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His inspiration went beyond his own family, into civic and church responsibilities. Residents of Palo Alto who heard he was resigning as mayor to serve as an LDS mission president “wanted to send a delegation to Salt Lake City to ask President (David O.) McKay to rescind the call” so he could finish his mayoral term. “That’s the kind of legacy he left behind.”.

I just keep telling myself that it is worth it to be able to take off the full 6 weeks after he is here vs having to leave him a little earlier after. Do keep my legs propped up as much as I can during the day which I think has helped with the swelling. They are even with my body if not higher under my desk..

Should fix your restart/shutdown issue for now. After the clean up you might need to do a repair installation to fix the service problems. After the clean up i would stronly recommend you to remove the norton and re install if you want to. Of course, it also means the sun will be shining, bringing hotter temperatures to your area. What better way to cool off than with a homemade popsicle? We love making our own popsicles not only is it a fun family activity, but because it ensures that we know exactly what’s in them. From healthy fruit and even a sneaky vegetable or two, homemade popsicles are a great healthy snack for kids, and they’re delicious, too.

This month, Henderson won the prestigious U 19 honours at the Dunlop Canadian Open, claiming five straight matches at The Club at White Oaks at Niagara on the Lake, Ont. He bounced back from 2 5 and 8 10 deficits to win the fourth game 12 10 over Jamie Oakley of New Zealand, taking the match 3 1. Junior Open, where he was eliminated in the round of 32..

But civilized society gave birth to a new phenomenon: the serial killer. Completely contrary to the way the rest of us live our lives, serial killers exist far outside the norm. They fascinate us, committing acts that most of us cannot even conceive of and existing in a place beyond everything we can imagine.

Womens Ginny Pant 8 Mallard Green. This breathable, lightweight pant is built with a sun shielding performance woven fabric that incorporates nylon for durability, stretch for movement and cotton for comfort. Garment washed for extra softness, the result is a pant that moves from one location to the next as seamlessly as you do.

Again, wrote Nate Taylor of The New York Times’ “Off the Dribble” blog: “For the past week, the Knicks have been in talks with Camby to see if he could return to New York. Anthony and Camby, a 6 foot 11 center, played together in Denver. Anthony said he hoped to be reunited with Camby.

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Celine Women’s Aviator Sunglasses Green A great designer gift. Shop Celine at Barneys New York. Read more. Were together all the time. Especially the one that hasn been named yet. She had just got back from vacation with her the week before this. We clarify the different purposes, review designs, questions and synthesis methods that may be applicable to combine quantitative and qualitative evidence to explore the complexity of complex interventions and health systems. Three case studies of WHO guidelines that incorporated quantitative and qualitative evidence are used to illustrate possible uses of mixed method reviews and mechanisms of integration (table 1, online supplementary files 1 3). Additional examples of methods that can be used or may have potential for use in a guideline process are outlined.

Key features include a small mouth for hassle free sipping, a soft, colorful silicone sleeve, a dishwasher safe design, and an ergonomic, leak proof cap. This product is vegan, hypoallergenic, cruelty free, food safe, formulated without gluten, and made responsibly. Read more.

Broidy, then seeking business from the government of the United Arab Emirates, was running a quiet public relations campaign designed to undermine the Qatari government influence in Washington and with American Jewish leaders. He was particularly incensed that Nick Muzin, a former staffer to Sen. Ted Cruz with deep ties to Jewish leaders, had signed on to lobby for the government of Qatar..

In my experience, a lot of people understand why Extinction Rebellion are doing what they do. People see their point, but some oppose of their tactics. After all, the protests are disrupting people lives. Size: 6. Gender: Male. Read more. The reason I like his lecture is because of the ideas he showed and the verities of concepts and contents he raised that I’m excited about. I’ve realized that if we are to continue to understand how animals act some kind of way and how and why they are doing. We should not try to guesstimate them and end thinking that we are the only living creatures..

He was one of the happiest children ever. I can still hear his laugh. He always felt safe when you were near. Knows when it’s time for aprs. Check. Enjoys mingling with locals and has an overall longing for adventure and documenting new experiences.

