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She was pitiful. She went hopefully from car to car, looking for someone to help her. She was a medium sized dog, with a short brown coat and big brown eyes. History of Decoration DayGrowing up, I never knew that Memorial Day was meant to be for deceased veterans only, as our family spent the holiday remembering all our loved ones who had passed on. As far as the history goes, Decoration Day was first called such because it was a time after the Civil War when folks would go to cemeteries to decorate the graves of those who had died in the war. It wasn’t until the early 1900s that the day became a national holiday known as Memorial Day, a day when those who died in all wars would be remembered.

On top of just being some great news about the state of our national moral fiber, these survey results are timely for another reason. Last month the Supreme Court heard arguments against the ban on same sex marriage, and is expected to issue a ruling on marriage equality sometime in the next few weeks. In the wake of the historic hearings, everyone from Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg to Hillary Clinton to celebs like Ellen DeGeneres, Rosario Dawson and Kristen Bell spoke out in favor of gay marriage..

It has bathrooms, but they are usually locked. The San Joaquin RouteTri Delta Transit buses serve the area; pretty much all bus lines will take you to the BART in Pittsburg. County Connection bus 930 goes to Walnut Creek. That fact notwithstanding, it’s hard to see why he would even want another kid. Thirty four year old Oakley, of Manitowoc, about 75 miles north of Milwaukee, already has nine children, ages 3 to 16, by four mothers. He owes $25,000 in child support that he can’t or won’t pay.

Overall, a 3125 cell cingular phone presents a very clean look. It possesses a brilliant internal and external displays, which is quite striking. If you have children, this may be a good idea to get them to score each performance. TAC Lenses Offer Glare Free Vision, Optimal Visual Acuity, 100% UVA+B protection. O’Neill SHORE 189P Frames are built with durability in mind, made from a Polycarbonate material. Polycarbonate frames are thermoplastic polymers containing carbonate groups which are durable, lightweight, and extremely strong with the ability to be molded into different forms that have a high resistance to breakage, plus they are resistant to extreme temperatures.

As a youngster growing up on Maui during the post WWII war years, the males in our family spent time at the Tao Yee Kwock Temple in Wailuku actively participating in Ching Ming activities (reference to the March 22 Maui News article). The most auspicious date to celebrate the ceremony was on the 5th of April. However, if the 5th did not fall on Saturday or Sunday, then the Saturday after the 5th would be the day celebrated..

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The species Pterodactylus was discovered around the 18th century. This was before scientists really began understanding that dinosaurs existed and it was first believed that they were an ocean dwelling amphibian and that it used its wings for flippers rather than flying because their wings were formed by skin and muscle that stretched from their longer forth finger and back toward their hind limbs. It looked more like a large flipper than a wing.

With these words, advancing to Mr. Clarke, he shook him by the hand, with the appellation of brother, saying, “I doubt the justice has got into a cursed hovel.” Mr. Gobble himself seemed to be of the same opinion. From the towering heights of the Texas Star and Big Tex, down to the tiniest miniature pony, we’ve covered the fair from top to bottom. Read on and rediscover a Texas tradition. Have favorite memories from 2000 to 2010? Share them with below..

Camping World 400 6 30 2019Monster Energy NASCAR Cup Series Camping World 400JOLIET, ILLINOIS JUNE 30: Denny Hamlin, driver of the 11 FedEx Express Toyota, Alex Bowman, driver of the 88 Axalta Chevrolet, and Kurt Busch, driver of the 1 Global Poker Chevrolet, lead a pack of cars during the Monster Energy NASCAR Cup Series Camping World 400 at Chicagoland Speedway on June 30, 2019 in Joliet, Illinois. (Photo by Jared C. Tilton/Getty Images).

Thin, flat crossbody strap. Gold tone hardware. Front zip pocket. It is finished in a versatile, natural pine color. The finish is both lead and phthalate free. The kit meets the safety standards of both the CPSC and the ASTM. Tickets are $20 to $25. Sunday matinees are already sold out; waiting list is available. Appropriate for all ages..

