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Hi Silvia, why is Oberon’s next dose of bravecto due in December? I mean, I know he is on a 3 month treatment but do you have ticks in winter time? And if, are dangerous diseases a problem, where you live? I can remember that Laura had to protect her dogs when she still lived in Hungary all year round but here in Switzerland, people only protect their dogs, when the ticks are out and about. So they could get by with two doses of bravecto say from about mid April to mid October. I’m not a doctor but a half year rest of the stuff, would give his body a half year rest and is then less likely to build up an averse reaction, than if he would be on it continuously.? This at least would be my logic..

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Nobody had ever tagged a shark underwater before, but the concept made sense to Naylor and colleagues. “If we do it where it lives, it will be no different than if it got bitten by another shark,” Naylor says. The expedition was spearheaded by Florida State University Coastal and Marine Laboratory’s Dean Grubbs, who has tagged more than 10,000 sharks..

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Again adding on to point two, I sort of disagree with this. While yes it underwhelming to see the same units over and over again (nida/vayne/trist/graves/ww always popping up for me) you can just as easily go for a late game comp by investing your economy properly. If you forcing level ups earlier in order to see higher cost units in the shop it help you tremendously.

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