“Everybody knew my love of it. Everybody knew I wanted to do it in a very specific way,” Jenkins said. “Finally, when those two things coincided, it was magical, wonderful and perfect.”. “This decision was a result of ongoing discussions that I’ve had with the board throughout the last couple of years in terms of developing and implementing a succession plan,” Monaghan said in a press release. “This new structure will enable me to spend more time working with university supporters both locally and nationally. It will also free me up to do more public speaking to promote awareness of AMU among high school students and potential benefactors.

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15 Feb 2014 40 sec Uploaded by Janik Fnhl 09 crack. Janik F. He should come back after Hillary or McCain has served 8 years. The 8 years experience will make him ready. But now? Now way. “When people say I was the greatest to play the game, I cringe a little bit,” Jordan said earlier in the day. “That’s someone’s view of what I did for the game of basketball. But for me, personally, I never played against Jerry West.

Wakefield calls it “a great example of how ordinary objects can be elevated by design.” Designer: Jim Schatz for J. Schatz Inc. Critics say the SoundDock provides the best sound quality of any iPod centric system. “James is the youngest late night host there is, and he’s not a fake or a fraud he’s involved in that world,” executive producer Ben Winston tells Mashable. “He loves Tyler Oakley, he loves the Slo Mo guys, he listens to Epic Rap Battles and Boyce Avenue. It was important that [the episode] felt legitimate because that’s what it was.”.

Given the basic lack of empirical evidence regarding the embryo and such developments as the unexpected properties of stem cells the Roman Catholic Church’s choice of position on the biology of the embryo seems to be chosen solely as a prop for its doctrinal position. This prop has then been introduced into the secular debate on the status of the embryo as a somehow obvious empirical claim.I believe the Church’s religious fervour for its preferred doctrinal and scientific position of the day is fundamentally at odds with the process and progress of science. Science is an exploration of the physical world that is characterised by continual advancement and, historically at least, major shifts in understanding.

RASH GUARD: Moisture wicking synthetic fabric will transport moisture away from your body and keep you cool and dry on the hottest. Days. COMFORT: Loose fit rash guard style, fits like a t shirt without sacrificing the protection for long hours on the water.

B) Before the prophet married Ayesha, SHE WAS ENGAGED TO BE MARRIED TO a MAN named Jubair bin Mutim. He was in his late thirties, early forties. Ayesha father Abu Bakr was the second person to accept Islam and hence this created a rift between the families of Ayesha and Jubair and the marriage was called off.

Having read that, I was feeling confident that there was nothing to worry about. I am forty one, I’ve never smoked, so no emphysema. Ok, I am ready to do this, let’s get the dreaded biopsy behind me.. De schaal van richter is inmiddels al een jaartje of 30 uitgefaseerd, omdat deze eigenlijk alleen goed werkt in Californi en niet goed aanduid wat de gevolgen van de aardbeving zijn, enkel de energie op het epicenter. Er zijn afwijkingen met hele lichte en hele zware aardbevingen omdat de schaal van richter is gebaseerd op 1 enkele aardbeving in de jaren 30 en de rest van de schaal is ge extrapoleert uit die dataset. In de jaren 70 is er een nieuwe schaal bedacht en vanaf ongeveer de jaren 80 is elke aardbeving deze nieuwe schaal gebruikt..

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I was in therapy more. Although she had struggled with anxiety in the past, she says, never opened up about it, because I thought that was how life was supposed to feel. What, specifically, was making her anxious? She shakes her head. 16 hours agoNAPA (CBS13) Two Northern California dog trainers are facing multiple felony animal cruelty charges following the death of a beloved German Shepherd.The tale of Gunnar, a happy and healthy young German Shepherd, would come to a dark end before his fourth birthday.”I was so excited,” Denise Swank said.Denise and Jeff Swank enrolled Gunnar in a $6,000, multi week training course with NorCal K9 in Contra Costa County back in May to make him the perfect pup.”Some people go back to school to further their education, we were just furthering his training,” Denise said.Instead, it would be the worst possible outcome.”To send your baby off to school and then you get them in the mail, it’s hard,” Denise said.”There’s not a day that goes by that we don’t think of Gunnar,” Jeff said.A necropsy shows Gunnar had an increased body temperature.”It’s brought up a lot of anger,” Jeff said. “You know, we don’t know what happened it’s all hearsay until it all comes out, we might not never find out.”But new clues are painting a picture of what may have taken place.According to court documents filed by the Contra Costa District Attorney’s Office, dog trainers Garry Reynolds and Devon Ashby of NorCal K9 “did subject this animal to needless suffering, and did inflict unnecessary cruelty upon this animal.”Seven other dogs found in their care are listed in the complaint.The Napa Valley German Shepherd Rescue heard Gunnar’s story and got involved.”Very concerned for the community and for the dogs,” said Larry Parks from the rescue group. “I think there was an opportunity that somebody took advantage of,” said Larry Parks from the rescue.But trainer Garry Reynolds told CBS13 that’s just not true.”If in any way I thought I was responsible, why would I do everything that I did?” Reynolds said in a phone interview.