Imported. Now you can bring top trending Reebok styles from high impact sports bras to fashion sneakers to your closet for as little as $10 thanks to its fall sale. Until September 30, use code FALLBACK to get an additional 50 percent off items that are already on sale..

Epstein, 66, was found on Saturday morning unresponsive inside a cell at the Metropolitan Correctional Centre in Manhattan, according to the US Bureau of Prisons. The prince military coalition in Yemen fractured dramatically over the weekend as the Yemeni government and the southern separatists turned their guns on each other after years of fight side by side under Saudi leadership. Lake and river transport is widely used in the DRC as the highway system is poor, but accidents are common, often caused by overloading and the unsafe state of vessels.

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Parents and specialists alike have a few favorite shoe go to brands for infants and babies just starting to take their first steps. Try an adorable, lightweight, and breathable pair of Roobeez or Baby Deer infant shoes for little ones who aren’t cruising around quite yet. Or try a pair by Carter’s, Stepping Stones, or Momo Baby all of which are much loved for their flexible soles and ultimate comfort..

(PRUnderground) June 11th, 2019The sunglasses you wear to the beach, for hiking or just for a sunny day are not there just to make you look fashionable among others, but there is a deep rooted reason embedded within them. The Vision Council aims to spread the awareness of how important a pair of sunglasses are and how they can protect your eyes from getting impaired by blocking away the harmful effects of the ultra violent rays released from the sun.The campaign was launched by the Vision Council in 2017 to educate the people about the terrible effects of overexposure to sunlight and how they have to be protected before it is too late. Our eyes are way too delicate and wouldn lose their power unless they get their well deserved assistance.What are the harmful effects of UV rays?UV A rays can impair your core and inner vision.UV B rays can damage the front part of your eyes which is very sensitive to light.The aftermath of being exposed to sunlight with naked eyes can be irreversible and might also result in permanent blindness.But why to go through all this when you could protect your eyes just with the right pair of sunglasses?This Sunglasses Day onwards shield your eyes from UV rays withVisionDirect,by heading to ourFLASH SALEwhere you can save up to 50% on hundreds of designer models and brands! To see all our deals visit our FLASH SALE PAGE.If you are not sure that the glasses you choose from our site would look good on you or fit you.Try our 3D Virtual Try On feature to reassure yourself and try all of our products right from the comfort of your couch.Through our relationships with some of the world’s leading suppliers, we’ve been able to provide some of the most exclusive eyewear brands such as Ray Ban, Oakley, Gucci, Prada, and many more.VisionDirect is working together with some of the world’s top NGO’s to restore eyesight in the developing world, giving some of the world’s poorest communities an opportunity to change their lives..

Integrated key clip. Bungee system to hold items that need to be easily accessible. Two side mesh water bottle pockets. Must have all paperwork, boxes and slip covers. In that condition, we would expect to get $1100 for that set. Values goes down real fast if the guns have been handled or shot, or Read More.

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Celebrate the Oakley heritage with the athlete inspired Oakley Radar EV Path sunglasses. Part of the Oakley Metallic Splatter Collection. Wraparound sunglasses with a lightweight O MATTER frame material. Try mixing a good hot sauce with your catsup, or use tomatillo sauce instead. Try a salsa, either bottled or prepared yourself. You can take a great bread and toast it with a high quality olive oil, or lightly brushed with toasted sesame seed oil, and it’s fantastic! Or just drizzle the oil on the bread.

So that’s what we’re seeing in infographics today, people who are skilled designers who are able to do that exact same thing. So just to take an example there from this collection, there is a really nice infographic showing the noise pollution underneath the North Atlantic. So in other words, imagine all of the ships going back and forth across the North Atlantic and you realize all of a sudden there are these hotspots where we’re making a tremendous amount of noise, and realizing how difficult it must be for the animals living down there..

