to go down to my private area, and that’s when I knew something was wrong,” she said. “So I turned and I looked, and it was a man. I don’t know who he is, so I looked at him and I said, ‘Who are you? What are you doing here?’ “.

Others annually augment their book collections. A couple of journalists I know hunt for the ugliest objects. (This year, there’s a fiber optic fairy figure lamp with moving wings that may be the most garish. Attribute the Dividers:I have been informed that all dividers should have attribution. I even have to attribute the dividers I create in my own hubs. As you will see I have indicated the source under each divider.

You can even get an artist friend to draw or paint a picture of one of you. This will be a beautiful, non cheesy reminder of your anniversary right there on your living room wall. Make sure you like it too, because you may be looking at it for a long time to come.

A Strange QuestionMy mind works in mysterious ways. For no reason at all, the question came to me out of the blue: “Why doesn’t our moon have a name, such as the moons of Jupiter do?” Ever since childhood, I’ve been interested in astronomy, but on a very informal level. For one, I lack the math skills to have gone into the field..

Prizm lenses enhance color, contrast and detail for an optimized experience. High Definition Optics (HDO) provides clear vision and impact resistance. 100% UV protection. OMISSION PORTERSVILLE, Pa. Wednesday at R. Cunningham Funeral Home, Wilmington Road, New Castle, for Walter W.

4. Kavanaugh also didn’t win over any Democrats on how he’d rule on cases involving Trump. Kavanaugh knows the political powder keg his nomination sits on. Zealand born Loau, who is of Samoan heritage, could also be seen as a groundbreaking figure in an era of white pop. Are quite marginalised; especially coming from a non Anglo race. For me that was a great achievement without even realising what I was doing.

The McCanns were given arguido (suspect) status in September 2007, which was lifted when Portugal attorney general archived the case in July 2008 because of a lack of evidence.[6][7]The parents continued the investigation using private detectives until Scotland Yard opened its own inquiry, Operation Grange, in 2011. The senior investigating officer announced that he was treating the disappearance as criminal act by a stranger most likely a planned abduction or burglary gone wrong.[8] In 2013, Scotland Yard released e fit images of men they wanted to trace, including one of a man seen carrying a child toward the beach that night.[9] Shortly after this, the Portuguese police reopened their inquiry.[10] Operation Grange was scaled back in 2015, but the remaining detectives continued to pursue a small number of inquiries described in April 2017 as significant.[11]The disappearance attracted sustained international interest and saturation coverage in the UK reminiscent of the death of Diana in 1997.[12] The McCanns were subjected to intense scrutiny and baseless allegations of involvement in their daughter death,[a] particularly in the tabloid press and on Twitter.[16][17] In 2008 they and their travelling companions received damages and apologies from Express Newspapers,[18] and in 2011 the McCanns testified before the Leveson Inquiry into British press misconduct, lending support to those arguing for tighter press regulation.[19][20]Madeleine was born in Leicester and lived with her family in Rothley, also in Leicestershire. At the request of her parents, she was made a ward of court in England shortly after the disappearance, which gave the court statutory powers to act on her behalf.[21][22] Police described Madeleine as blonde haired, with blue green eyes, a small brown spot on her left calf, and a distinctive dark strip on the iris of her right eye.[2][b] In 2009 the McCanns released age progressed images of how she may have looked at age six, and in 2012 Scotland Yard commissioned one of her at age nine.[25][26]Madeleine parents are both physicians and practising Roman Catholics.