I am 40 weeks pregnant with my 2nd baby and experience strong braxton hicks for about 4 weeks. The babys head is on zero since 3 weeks and i dilated to 3 cm about 2 weeks ago, and i am still waiting. If you still have your mucus plug I would guess you have another 2 3 weeks.

As it lurches into its most serious crisis till date, the Congress JD(S) government would appear to have spent more time firefighting than actually governing. With 10 Congress and three JD(S) MLAs resigning, the allies reportedly had a misconceived last ditch plan to offer ministerial berths and other sops to the dissidents. Instead, Congress and JD(S) need to acknowledge now that the alliance and the government is not working.

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I have the same problem at our house! My first sign (which was just paper) said ‘Please take your shoes off’. I thought it was nice and simple. I only had a few people do it. B: B. Clayton, M. Brown, C. The suggestions that seem to be most prominent at the present time is some sense that a team shouldn’t be allowed to win it two years in a row, which would suggest some rule that pushes last year’s winner down . West Coast time would be difficult for us. We’re sensitive about the subject because we’d like our games to be available to the largest number of people.

There are several advantages of EPDM over other roofing systems. Firstly it’s fairly quick to install so the roof can be made watertight quite quickly. It is also easy to repair if you ever have anything fall on or pierce the roof. The Eli Lilly did not make anyone available for an interview for this story. But a company spokesman noted in an email that high deductible health insurance plans like the one Alec found are exposing more patients to higher prices. In August, Eli Lilly opened a help line that patients can call for assistance in finding discounted or even free insulin..

I asked about his dry, flaky skin and our vet suggested feeding him canned tuna in water. The oils in the tuna will help supplement his skin and coat. You can make tuna a steady diet because it doesn have all the nutrients a cat needs, but it great as a supplement..

Power generators are powerful pieces of machinery that must be used correctly. Purchasing a quiet portable generators from Generator Depot is quick and easy. You can browse through the range of power generators on offer on the company website, and choose one that suites your budget and needs.

The first time I got out of admin I was promoted to account coordinator and eventually account exec at a marketing firm. This happened mainly because I had volunteered to take on synthesizing notes for the account team after they returned from client intake trips. After one trip at a particularly busy time, the account director wasn’t going to be able to turn the notes into a report by the deadline.

It ain New York type of guys. They got guys just because they wanted to make changes. Oakley, who helped the Knicks exit the postseason when the Raptors completed their 3 2 first round series win Friday, said he heard Latrell Sprewell call for more help, emphasizing Chris Webber.

Sunny days on the boat call for the Field Stream Tarpon Polarized Sunglasses. Crafted with polarized lenses that protect against harmful UV rays and reduce haze, resulting in superior visual clarity. The lightweight frames are designed to float on water and scratch resistant lenses repel dirt and oil, making the Field Stream Tarpon Polarized Sunglasses a perfect fit for an active day on the water.

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He was like 12 years old at the time and most kids at that age would be just devastated that their nose was bleeding. He comes running off the field yelling, the bleeding. I gotta get back in the game. It may not be impossible to use the Holocaust as a reference in a joke. On the last season of Saturday Night Live, host Larry David made a joke in his monologue about how sex dominates his thoughts so much that he would have been looking at girls, even in the lineup at Auschwitz. Outrage followed.