Being threatening or demanding is a great way for everybody to lose. Your director could push back, take the work on him/her self and you get no acting, and a burnt out director that is doing a poor job of his/her tasks and the supervisor tasks. You know your environment better than any of us read the situation, and ask what can be asked..

It is great you are teaching your teens good old fashioned courtesy. I don’t plan to give into the “new club” either. Be it unpopular, I plan on practicing manners despite the bad behavior around me. The different face shape is oval, round, diamond, square, long or heart. However, no matter what your face shape, there will be a haircut that will fit your personality. The style will make the jaw appear softer; the broad forehead is smaller and even make a double chin seem as if it has disappeared, So when choosing a hairstyle, you do not need the supernatural on your side.

The areas beneath all three bridges are routinely scattered with discards and garbage, some floating on the river, some lying on the banks. The occupants beneath McFadden and 1st have tried to make their crannies more homelike by erecting temporary shelves and using candles for light. But there is broken glass where some must crawl to get to their spots.

The Affordable Care Act, sometimes called Obamacare, reduces the current wide range of health insurance pricing. New rules make insurance more affordable for older people, though younger people could pay more. Pricing no longer reflects a person’s sex, meaning that women will be no longer pay more than men.

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One night I was going out with my girlfriend at the time and I get a panicked call from my mother. She says she stranded and her car won’t start. I drop everything and go to where she is. I am one of those annoying people who never has my own umbrella. Occasionally I will try and share my companion’s. Am I a hypocrite?.

Producing content is hard, and even the Gawkers of the world aren’t making enough to stay financially solvent. By allowing ads, the content producers that customers love can keep working. Found that although 22 percent of users utilize ad blockers, more than 50 percent are willing to disable them in exchange for content.

Since he was in motion throughout some or all of the second photo time of exposure it must be asked how Gardner camera managed to capture an image of him sufficiently clear to reveal all of the minute facial details which Oakley claims renders his candidate a perfect match to a studio photo taken by the same photographer at a distance of a few feet as opposed to 80 to 90 yards at Gettysburg? The answer is that such a feat was impossible given the limitations of 1863 camera and photographic technology. Furthermore, if Oakley Lincoln was approaching steps in the second photo he would have appeared either as a series of blurred, twinned, or ghost images. For example, a boy visible in the foreground a few feet from Gardner camera moved during some of the exposure resulting in a series of FOUR images of him within the photo.

Try checking sky glow in several spots around your town. Pick about 4 or 5 spots that range from very brightly lit to not well lit at all. Take with you a light meter and either a toilet paper roll or a paper towel roll as a form of telescopic viewer.

The Baby Trend Navigator Double Jogger Stroller is designed to offer both comfort and safety for your baby. Ideal for two children., this toddler jogger stroller is a perfect option for those who have twins. This Baby Trend double stroller’s accommodates 2 Baby Trend infant car seats. It also includes multi position, reclining seats provide a comfortable place for your children to relax while you go for a jog. On the other hand, the 5 point harness helps your kids stay safe while on the move. The ratcheted canopies offer shade and protection for your babies.

Our take: Though Nunes has gained national fame due to multiple sideshows related to his leading role in the House’s Russian election meddling investigation, this district is strongly Republican and it’s unlikely most of his constituents will factor in Russia controversies when they go to the polls. Plus, Nunes outran Trump in his district by 16 percentage points in 2016. His Democratic opponent, Fresno County prosecutor Andrew Janz, has parlayed Nunes’ notoriety on the left into a a ton of campaign cash, but Nunes is still far outpacing him in the money race.

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Lone Star Ag Credit 6th Annual Dove HuntWe join our friends from Lone Star Ag Credit, at their 6th Annual Dove Hunt, near Throckmorton, Texas. We spend the afternoon shooting clay targets for fun and warmup, then doing a little dove hunting while we discuss how Lone Star Ag Credit can help finance your piece of Texas. It’s old friends and new playing hooky from work, hunting dove and just enjoying the outdoors together.

