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‘You look at Miami, the first year together, they made the Finals, but the second year they won it. They had a better understanding of their roles together. I think that’s what the Knicks need to do and players need to understand if they’re the first option, second option or third option.

Mr. Durable battery powered design is easy to set up on the lawn, birthday parties, anywhere. Bubble solution is included (4 fl. Will self adjust to darker or lighter conditions for the sharpest vision possible. Feature antireflective coating to eliminate bounce. Read more.

She is survived by her husband, Carroll Palmer of Patten; her children, Steven and wife, Kim, of Bucksport, Jessica of Sacramento, Calif., Jolene of Westbrook and David and wife, Tammy, of Old Town. In addition, Jackie is survived by eight grandchildren, Stephanie, Jennifer, Rachael, Trishia, Megan, Tyler, Nicole and Britney; and six great grandchildren, Alex, Megan, Laura, Gracie Jacquelyn, Gillian and Christian Palmer. She also leaves her lifelong friend, Joyce Harvey; sisters, Azuba Palmer of Connecticut, Faye Wakefield of Enfield and Barbara Porter of Patten; many loved nieces and nephews; and Tiffany Free of Bangor.

It provides superb protection from the sun, mud, water, whatever the conditions and wherever you’re exploring. With 360 fully adjustable temple arms, the Stream fits perfectly under your helmet and fits snugly comfortably, even in the most intense situations. This new wrap around frame offers excellent venting and guarantees accurate vision and streamlined styling, before, during and after your adventure.

The story is told of Lincoln’s first meeting with Mary at a festive party. Captivated by her lively manner, intelligent face, clear blue eyes, and dimpled smile, Lincoln reportedly said, “I want to dance with you in the worst way.” And, Mary laughingly told her cousin later that night, “he certainly did.” In Springfield, all their children were born, and one was buried. In that spring of 1860, Mary was forty two, Robert sixteen, William nine, and Thomas seven.

With the freeze thaw weather we suffered through this winter, it time for the city to consider heated sidewalks. The initial cost would be heavy but the increase to the quality of life for citizens would be worth it. Instead of people being isolated in their homes, afraid to go out in case of a fall, they could keep to their normal routine.

But really, the photographs speak instead to modest circumstances or plain living. In an age when we tweeted, pinned, or otherwise posted a thousand pix of every house party, it hard to remember that in middle America (perhaps especially rural America) a portrait was a rare and expensive luxury until, say, the late Thirties. Although Kodak introduced the Brownie box camera in 1900, the Thirties might have been a tipping point: Kodachrome, 1935, Popular Photography debut issue, 1937..

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