YOU CAN WRITE ABOUT WHATEVER YOU WANT. But you have to recognize that when publishers are still deciding that they only can publish one “black” book, and you try to get them to publish a white man perspective on the struggles in the black community, people are rightfully going to ask some questions. You need better answers than “well Tolkien wrote about elves and dwarves.”.

Then you see another hitchhiker so you stop and let them in as well. You and your first hitchhiker become friends with the second one. Then you pick up another hitchhiker, and another, and another, and another.. Why did the stories stop for so many years only to start up once again. Where were the skin walkers for all those years that they were not being reported. What do you think of Skin Walkers? Do they exist? If not what are people seeing in the backwoods of western North Carolina? Is it possible that skin walkers really do exist.

One note is you do have to assemble the coilover yourself. You get all the parts you need, but you probably want a friend to help compress the helper spring a bit to get the upper shock mount on. It happened to a buddy of mine at like 220k miles and he described it as sounding like rod knock..

It’s the spiritual essence of a particular creature. It often comes through your subconscious; you may have dreams about your spirit animal, or experience it in meditation. You may suddenly find an animal popping up everywhere in your life you’ll start seeing pictures of them, you’ll hear their cry at night, they’ll be on television.

I love your Christmas tree article! So many styles, so many possibilities to decorate a tree. At home, I know that I am not original because I always use the same ornaments year after year; I suppose that in that case the signification of each ornament is what is important. But I participated to two contests or Christmas tree decoration for the Children Hospital .

Within high income nations, only France and Austria had higher levels.15 Such poor outcomes in comparison to our nearest neighbours suggest that significant action is required to improve health and well being in childhood.The objectives of this review were to assess the current evidence for the effects of social disadvantage on birth and infant outcomes for children born in the UK to provide a firm basis for practitioners and policy makers on which to measure the effect of interventions to address these inequalities. This systematic review builds on a previous review of prospective studies carried out for the Welsh government to examine the social determinants of child health in the UK and to develop social indicators from these determinants.16This analysis provides a current summary of relevant and well conducted epidemiological research into the links between social determinants and infant health in the UK.MethodsInclusion/exclusion criteriaResearch studies were sought that reported socioeconomic data and health outcomes for infants (0 12months) and were carried out in the UK and published between January 1994 and May 2011. The most recent update search was completed on 19 May 2011.

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Division 2 Perth v Evandale J. Thompson, J. Crack. You can also perform this as free time. That is, there is no tempo, you are free to slow down (usually in quieter passages), and speed up (normally in louder parts). The dynamics and tempo are up to the performer.

I felt disgusted by watching the video of the kids verbally abusing an older person. I want to see the mothers and fathers of these kids, because their kids learned this from them. They need to make their names public information, so the public can deal with them on their own level.

Activities are graded by difficulty level from ‘starting out’ to ‘experienced’, enabling children to develop their skills gradually and creatively as they learn to make more complex figures. This book is ideal for teachers or parents with children aged 5 and up. The projects range from very easy to more challenging the tulip or the rabbit are great for teaching little hands the basics, while aspiring origami addicts will love the squirrel, windmill, snowflake, and even a snowman! You really will be amazed at what you can create with just a few simple folds.

By the first he does not mean the pattern associated with socialist states in the twentieth century, but ‘everyday communism’, from each according to their abilities, to each according to their needs, a principle that he claims is synonymous with ‘baseline sociality’. His reflections on economy have culminated in a synthesis, Debt: The First 5,000 years (January 2011). But to some extent all this work is a means to a political end.

If you are thirsty, you’ll be traveling to nearby Almo.The Almo Inn [2] was recently constructed in Almo Idaho. It is a western themed hotel with 8 units. Most of them feel quite seculded as they are nestled among the trees and large boulders of the park.

For Arken has salvaged a necklace from the wreck a necklace that bestows the gift of prophecy. If Arken can get it to the King of Lanth, he can turn the tide of war. But Arken and his classmates are pursued onshore by the pirates who want the necklace as well.

I think you are blurring some important lines of responsibility and user expectation. Is promoting merch to your YouTube audience taking advantage of them? Well maybe yes if they are young children or you promised that the only function of the channel is education or nonprofit work. Is selling fast food to people taking advantage of them? What is in the food? How unhealthy is it? Who are the people?.