The base is also equipped with premium LATCH connectors and a SuperCinch tightener for a secure fit with a fraction of the effort! For alternate installation with the vehicle seat belt, clear belt routing and integrated lock offs make it easy to position, tighten and lock the belt into place. A smooth underside helps protect vehicle seats from damage. The car seat carrier includes removable head and body support to accommodate newborns as small as 4 pounds.

Other members of the royal family have been in hot water, but the closer one is to the ruling lineage, the less likely it is that he or she will be prosecuted. In September 2015, police in California arrested Prince Abdul Aziz al Saudon suspicion of false imprisonment, sexual assault and battery after he allegedly locked three women in his $37 million mansion and abused them. After he posted a $300,000 bail, he reportedlyemptied the mansion and fled the country on his private airplane..

Aalbersberg, William G. Abankwa, D. Abate, M. They were doing their proposals, how nonchalantly they were like, 3 D print that piece,’ said Shea, a math teacher who took on the Project Make class between algebra and pre calc sections. Not magic to them. They’re used to seeing crazy things and thinking, I can do that.’ checked in with Shea at the start of the school year, and again this semester.

The season premiered on July 8, 2019. Their first performance was at The Roxy in Los Angeles in 2012. December 2016, Posey was a guest DJ at Emo Nite LA’s second anniversary at the Echoplex in Los Angeles.. The social media profile caught the attention of Love Leo Rescue, whose volunteers managed to coax the dog into their car and drive him two hours to the centre, the Dodo reports.Parents complain kids are distressed by Aldi Kevin the Carrot Christmas advertRescuers, who named the dog Larry, noticed that despite his lack of food and water, his stomach was quite bloated.A trip to the vets revealed that Larry had Cushing disease and for a month and a half he lived at the vet clinic while getting used to his medication.”In that time he was kind of sad, and a little depressed and reactive with other dogs,” Sasha Abelson, president of the rescue centre, told the Dodo.As the medication began to work, Larry personality was revealed and he became much happier and was moved to a doggy day care centre.Mum seeks nanny for two week Bahamas holiday in 5 beach house there just one catchLarry health issues are now managed by monthly medication, which will cost his owner $180 a month.This has meant it proved more difficult than initially thought to find him a home despite intense interest from the media and on the internet.”Not everyone wants a dog with an automatic expense attached,” Abelson said. “And he doesn’t like being alone, but he’s been abandoned, so we can’t really blame him for that.”The rescue centre is waiting for the perfect person to adopt Larry. If you live in the Los Angeles area, can pay for his medication and think your lifestyle would suit having him, visit the Love Leo Rescue website..

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Honor graduates are Sara Baggett, James Bowen, Katherine Cousins, Austin Doss, Mallory Durham, Ellen Edmonson, Ashley Glaze, Eric Hand, Kaci Larsen, Chad Lynch, Rachel James and Robert Oakley. Class officers are Katherine Cousins, president; Hannah Smith, vice president; Ellen Edmonson, secretary; and Lacey Forrest and Keinesha Craig, treasurers. CANDIDATES FOR GRADUATION.

Getting shot in a robbery shattered more than Katarina Zemanova’s knee. Once an up and coming power executive she’s realizing that. Recuperating her confidence, and her trust in people, is a lot harder than she expected. “Spasms can go for a couple of minutes, or a couple of hours it doesn matter how long they last, they all life threatening,” he said. Mr Oakley said he believed his son was the youngest person in Australia to suffer from the rare condition, which has no known cause or cure. The family has now set up a charity, Drop a Dollar for Rare Diseases, to raise funds for all rare diseases.

Frabutt and Anna M. Frabutt, dissolution granted. Ronald K. Coun. Darryl Oakley suggested that some of these funds be earmarked for the Mark Creek watershed. He also pointed to a letter from Steve Thomson, Minister of Forests, Lands and Natural Resource Operations, regarding the Minister meeting with Mayor McCormick at the September UBCM convention.

Here’s the A Z lowdown on the city’s best offerings designed to help create holiday cheer and keep you from spending the best days of this (pre ) season stuck in a mall. Antique Antics The Triple Pier Expo is a concession to superorganized New Yorkers who want to get a jump on their shopping. Some 600 antiques dealers take over three Hudson River terminals to sell their goods.

Create your opportunity and stop blaming others. You live in first world nations. You don’t eat dirt and you have WiFi. Its done all around the US in horse shows, rodeos, play days, and backyard fields and pastures. Every Christmas and birthday, I asked for horse stuff. Mainly, I asked for my own horse, but this wish was difficult for my..

Keep your vision clear as you dominate the slopes with the Oakley Canopy Snow goggles. Large lens design expands peripheral view in every direction. Optimized to fit medium to large faces. Daniels, T. W. Dao, M. Color: Juniper. Reassuringly easy installation and user friendly touchpoints simplify travel and everyday life, making it easier for families to go and grow together. The NextFit Zip accommodates infants and growing toddlers in rear facing position then transitions smoothly to forward facing position for older children.

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So Mrs. Zardoz and I will be proud parents at the end of March. We found out recently we’re having a boy, and are thinking about names. Our main intention in setting up a visit was just to go by the nature trail and shoot some photos (since all of us are into photography as a hobby). We thought that was the only thing we can do there; however, upon reaching the place, we were surprised that there are a lot of things you can actually enjoy in the park other than seeing and watching. Hence, here I am sharing those things with you, so that you can have a better planning than we did..

Our model is 5’10″/178cm and typically wears a US size 4/Small/26. L’Agence Women’s Camil Silk Crpe De Chine Belted Slipdress Purple Size L A great designer gift. Shop L’Agence at Barneys New York. If you are looking to have fun with math, try some number theory problems. Personally, I find application of math and mathematical thinking more enjoyable than working your way through a textbook. On that page, you’ll find algebra, geometry, trig, calculus, probability, and statistics.

Peterborough Northern Star string finish to the contest gave them victory against Oadby Town on their first visit to Freeways Park to move into fourth place in the table.It was the Poachers who forced the early pace and they took the lead 4 minutes in when the visiting defence failed to clear their lines after a spell of home pressure and Sam Taylor fired into the roof of the net.Phil Stebbing equalised 8 minutes later, latching onto Nick Davey pass to break clear on the right side of the box and fire past home keeper Elliott Taylor.Taylor saved well from Stebbing but it was Oadby who regained the lead on 20 minutes, Callum Earls deep corner headed in by Tendai Daire at the far post.Home keeper Taylor went full length to save from Dan Banister and late in the first half Earls was well placed to block Stebbing shot on the goalline.There was no let up in the action on the resumption.Star were level on 47 minutes, Stebbing firing in off the crossbar after both he and Davey had struck the frame of the goal.On 55 minutes Star were ahead. A flowing move cut Oadby apart with Jordan Macleod teeing up Davey to steer the ball just inside the keeper left hand post.Within a minute Oadby were level again with a curling 25 yard strike from Ollie Brown Hill.Both sides went for the win as the game became increasingly stretched.The decisive moment arrived on 80 minutes when Sam Murphy won possession in midfield and sent Macleod clear on the left to apply a deft finish.With Oadby chasing the game Star were able to pick them off on the counter. Davey sent Macleod away to score his second on 89 minutes and the wide man completed a 12 minute hat trick 2 minutes into stoppage time, converting a Josh Sanders through ball.In the only other league game, Huntingdon Town ended a run of four matches without a win by taking the points at Eslaforde Park against hosts Sleaford Town.New recruit Danny Barker made the breakthrough for the Cromwellians after 36 minutes, netting a great left footed shot.Top scorer Declan Rogers doubled the Huntingdon lead after 53 minutes, cutting inside from the left to shoot low into the bottom corner.Sleaford were back in the contest after 55 minutes, Adam Weston heading in from a free kick, but late home pressure went unrewarded as the visitors maintained their lead to the end.Liam Tunstall was closest to a home equaliser with a shot against the foot of the post.Holbeach United maintained their pursuit of honours on four fronts, but found lower grade Rothwell Corinthians a tough nut to crack in the Knockout Cup.The visitors went in front 3 minutes in with a 20 yard free kick from Jordan Henson.After Corinths had the better of the opening quarter of an hour Holbeach gradually took control and both Livo Dube and Matt Nolan had the ball in the net only for the points to be ruled out for infringements..