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The world’s most famous travelling reporter solves the mystery of the Black Island. Join the most iconic character in comics as he embarks on an extraordinary adventure spanning historical and political events, and thrilling mysteries. Still selling over 100,000 copies every year in the UK and having been adapted for the silver screen by Steven Spielberg and Peter Jackson in 2011.

Is consolidating, he said. Only did we need to do it for numbers and do it to reenergize Addison County baseball, but we needed to do it to stay competitive. Could go further, but for now the three county Little League organizations remain intact, although Thompson said the Mount Abe group essentially managed the all star effort, with coaches drawn from each area..

16 at the York Theatre, 150 N. York St. Saturday’s feature is “A Christmas Story.” Also, gingerbread houses designed by members of the Elmhurst Artists’ Guild will be on display through Dec. Evenflo continues to redefine industry standards with the new rollover tested line of Car Seats. It is designed with your lifestyle in mind. It’s extremely lightweight design and ergo handle, is uniquely designed for your maximum comfort as you carry your little one.

The lightweight design maximizes gear protection and keeps weight down. It fits in the overhead compartment of most commercial aircraft worldwide (check with your carrier for detailed carry on restrictions). The protective Laptop Compartment holds up to 15 inch laptop.

The sub continent is home to the largest population of tigers on the globe. India alone is home to 75% of the global tiger population. Over the centuries particularly in the 19th and early 20th century indiscriminate hunting led to the tiger almost becoming extinct.

1 Delbarton Group 1 final No. 4 Manasqaun vs. No. I had a girlfriend who was also 3rd year and she lived in Northside, but she was at UC and Children hospital mostly. Not a bad central location, though. She was at the Cannery Lofts which is super secure, but I thought it was a boring place to live.

If only planes actually looked like this. (Image: Getty)Get the biggest daily news stories by emailSubscribeSee our privacy noticeMore newslettersThen the man in front of you abruptly moves their chair back (even though it dinnertime and they should have their seats upright) and causes your tray to bounce, sending your drink everywhere.Or perhaps the woman behind you puts their dirty, bare feet complete with long toenails on your arm rest.What do you do? Say something? Us Brits mostly prefer to seethe quietly, but now there a NEW way to deal with your anger issues by venting about it online.Angry plane passengers have been posting photos of rude behaviour on their flights and some of them make for really grim viewing. Below are 10 of the worst, but if you seen anything more gross, tell us about it via the form at the bottom of this article.1.

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Unfortunately, that area doesn have a lot of middle eastern options. The closest thing would be Halal Guys at Lemmon and Inwood. It a chain, and it very popular, but it not my kind of food (bowl of mush with zigzag sauce). We put our collective heads together, and I think we came up with several great fundraising ideas for clubs. One of our best fundraising ideas was to host a casino night at the club, which I’m going to tell you about here. It was very successful.

Sen. Brent Hill, R Rexburg, a CPA, questioned that thinking. All concerned about the 2007 budget, he said. Until this year, the largest number of registrations submitted in a single day was about 2,200, Corts said. That single day online registration record has been broken three times this year in response to social media campaigns urging Virginians to register: 8,000 signed up one day in February, ahead of the deadline to register for the primary; 17,000 on Sept. 23, ahead of National Voter Registration Day; 21,000 managed to do so on Monday, despite the day’s technical issues..