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EnhancerThe pixiu loves the smell of gold, silver and other treasures. Being loyal to its owner, it will ‘bite’ money from passers by to please its owner. With a wide, open mouth, it can gobble wealth from all directions, and its big abdomen signifies the ability to store tons and tons of money.

SaturdayPoor Richard. I felt quite sorry for him as he had to wait up until 02.00am for the nutter to return. When she did, she strolled upstairs without a backward glance in his direction. The water additive is (in my opinion) the easiest and most low maintenance product. Every time you refill your dog’s water dish, dump a cap full (1 tablespoon) into the dish, and set it out for your dog. The water additive works like a mouthwash, helping to reduce plaque and tartar on your dog’s teeth without you having to do a thing (except for adding it to the water, of course)..

Bring a lawn chair or blanket. No coolers, outside food or beverages allowed. Food and beverages will be available for purchase.. New Jersey has towns smaller than that.A panel of “experts” whittles that list to 125 names, and those are pared to 50 by a voting academy of more than 100 state organizations. Electing a president isn’t this complicated.This year, Tom Paine and Annie Oakley have been nominated. Paine, who died in 1809, just got in under the 202 year deadline.

Long adductor: This is one that a lot of people have trouble with, but it’s worth persevering, as it provides a really good stretch of the thighs and calves. Sit on the ground with your knees straight and your legs as far apart as possible. When you’ve settled into a comfortable position, keep your back straight and lean forward from your hips as far as you can without pain.

It also teamed Haynes and Derek Trucks, who now reign supreme as a guitar tandem. Haynes says that even with its blues and improvisational rock leanings, the band operates with a jazz philosophy. Going on on stage is mostly music making in the moment.

Hume, J. Humphries, H. Hungerford, N. “I am so grateful to have given three years to the people of this city. Now it is time for me to focus on my family, friends, loved ones and career,” Batson said at the June 3 City Council meeting. “I could not be more proud of my work and legacy.

A day or two before the beginning of regular menstrual cycle, take a nonsteroidal anti inflammatory medicine like ibuprofen [4]. That will help lessen the tightening of blood vessels and decrease the pain related with menstrual headaches. For more serious cases, visit a doctor for a recommendation for a migraine targeted tryptophan drug..

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Explore every possible embarrassment. Send in women and sex, break up marriages. Have members arrested on marijuana charges. Think I gotten a lot bigger and stronger than when I was there last year, so I more prepared to go out in some bigger waves. There no main goal other than to improve all round. Departure comes as fellow Yamba surfer Jeames Young returns home from Hawaii, after competing in the HIC Pro..

How is that social media’s fault? I hate her. I seriously hate her so much. Social media is the reason she has a big house! Shut up. In rare cases, an imperfection in the original, such as a blemish or missing page, may be replicated in our edition. We do, however, repair the vast majority of imperfections successfully; any imperfections that remain are intentionally left to preserve the state of such historical works. Way better than riding in a one horse open sleigh, soaring downhill on the slickest sledding equipment is guaranteed to be a blast! Easy to pack for a trip to the park, our top picks of sleds, saucers, tubes, and toboggans are great for gliding through the season.

Proposition 65 WARNING:Eyewear products contain chemicals known to the State of California to cause cancer and birth defects or other reproductive harm. Celine Women’s Oversized Square Sunglasses Black A great designer gift. Shop Celine at Barneys New York.