Brown, Z. Graham, J. Branch, D. Macadamia Oil Deep Repair Masque 16.9oz The One Cologne by Dolce Gabbana for Men Eau De Toilettes Kerastase Nutritive Bain Oleo Relax Smoothing Shampoo For Dry and Rebellious Hair, 8.5 Ounce Method Foaming Hand Soap, Sweet Water, 10 Ounce Bottles OPI Expert Touch Lacquer Remover, 16 Fluid Ounce Harmony Gelish soak off Pink Smoothies 01408 Peter Thomas Roth Un Wrinkle Peel Pads, 60 Count Proactiv Solution Refining Mask 2.5 Oz Set Of 5 Remington S9950 Shine Therapy Moisturizing and Conditioning Digital Ceramic Hair Straightener, 1 Biolage by Matrix Color Care Conditioner 33.8 Ounces Urban Decay Naked Palette Matrix Biolage Color Care Shampoo and Conditioner Liter Set SHANY UV Gel Light Nail Dryer, 36 Watts Pro Series Murad Oil Control Mattifier SPF 15 1.7 oz Conair LWD375WCSV Satiny Smooth Ladies Wet/Dry Rechargeable Shaver Nivea For Men Sensitive Body Wash 3 in 1 Body, Hair Face, 16.9 Ounce Bottle Black Tan 75x Indoor Tanning Bed Bronzer 13.5OZ Mustela Stelatopia Moisturizing Cream 6.7 ounces Alterna Caviar Anti Aging Seasilk Moisture Shampoo Conditioner Duo La Roche Posay Anthelios 60 Melt In Sunscreen, 5 Ounce Tube Just for Men Shampoo In Hair Color, Light Brown 25, 1 application, TIGI S Factor Smoothing Lusterizer/Defrizzer/Tamer, 6.76 Ounce 212 Vip by Carolina Herrera Eau De Toilette Spray for Men, 3.4 Ounce Topix Benzoyl Peroxide 5% Wash 8 fl. Oz. NIOXIN New System Kit 4 1x Cleanser 10.1 oz, 1xScalp Therapy 5.07 oz, 1xScalp Treatment 3.38 oz 100% Pure Fruit Pigmented Black Tea Mascara i Blason Prime Series Dual Layer Holster Case Kick Stand Compatible Balance Bar Complete Nutrition Energy Bar, Peanut Butter 15 Count Braun Silk Epil Female Epilator Se7921spa 1 Count Nivea for Men Energy Face Scrub, 4.4 Oz.

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Was just low key. He had this big, big name and this big reputation, but he was low key, and deferred to others. He was thoughtful, and very determined, and got armies of people to rally around his causes who else could have got that heart institute going? memorial card distributed at Keon funeral quoted Canadian physician William Osler: are here to add what we can to life, it read, to get what we can from life.

What to watch for tonight? There won be any exit polls, so people will be counting the ballots the old fashioned way. It could be a very late night. Or maybe not. Clarke 2, C. Spence 2, P. Carse 2, J. LeBron is who he is. We all have flaws. But when your flaws a little bit more, you should shut up..

Captain Linnaeus Tripe (1822 1902) was commissioned by the Madras Presidency to record South Indian temples in the 1860s. PSM was used by the British for mapping areas and shooting monuments, people, kings, queens and temples. Getting photographed became a status symbol; land apparently was bartered for pictures.

Love 911 tells us the story of two totally different personalities, who slowly open their minds to each other. Imagine a firefighter totally lost in his job, completely antisocial, he carries grief over his wife’s death. And now imagine a woman, a doctor with a fiery spirit who thinks of nothing more but her career.

Her dress is by Dolce Gabbana and we love the structured satin style and lace up panels at the neckline and sides. There are lace inserts in the fishtail skirt, as well as a train just to add to the drama. One of the best dresses of the night, don you agree?.

The IOC will help Iraqi athletes prepare for the 2004 Olympics as part of a plan to assist the rebuilding of sports in the country. Will focus on the athletes and do everything we can to help them with training so they can participate in Athens, IOC president Jacques Rogge said. The board acted on recommendations of the IOC ethics commission, which confirmed allegations that Iraq former Olympic committee tortured and jailed athletes.

[21:46] [“That’s right. These plans which Ito acquired from the Tokyo 2 Civic Development Archive represent a warehouse in Koto, which we believe to be home to the Kikkawa kai.” Said Subaru. “Specifically, this warehouse is believed to have received at least a large portion of the contraband that I hoped to seize in “.

One concern that many parents have is whether the bedwetting indicates a psychiatric or psychological problem. Psychosocial problems are not considered a common cause, although there is literature showing an increased rate of primary enuresis in children with attention deficit/hyperactivity disorder and children living in disorganized families. Secondary enuresis occurs more commonly in children experiencing the stress of divorce or the trauma of physical or sexual abuse, or suffering from neglect..