Rock royalty Sharon Osbourne, pop sensation Nicole Scherzinger and chart maestro Louis Walsh, sit alongside The X Factor creator and music mogul Simon Cowell on the panel of the ultimate pop star factory The X Factor. From auditions to judges’ houses right through to the live finals, we’ve got all the goss and goings on. Simon Cowell Sharon Osborne Nicole Sherzinger Louis WalshSimon CowellSimon Cowell shocks TV viewers with weight loss thanks to new vegan dietThe 59 year old star rolled back the years as he looking tanned and slimline on America’s Got Talent.Nicole ScherzingerNicole Scherzinger tells of bulimia battle as she vows to go easier on herselfThe Pussycat Dolls posted pictures showing her practising yoga in a purple bikini while on holiday in Capri.Ayr NewsFleur East announced for DJ set at William Hill Ladies Day at Ayr RacecourseThe reality star will take to the stage on one of the highlights of Ayrshire’s social calendar.Eurovision Song ContestWhat time does Eurovision 2019 start on BBC1? All you need to know about the song contestThe UK is competing against 35 other countries for a chance to win the annual event.JLSJLS star Oritse Williams rape case told alleged victim was ‘bouncing on his lap’ and downing shots in nightclubFormer X Factor star denies raping the “zombified” woman after plying her with booze and inviting her back to his hotel roomIn Your AreaX Factor star teams up with goalie academy for charity gigNicky McDonald has teamed up with Lanarkshire Goalkeeping Academy to perform a free fundraising concert.ExamsBeing a ‘smother’ is a real test of the nerves during school examsLesley Roberts reflects on the pressure on young people to succeed and how a caramel wafer could make things a bit better.Rylan ClarkX Factor ‘joke act’ Rylan is now one of hottest acts in showbizTV bosses can’t get enough of Rylan and he will now present BBC’s flagship show Strictly Come Dancing: It Takes Two with Zoe Ball.Coatbridge NewsAlbum featuring song by Coatbridge musician hits number one in 64 countriesGlobal phenomenons BTS’ new album contains a track written by Ryan Lawrie.Lewis CapaldiLewis Capaldi up for doing James Bond theme as award links him to previous 007 singers”If they want a wee chubby guy from Scotland singing their songs, I’m their man” jokes Capaldi.Britain’s Got TalentGlasgow busker inspired by Susan Boyle hopes to become Scotland’s newest BGT starA decade after SuBo shocked the world, 12 year old Kerr James hopes to go the whole way and win Britain’s Got Talent.Scottish Grand NationalCoral Scottish Grand National Festival set to welcome thousands to AyrMore than 25,000 race fans will attend the track over the course of the two day festival.HamiltonHamilton Park Racecourse prepares to host family racenightThe Les Hoey MBE DreamMaker Foundation Family Racenight will take place on Saturday, July 13One DirectionZayn Malik apologises for being ‘a s person’ weeks after Louis Tomlinson fallout revealedThe tweet comes weeks after Louis Tomlinson revealed how his ex One Direction bandmate had let him down following his mum’s death.HamiltonX Factor star urges Lanarkshire businesses to invest in defibrillatorsNicky McDonald is offering to perform charity concerts to help people fundraise for the life saving equipmentOne DirectionLouis Tomlinson’s sister Felicite Tomlinson dies aged 18The YouTube star suffered a suspected heart attack in her London flat on Wednesday.X FactorWishaw singer Nicky urging businesses to invest in life saving defibrillatorThe former X Factor star is on a mission to raise awareness of Long QT syndrome, or Sudden Adult Death Syndrome, the deadly condition he was diagnosed with at just eight years old.Dancing On IceDancing on Ice pro says X Factor singer Saara Aalto has no chance in live final The Erskine skater predicts the showdown will be a two horse race between Love Island lothario Wes Nelson and former Strictly dancer James Jordan.StonehouseStonehouse Gala Court revealedThe Stonehouse Gala Day Group have named their 2019 court with Ava Kennedy given the honour of being Gala Queen.BallochBalloch starlet Rachelle Rhienne appears in second series of All Together NowThe 25 year old singer has been in music for nine years and appears on the popular show.SnowSnow way! The Beast from the East battered Lanarkshire one year agoLooking back on the chaos caused by the snow..